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Gonorrhea is an infectious bacterial disease, which predominantly affects the urogenital mucous membranes, caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae (gonococcus). CholeraCholera, sometimes known as Asiatic or epidemic cholera, is an infectious gastroenteritis caused by enterotoxin-producing strains of the bacterium ''Vibrio cholerae''. A high number of infectious diseases affecting livestock and companion animals are caused by pathogens of viral etiology.
JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Transmission to humans occurs through eating food or drinking water contaminated with ''Vibrio cholerae'' from other cholera patients. Ensuring the maximum standards of quality and welfare in animal production requires developing effective tools to halt and prevent the spread of those infectious diseases affecting animal husbandry. Disease of the sexual organs is considerably dangerous, because during this process, through adhesion and scarring of the epididymis or Fallopian tubes caused by inflammation, permanent sterility may occur. To date, one of the best strategies is to implement vaccination policies whenever possible.
A 50-60 CE: Apostle Thomas brings the Torah-Gospel of Christ to the Jewish Community of Malabar, India who gladly embrace it and share it with the wider India who joyfully become Torah-Observant followers of the Jewish Messiah, Ya`shua. It is estimated that most cases of cholera are unreported due to poor surveillance systems, particularly in Africa. However many of the currently manufactured vaccines relies in classical vaccine technologies (killed or attenuated vaccines) which, under some circumstances, may not be optimal in terms of safety or adequate for widespread application in disease-free countries at risk of disease introduction. Their descendants will later be persecuted mercilessly by the Roman Catholic Cult in 1671.A Indian Torah-Observant Evangelists travel Eastwards (60-70 CE) carrying their Message throughout other Asian nations to China. One step ahead is needed to improve and adapt vaccine manufacturing to the use of new generation vaccine technologies already tested in experimental settings.
Here we present in the context of animal viral diseases of veterinary interest, an overview of some current vaccine technologies that can be approached for virus pathogens with a brief insight in the type of immunity elicited. Those leaders include, Demas, Philetus, Alexander, Hymenaeus and Phygellus.`They Loved Not The Truth`.
Prompt replacement of water and electrolytes is the principal treatment for cholera, as dehydration and electrolyte depletion occur rapidly.
In situations where commercially produced ORT sachets are too expensive or difficult to obtain, alternative homemade solutions using various formulas of water, sugar, table salt, baking soda, and fruit offer less expensive methods of electrolyte repletion (i.e.
In severe cholera cases with significant dehydration, the administration of intravenous rehydration solutions may be necessary.Antibiotics shorten the course of the disease, and reduce the severity of the symptoms. The rest were exiled from Israel and scattered throughout the known world, adding to what is now called the `Diaspora.` Judaism was no longer recognized as a legal religion.
They were forbidden, upon pain of death, from practicing circumcision, reading the Torah, eating unleavened bread at Passover, etc.
A temple dedicated to the Roman pagan god Jupiter was erected on temple mountain in Jerusalem. J Invest Dermatol 67: 160–168Lambert HP, Farrar WE, Swartz MN (1982) Infectious diseases illustrated. Fluoroquinolones such as norfloxacin also may be used, but resistance has been reported.Rapid diagnostic assay methods are available for the identification of multidrug resistant ''V. Gregory empowered by the Emperor DiocletianA  forces 4 Million Jews and Torah-Observant Christians of Armenia to become Catholics or face death. If cholera patients are treated quickly and properly, the mortality rate is less than 1%; however, with untreated cholera the mortality rate rises to 50a€“60%. A 306 CE: The Catholic Church Synod of Elvira banned marriages, sexual intercourse and community contacts between Christians and Jews and prohibited them from eating together.
Semin Dermatol 1: 91–152Maibach HI, Aly R (eds) (1981) Skin microbiology, relevance to clinical infection. A 315 CE: Constantine published the Edict of Milan which extended religious tolerance to Catholics. And may I be anathema in the world to come, and may my soul be set down with Satan and the devils. James Parks, `The Conflict Of The Church And The Synagogue`; `Atheneum` - New York, 1974, pp.
