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Get a print subscription to Reader's Digest and instantly enjoy free digital access on any device. Chemical-infused plastic flea and tick collars aren’t a great option for pets or their owners. While an herbal collar will not provide total protection against fleas and ticks, it can be part of your overall arsenal of pest defense. You can find soft nylon or cotton collars in pet supply stores and many large grocery stores. To infuse one collar, follow the simple instructions here, using the ingredients listed for the particular blend. Caution: Do not use on cats or dogs under the age of one year, and never apply the essential oils directly to your pet’s fur.
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Some people like to travel by train because ?it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of ?an airplane.
Truthfully how often do you clean your mattress?  My answer, not often enough.  Stay at Home Mum has some great tips for how to clean a mattress to make it smell fresh and last longer! You will LOVE this awesome step-by-step tutorial from 551 East Design, and your couch will thank you! My friend Kim, over at A Real-Life Housewife, has a simple tutorial that will give you incredible results on all your dirty stainless steel appliances!  Head over and pin it HERE. Are your baking sheets dirty and dingy from years of use?  Check out this amazing cleaning tip from One Good Thing by Jillee.  With some baking soda and peroxide your pans will look brand new again! I love this incredibly easy trick for how to clean stove burners!  If you have a gas stove you will definitley want to head over and check out this tip!  Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

This is a FABULOUS tip for all of us (me definitely included) that don’t love to clean our showers!  Head over to Pin Busting with Steph to get all the details!
This is by far one of my most popular posts so I thought it should be added into this round-up!  If you have a Dyson you will definitley want to check out THIS POST!  I give step-by-step instructions (pictures included) to show you how to clean every part of your vacuum!  Before you know it, your Dyson will be running like new! And now I get to give away one of my favorite cleaning products, the Zap Cloth!  To read all about it click HERE and to enter the giveaway see the Rafflecopter below.  There will be 5 winners, each get 2 Zap Cloths!!  Good luck!
Filed Under: Cleaning, Cleaning, General, Giveaways, Most Popular, Pinterest About the Author"Hi I'm Anna! I like that the Zap Cloth uses just water, and looking forward to cleaning all the dog slobbered windows in my house and car!!!
I think some of these hints are really remarkable, and will certainly be trying them in the future. I love the fact that you can wash them in the washing machine and that they are streak free. The best places in your home for creativity, exercise, and online productivity are not where you'd expect. Because cats are quite sensitive to the naturally occurring chemical components in essential oils and to intense aromas, I tend to use fewer drops in their formulas.
Lay the collar flat on a baking sheet, and pour the mixture directly over the length of collar until fully absorbed.
We were sitting on the runway, and he said, “OK, folks, we’re gonna be taking off in a just few—whoa!
Oh my goodness this is the BEST tip for getting sand off your skin!  I wish I had known it years ago!  To check out the full post click HERE. Makes it so much easier and appealing to clean instead of having to get out a bulky bottle of fumes!

Monotonous tasks, like lathering up, may allow the mind to wander and boost creative thinking. Plants are a staple of your living space, but you probably haven’t thought to stow one next to, say, your shower. Scope out a subtle place in a young child’s room, where burglars are less likely to look for valuable items. They are not effective for larger animals, since the herbal aroma will not be able to surround their bigger bodies and reach their extremities (note: this is also true of chemical flea collars). In a Psychological Science study, participants who completed a simple task ?between solving creative problems ?performed better on the problems than those who completed difficult tasks or no task at all. Tuck emergency cash in an envelope inside a stuffed animal that’s no longer played with—say, a teddy bear on a high shelf. Though standing underneath one is age-old advice, in many modern homes, the door frame is no stronger than any other part of the house and probably won’t protect you from the most likely cause of injury: flying items.
A study in the journal PLOS One found that exposure to morning sunlight is linked to a lower body mass index (BMI).
They provide a pest-repelling “halo” around your pet, don’t contain harsh toxins, and leave their fur smelling fresh and herbal.
Researchers say just 20 to 30 minutes of morning brightness is enough to affect BMI; they hypothesize that sun exposure helps regulate metabolism. These natural flea collars are also easy to make, completely safe (so long as your pet can’t lick them), and can be re-infused weekly.

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