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Amazing Drink: It Burns The Fat In Your Stomach 4x Faster, Prevents Cancer And Removes Toxins!!! How To Eliminate Bad Smells with Baking SodaHere’s the list of 10 pretty stinky smells and what to do about them:1.
Halitosis, to give bad breath its medical name, affects almost all us, with research suggesting that 98 per cent of us suffer from it at some time in our lives.
Further informationTo find an NHS dentist, call your local Health Authority or check Yellow Pages for the number. Do not trouble your dentist or spend a lot on dental bills just follow few routine tips and you will be cured from halitosis naturally.
While sleeping your mouth remains close for hours together thus helping bacteria to develop and create bad breath.
For curing bleeding gums mix one tablespoon of salt in half tablespoon raw mustard oil and massage your gums with this paste and then rinse with plain water. Bad breath can be very embarrassing and for some people it is one of their biggest dreads.Bad breath is mainly caused by some bacteria living in our tongue and also in certain parts of our mouth. Natural Remedies To Prevent Bad Breath Chewing Mint Leaves Mint leaves are one of the greatest ways to drive away bad breath from your mouth. Besides leaving a pleasing smell,the chlorophyll of the mint leaves absorbs the bad odors and helps in preventing its recurrence in the future. You can keep chewing it anytime you want but for rapid results,chew it after having your meals and before going to sleep. If you’re wondering how to make toothpaste, this is an extremely easy toothpaste recipe that you can literally throw together without even measuring a thing. Adding more water will result in some separation between the baking soda and the water if you let it sit for a while, just make sure to mix it up before you use it each time. If it dries out: If your toothpaste does end out drying out a little bit you can always add a little water to it to make it a good consistency again. You can use the sea salt and the soda both together and individually.  These products can be bought for cheap money so don’t hesitate trying them and see the results. Since salt stimulates saliva secretion, and saliva creates antibacterial barrier which protects your enamel, brushing your teeth with sea salt is very beneficial. These nutrients are beneficial for your health because they protect teeth against tarter, can help you get rid of bad breath and strengthen your gums. Sea salt is also rich in iodine which helps in neutralizing acids in the mouth and has great antibacterial properties.
Dip your toothbrush in half a teaspoon of sea salt and brush your teeth like you usually do. Sodium bicarbonate, or also known as baking soda, is highly alkaline, and  prevents mouth acids’ actions that are main cause for tooth decay. Magically Remove Stains, Acne Scars And Wrinkles With This Face Mask Just After The Second Use! Besides being used in cooking and like a cleaning product, baking soda can be also used as a cure against numerous medical conditions. Acid imbalance in the body can cause various health problems, especially in the oral cavity. Stinky Cat Litter BoxCats can be pretty stinky animals especially when they urinate or defecate into the litter box.
First thing that you need to remember that to control bad breath you need to clean your teeth, tongue, palate and gums.
Carry mints, mouth fresheners like cloves, cardamom, fennel or anise seeds with you, eat them whenever you feel your mouth odour is increasing.
Gargling with a mixture of warm water and half lemon also helps as lemon triggers the production of saliva thus not letting odour creating enzymes do their work. Twigs of Margosa (neem) tree also are proven age old teeth cleansers. Although brushing, flossing and gargling mouthwash can help you in getting rid of your bad breath but in most cases it has been found that these practices can only help you temporarily as after a certain point of time, the bad odor returns. Chewing mint leaves helps in refreshing your mouth and also leaves a pleasing smell that last long hours after chewing it. For better results, make a habit of chewing mint leaves every day after having your meal and also before going out anywhere.
Drink Plenty Of Water If you have the problem of bad breath then it is important for you to drink plenty of water as dehydration hinders the process of formation of saliva which eventually results in bad breath. Baking soda is powder-like so it is perfect if you want to clean your teeth of plaque and tarter.