Treatment is usually started without or before confirmation by laboratory analysis of specimens.Stool and swab samples collected in the acute stage of the disease, before antibiotics have been administered, are the most useful specimens for laboratory diagnosis. If an epidemic of cholera is suspected, the most common causative agent is ''Vibrio cholerae'' O1.
The Cult of Mithras followed devoutly by Roman soldiers (`man-only` managed Cult) along with the Orphic Cult (a singing cult whose main tenet was `celibacy`) and the Roman Empire under Constantine amalgamate at Nicaea.
However, if neither of these organisms is isolated, it is necessary to send stool specimens to a reference laboratory.Infection with ''V. They stated: "For it is unbecoming beyond measure that on this holiest of festivals we should follow the customs of the Jews. Clin Obstet Gynecol 31: 435–452Wright AL, Colver GB (1988) Tetracyclines — how safe are they? The associated diarrheal illness should be referred to as cholera and must be reported as a case of cholera to the appropriate public health authorities.
Oxford University Press, OxfordCatterall RD, Nicol CS (1976) Sexually transmitted diseases.
The few bacteria that do survive conserve their energy and stored nutrients during the passage through the stomach by shutting down much protein production.
When the surviving bacteria exit the stomach and reach the small intestine, they need to propel themselves through the thick mucus that lines the small intestine to get to the intestinal wall where they can thrive.
It is evident that this is the religion that is followed by the Pontiff Damasus and by Peter, Bishop of Alexandria, a man of apostolic sanctity; that is, according to the apostolic discipline and the evangelic doctrine, we shall believe in the single Deity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, under the concept of equal majesty and of the Holy Trinity.
We command that those persons who follow this rule shall embrace the name of Catholic Christians. The bacteria stop producing the protein flagellin, thus again conserving energy and nutrients by changing the mix of proteins that they manufacture in response to the changed chemical surroundings. The rest, however, whom We adjudge demented and insane, shall sustain the infamy of heretical dogmas, their meeting places shall not receive the name of churches, and they shall be smitten first by divine vengeance and secondly by the retribution of Our own initiative, which We shall assume in accordance with the divine judgment (27 February 380).
Schattauer, Stuttgart, pp 29–30Florack M, Plewig G (1986) Disseminierte Gonokokkeninfektionen werden haufig ubersehen. Cunctos populos, quos clementiae nostrae regit temperamentum, in tali volumus religione versari, quam divinum petrum apostolum tradidisse Romanis religio usque ad nunc ab ipso insinuata declarat quamque pontificem Damasum sequi claret et Petrum Alexandriae episcopum virum apostolicae sanctitatis, hoc est, ut secundum apostolicam disciplinam evangelicamque doctrinam patris et filii et spiritus sancti unam deitatem sub parili maiestate et sub pia trinitate credamus. Dtsch Arzteblatt 83: 3023–3026Fritsch P, Trenkwalder B, Schill WB (1985) Venerologie und Andrologie. Of particular interest have been the genetic mechanisms by which cholera bacteria turn on the protein production of the toxins that interact with host cell mechanisms to pump chloride ions into the small intestine, creating an ionic pressure which prevents sodium ions from entering the cell. The chloride and sodium ions create a salt water environment in the small intestines which through osmosis can pull up to six liters of water per day through the intestinal cells creating the massive amounts of diarrhea.
The host can become rapidly dehydrated if an appropriate mixture of dilute salt water and sugar is not taken to replace the blood's water and salts lost in the diarrhea.By inserting separate, successive sections of ''V. McGraw-Hill, New YorkKeiser H, Ruben FL, Wolinski E, Kushner I (1968) Clinical forms of gonococcal arthritis. Researchers have discovered that there is a complex cascade of regulatory proteins that control expression of ''V. Balliere Tindall, LondonKohl PK, Petzoldt D (1987) Serotypisierung von Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Karger, BaselKorting HC, Froschl M (1987) Aktuelle Diagnostik wichtiger sexuell ubertragener Erkrankungen: AIDS, Gonorrhoe, nichtgonorrhoische Urethritis. ToxT then directly activates expression of virulence genes that produce the toxins that cause diarrhea in the infected person and that permit the bacteria to colonize the intestine. Hautarzt 38 (Suppl): S43 — S50Korting HC, Neubert U, Braun-Falco 0 (1983) Erregernachweis im Blut bei disseminierter Gonokokkeninfektion.
Dermatologica 170: 17–21Korting HC, Abeck D, Neubert U (1986) The susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains to different cephalosporins and penicillin G depends on the auxotype.
Once the code was enforced, Jews in the Empire could not build synagogues, read the Bible in Hebrew, gather in public places, celebrate Passover, or give evidence in a judicial case in which a Catholic was a party. Between these two extremes are the A and B blood types, with type A being more resistant than type B.About one million ''V. Canon XXX decreed that "From the Thursday before Easter for four days, Jews may not appear in the company of Catholics." Marriages between Catholics and Jews were prohibited. J Am Acad Dermatol 14: 707–726Rice RJ, Thompson SE (1986) Treatment of uncomplicated infections due to Neisseria gonorrhoeae. In this model, the genetic deficiency in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator channel proteins interferes with bacteria binding to the gastrointestinal epithelium, thus reducing the effects of an infection.
Day Sabbath Observance, Kashrut Law, Civil and Ceremonial Laws all reflect Torah adherence.
Blackwell, BostonWHO Scientific Group (1977) Neisseria gonorrhoeae and gonococcal infections. Their evangelistic fervour cause them to carry the Apostolic Message into all Europe and Africa.
World Health Organization Technical Report, series 616, GenevaWolff HH (1987) Dermatologie der disseminierten Gonokokkeninfektion und von Viruserkrankungen (Roteln, Erythema infectiosum) In: Holzmann H, Altmeyer P, Marsch WC et al.
In the first world, due to nearly universal advanced water treatment and sanitation practices, cholera is no longer a major health threat.

IT IS DOUBTFUL THAT THERE IS A VILLAGE, TOWN OR CITY THROUGHOUT SCOTLAND OR IRELAND THAT DOES NOT HAVE A MEMORIAL OF SOME KIND TO THESE SERVANTS OF CHRIST WHETHER IT BE THE NAME OF A VILLAGE, LANDMARK, ROAD, RIVER OR CHURCH. Two oral cholera vaccines, which have been evaluated with volunteers from industrialized countries and in regions with endemic cholera, are commercially available in several countries: a killed whole-cell ''V.
WERE JOYFULLY RECEIVED AND PRACTISED BY SCOTLAND`S ANCIENT FOREFATHERS THROUGHOUT THE LAND OF SCOTLAND RIGHT THROUGH TO THE 12TH. Dtsch Med Wochenschr 42: 1535–1536Schilling F (1987) Rheumatologische Befunde bei seronegativen Spondarthritiden. Cholera exists as a seasonal disease in many endemic countries, occurring annually mostly during rainy seasons. CENTURY, THE SCOTS WERE UNDER UNRELENTING AND FORCEFUL PRESSURE TO REJECT THE HEBRAIC ROOTS OF THEIR FAITH BY EMISSARIES OF THE ROMISH RELIGION SENT TO SCOTLAND. Surveillance systems can provide early alerts to outbreaks, therefore leading to coordinated response and assist in preparation of preparedness plans. Efficient surveillance systems can also improve the risk assessment for potential cholera outbreaks. Understanding the seasonality and location of outbreaks provide guidance for improving cholera control activities for the most vulnerable. This will also aid in the developing indicators for appropriate use of oral cholera vaccine.