You can also mix water and baking soda in a ratio that will result in paste-like consistency to clean teeth. Major culprits of temporary bad breath are onions, garlic, spicy foods, alcohol and cigarettes. Coriander leaves boiled in water and then cooled and strained can also be used as a good natural mouthwash. Parsley is also a great deodoriser so trying infusing it into your daily diet to control bad breath.
Thus we can take control of halitosis by just using simple methods and be confident and sport a nice big smile and cool fresh breath. However,there are many natural remedies through which you can get rid of bad breath easily and permanently.
Chewing Unripe Guava Leaves Unripe guava leaves contain various minerals and acids like manganese, calcium, tannic, oxalate, malic, oxalic and phosphoric acids which acts as a powerful tonic for your teeth as well as gums. Whether you’re looking to get away from the chemicals in store bought toothpaste, or you just ran out of toothpaste this is the recipe for you. It gets my teeth feeling squeaky clean, and they stay feeling nice and clean until the next time I brush my teeth. Make sure you don’t swallow the liquid .Spit it instead The rinsing can help in inflamed and swollen gums and it also washes away all the bacteria present in your mouth. It is strong enough just to clean tarter and plaque without wearing away your tooth enamel. In case you don’t  want to change the way you are brushing your teeth, you can use the salt-soda mixture just once or twice a week. Keyes, periodontal health in patients who used to regularly brush their teeth with sea salt and baking soda has always been excellent. To remove those remains you just need to dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Have you ever noticed that if you call the litter area ‘kitty litter’, it’s not as bad smelling as ‘cat litter’? I can watch movies back-to-back all day long and I love listening to sappy country songs on long drives.
You can make your own mouthwash by mixing equal quantities of sage, myrrh gum and calendula.
Drink plenty of water after finishing food or simply gargle with water and spurt it out after eating. Chewing unripe guava leaves helps in killing the bacteria that produces the unpleasant odor of your mouth and also leaves your teeth and gums stronger.
If you are looking for a recipe with consistency more like traditional toothpaste with the option for minty freshness check out Homemade Toothpaste.
He said that while was lecturing, he asked thousands of hygienists and dentists to raise their hand if they ever saw any side effects in patients who brush their teeth with sea salt and baking soda. How about the garage – any bad smells there?Well, if you have been plagued with bad smells in your house that you have no idea what to do about, stop trying to cover them up.
Still, the smell could make you want to put on a bubble suit just so the smell doesn’t somehow stick to you!All your bad days are over!
The first step towards tackling it is to understand what causes it.So What Causes Bad Breath?More often than not bad breath is caused by the accumulation of plaque or by decaying food trapped between teeth.
Subscribe Now Subscribers2,50,000G+ Views4,167,817Facebook546,080 Subscribe with us to be Updated on the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty and Health Tips! Brushing every night before sleeping is very important, because when we sleep the left over particles and bacteria together get most favourable time in our mouth and the air remains trapped at that time in your mouth.
Boil it for ten minutes then strain it and cool it and drink it as tea it also helps a lot in correcting bad breath. Before going into the cat room, arm yourself with a box of baking soda and sprinkle it into the kitty litter each morning.
Our modern environment with air-conditioned cars, workplaces and public buildings makes us prone to dehydration due to increased evaporation. While this is the case in a majority of people, chronic bad breath can also be caused due to some health issue, a poor diet, or other lifestyle choices.Bad oral hygiene is a definite cause of bad breath. It’s as simple as baking soda.Baking soda has antiseptic properties as well as a really cool effervescent quality to it. This leads to reduced saliva flow and more concentrated saliva, so it's important to increase fluid intake to compensate for the dehydration.

Apart from that obvious cause, bad breath can also be a result of a crash diet or a poor diet. When you drastically change your diet to shed weight fast or fast in hopes of losing weight, you leave yourself vulnerable to bad breath. Poor habits such as indulging in a lot of caffeine, alcohol, and smoking are also clear causes of bad breath.Another common cause of bad breath that most people are unaware of is indigestion. If you suffer from constipation or other digestion problems, then you are very likely to suffer from bad breath.
The gas emitted due to indigestion often travels up the food pipe to be passed out through the mouth.Dry mouth condition also results in bad breath. If your nose detects stench, add another fourth of a cup and call it a day of victory!Oh, by the way, this doesn’t mean you’ll never have to do the sifting again!2. The reason is that if we don't manage to clean our teeth probably, plaque - a bacterial film - builds up around the teeth and gums and if not removed regularly, it can cause decay, and due to stagnation, causes bad breath.
Dry mouth is characterized by the salivary glands inability to produce enough saliva, which in turn leads to bad breath.So try to find out the root cause of your bad breath and work on correcting it to get rid of bad breath once and for all.
Really Stinky ToiletWhy house-cleaners don’t tell you their tricks to less cleaning and scrubbing is obvious – you won’t need them anymore.
If this is the case, your dentist can treat the problem, either by scaling your teeth or by suggesting mouthwashes.
You can also use some easy home remedies to help you fight bad breath.Home Remedies for Bad Breath1.
If bad breath is found to be due to acute infection in the mouth, your dentist may then prescribe antibiotics.
Then dump a cup of baking soda in, close the lid and let the bubbles do the scrubbing for you.
Beating bad breath In the morning when you brush your teeth, also gently brush your tongue. This will scrape away any bacteria and will have the effect of freshening your breath as well as both the taste and smell of your mouth.
For the cooler, fill the entire cooler with water, add ? cup baking soda, shut the lid and return in an hour. Drain with Foul OdorJust add a few tablespoons to the stinky drain a few times a week as a matter of habit. ClovesCloves contain antiseptic properties that are highly effective in combating bad breath.
The wood stairs & wood cabinets have a bad smell cleaned with bleach,pine sol, amiona, degreaser etc and smell is still there. If you are not too fussy, you can just pop a few cloves into your mouth and chew for a couple of minutes.
Bad Smell Emanating From the Vacuum CleanerAfter cleaning the stinky cat litter that somehow the cat managed to get all the way in the living room with baking soda, you know the solution – more baking soda. Alternatively, you can add three to four cloves to a cup of water and let it simmer for half an hour and use that as a mouthwash.4.
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CinnamonCinnamon is your strong ally as it not only masks bad breath and gives you temporary respite from it, but it actually actively fights and helps reduce the bacteria in your mouth. Boil it for five minutes and use this liquid as a mouthwash after brushing your teeth in the mornings and at nights. Lemon JuiceOne of the oldest and most practised remedy is to use lemon juice to discourage bacterial growth in the mouth and thereby fight bad breath. Swish some baking soda mixed with water in your mouth to get rid of the bacteria on your tongue and gums.8. Drink Plenty of WaterDid you know that dehydration is one of the top reasons for bad breath?
Crunchy Vegetables and FruitsChew on crunchy vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples.
So go ahead and swap your unhealthy snacks for some fresh salads.Apart from trying out these remedies, you should also consider making some changes to your food choices.

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