A 612 CE: Jews in Europe were not allowed to own land, to be farmers or enter certain trades.
Lexington Books, LexingtonSimon C, Wilkinson P (eds) (1986) Diagnosis of infectious diseases: new aspects.
Cholera is transmitted from person to person through ingestion of water contaminated with the cholera bacterium, usually from faeces or other effluent. The source of the contamination is typically other cholera patients when their untreated diarrhea discharge is allowed to get into waterways or into groundwater or drinking water supplies. Any infected water and any foods washed in the water, as well as shellfish living in the affected waterway, can cause an infection. Dekker, New YorkPapersAlderete JF, Freeman-Shade L, Baseman JB (1985) Immunodiagnostic test for detection of serum antibody to Treponema pallidum (syphilis): fibronectin as a capture vehicle for treponemal adhesins. Arch Dermatol 124: 1485–1486Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (1989) 1989 sexually transmitted diseases’ treatment guidelines. Coastal cholera outbreaks typically follow zooplankton blooms, thus making cholera a zoonotic disease.Potential human contribution to transmissibilityCholera bacteria grown ''in vitro'' encounter difficulty subsequently growing in humans without additional stomach acid buffering. In a 2002 study at Tufts University School of Medicine, it was found that stomach acidity is a principal factor that contributes to epidemic spread.
In their findings, the researchers found that human colonization creates a hyperinfectious bacterial state that is maintained after dissemination and that may contribute to epidemic spread of the disease.
When these hyperinfectious bacteria underwent transcription profiles, they were found to possess a unique physiological and behavioral state, characterized by high expression levels of genes required for nutrient acquisition and motility, and low expression levels of genes required for bacterial chemotaxis. In Iceland and Greenland Torah-Observant Christians forced to bow to Roman Catholicism on pain of death by sword-wielding Armies. A 1035 CE: Slavic Tribes again re-conquered by Catholic Armies and forced into Roman Catholicism. They also fought long and hard against the restrictions placed upon them by Rome before being mercilessly crushed and subjugated by the Romish religion. A 1078 CE: The Pope, under Inge`s authority stole the magnificient Church at Upsala, Sweden, which in earlier times belonged to Torah-Observant Christians. As the soldiers passed through Europe on the way to the Holy Land, large numbers of Jews were challenged: "Christ-killers, embrace the Cross or die!". 12.000 Jews were slaughtered in Mainz, Cologne, Neuss, Altenahr, Weveling-hoven, Xanten, Moers, Dortmund, Kerpen, Trier, Metz, Regensburg, Prague and other locations.
Correlation between auditory brainstem responses (ABR) and cerebrospinal fluid abnormalities. Acta Derm Venereol (Stockh) 63: 530–535Lowhagen GB, Brorson JE, Kaijser B (1983) Penicillin concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid and serum after intramuscular, intravenous, and oral administration to syphilitic patients. A 1099: The Crusaders mass-murdered Moslems at Jerusalem and forced all of the Jews of Jerusalem into a central synagogue and set it on fire.
Acta Derm Venereol (Stockh) 63: 53–57Luger A (1983) Die IgM-Diagnostik in der Syphilisserologie.
Bernard of Clairvaux, a Militant Roman Catholic, confiscates the Clairvaux Valley-lands from the Torah-Christians, slaughtering many of them in doing so, and urges the 2nd Crusaders to "Kill, Kill for Christ!" A 1146: The Second Roman Catholic Crusade began. King of England, has the Rev.Gerard and 30 other Torah-Observant Christians murdered at Oxford. Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd 47: 81–86Meurer M, Braun-Falco 0 (1987) Latente und manifeste erworbene Syphilis — Klinik, Diagnostik und Therapie. Urologe (A) 26: 263–267Meyer KG, Futh U (1984) Der Solid-Phase-Hamadsorptions ( SPHA)-Test bei Syphilis-Reinfektionen. Z Hautkr 59: 739–748Muller F (1986) Specific immunoglobulin M and G antibodies in the rapid diagnosis of human treponemal infections. Prevention, clinical diagnosis and diagnostic procedures in children of syphilitic mothers. A 1179: Third Lateran Council prohibited certain medical care to be provided by Christians to Jews.
Schattauer, StuttgartMuller F, Wollemann G (1985) Analysis of specific immunoglobulin M immune response to Treponema pallidum before and after penicillin treatment of human syphilis.
Eur J Sex Transm Dis 2: 67–72Muller F, Moskophidis M, Prange HW (1984) Demonstration of locally synthesized immunoglobulin M antibodies to Treponema pallidum in the central nervous system of patients with untreated neurosyphilis.
Vatican records declare that in all, 68 Million Persons were killed in the Inquisition by Roman Catholic Clergy during those 6 Centuries. VNU Science, Utrecht, pp 135–141Schonfeld J (1984) Die Syphilis im Spiegel der klassischen Literatur. Zentralbi Haut Geschlechtskr 150: 349–354Sontheimer RD (1987) The anticardiolipin syndrome. Catholic Government of France under Bertrand de Got, is so appalled at the gross wickedness of Pope Boniface 8th. Aust J Dermatol 24: 71–78Other SpirochetosesAberer E, Stanek G (1987) Histopathological evidence for spirochetal origin of morphea and lichen sclerosus et atrophicans. A 1337 CE: Starting in Deggendorf Germany a Jew-killing frenzy reaches 51 towns in Bavaria, Austria, and Poland.
A 1338: The councilors of Freiburg banned the performance of anti-Jewish scenes from the town's passion play because of the lethal bloody reactions against Jews which followed the performances. Acta Derm Venereol (Stockh) 67: 225–231Ackermann R (1986) Erythema-migrans-Borreliose and Fruhsommer-Meningoenzephalitis.
Zwei verschiedene durch Zecken ubertragene Infektionskrankheiten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Dtsch Arztebl 83: 1765–1774Ackermann R, Horstrup P, Schmidt R (1984) Tick-borne meningopolyneuritis ( Garin-Bujadoux, Bannwarth). Yale J Biol Med 57: 485–490Ackermann R, Retise-Kupper B, Gollmer E (1986) Progressive Borrelia encephalomyelitis. Wkly Epidemiol Rev 39: 299–300Asbrink E, Hederstedt B, Hovmark A (1984) The spirochetal etiology of erythema chronicum migrans Afzelius. Acta Derm Venereol (Stockh) 64: 291–295Asbrink E, Hovmark A, Hederstedt B (1984) The spirochetal etiology of acrodermatis chronica atrophicans Herxheimer. Acta Derm Venereol (Stockh) 64: 506–512Asbrink E, Brehmer-Andersson E, Hovmark A (1986) Acro-dermatitis chronica atrophicans–a spirochetosis.
Clinical and histopathological picture based on 32 patients; course and relationship to erythema chronicum migrans Afzelius. This was undoubtedly due to the Jewish sanitary and dietary laws, which had been preserved from Old Testament times. Rumours circulated that Satan was protecting the Jews and that they were paying back the Devil by poisoning wells used by Catholics.
Killing Mob led by Catholic Archbishop Ferran Martinez, 4,000 were slain, 25,000 sold as slaves.
Appearance of new immunoglobulin M and expansion of immunoglobulin G response late in the illness. Their identification was made easy by the brightly colored "badges of shame" that all Jews above the age of ten had been forced to wear. Louis, pp 97, 119, 147–149Holubar K (1985) Erythema chronicum migrans: Afzelius and Lipschutz. Zentralbl Bakteriol Microbiol Hyg [A] 263: 103–111Johnson RC, Kodner C, Russell M (1987) In vitro and in vivo susceptibility of the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, to four antimicrobial agents. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 31: 164–167Krampitz HE (1986) In vivo isolation and maintenance of some wild strains of European hard tick spirochetes in mammaliam and arthropod hosts. Zentralbl Bakteriol Mikrobiol Hyg [A] 263: 21–28Kutzner H, Wolff HH, Kompf D (1984) Erythema chronicum migrans mit Bannwarth-Syndrom ( Meningopolyneuritis Garin-Bujadoux-Bannwarth ). Hautarzt 35: 585–587Langer K, Diem E (1988) Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans und sklerodermiforme Hautveranderungen bei Borrelien-Infektionen. Yet it does not deny that after the passion of Christ up to the promulgation of the Gospel they could have been observed until they were believed to be in no way necessary for salvation; but after the promulgation of the Gospel it asserts that they cannot be observed without the loss of eternal salvation.
All, therefore, who after that time observe circumcision and the Sabbath and the other requirements of the law, it declares alien to the Christian faith and not in the least fit to participate in eternal salvation, unless someday they recover from these errors."A Pope Eugene IV, Papal Bull Cantate Domino, `The Sources of Catholic Dogma`, Translated by Roy J. Deferrari, from the Thirtieth Edition of Henry Denzinger's `Enchiridion Symbolorum`, published by B.

Hautarzt 38: 182–183Neubert U (1987) Fortschritte in der Diagnostik des Erythema migrans, der Lymphadenosis cutis benigna und der Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans. Hautarzt 38: S34 — S42Neubert U, Krampitz HE, Engl H (1986) Microbiological findings in erythema (chronicum) migrans and related disorders. The Spanish Inquisition was set up by the Catholic Church in order to detect insincere conversions. Zentralbl Bakteriol Microbiol Hyg [A] 263: 237–252Pachner AR, Steere AC (1986) CNS manifestations of third stage Lyme disease.
Zentralbi Bakteriol Mikrobiol Hyg [A] 263: 301–306Preac-Mursic V, Wilske B, Herzer P et al.
Many migrated to Turkey, , thousands died on their way from starvation and the cold, where they found tolerance among the Muslims. It was located in the South Girolamo parish and was called the "Ghetto Novo." This was the first ghetto in Europe (outside of Italy). They didn't, and he began to write and preach hatred against them.A (Luther has been condemned in recent years for being extremely antisemitic.
However he was typical of most brought up in Catholicism during his era, which is no excuse for Jew-Hatred). Michael Servetus for refusing to accept Romish `Trinitarian Doctrine of Godhead`A 1539: A `passion play` on the death of Christ was forbidden in Rome because it prompted violent attacks against the city's Jewish residents.
Zentralbi Bakteriol Mikrobiol Hyg [A] 263: 352–356Stiernstedt G, Eriksson G, Enfors W et al. Distressed by their reluctance he developed a hatred for Jews, as expressed in his letters to the Reverend Spalatin when he was 31 years of age. Acta Derm Venereol Suppl (Stockh) 11: 1–202Braun-Falco O, Burg G (1975) Lymphoretikulare Proliferationen in der Haut. Hautarzt 26: 124–132Burg G, Braun-Falco O (1975) Classification and differentiation of cutaneous lymphomas.
Br J Dermatol 93: 597–599Burg G, Braun-Falco O (1983) Cutaneous lymphomas, pseudolymphomas, and related disorders.
Arch Dermatol 53: 214–242Frithz A, Lagerholm B (1983) Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans, erythema chronicum migrans and lymphadenosis benigna cutis — spirochetal diseases? Acta Derm Venereol (Stockh) 63: 432–436Gartmann H (1980) Generalisierte Pseudolymphome der Haut.
For as we have heard, God's anger with them is so intense that gentle mercy will only tend to make them worse and worse, while sharp mercy will reform them but little. Luther and Catholic Priests join forces in order to exterminate thousands of Torah-Observant Christians and Jews. Acta Derm Venereol (Stockh) 62: 119–124Lubach D, Hinz E (1986) Pseudolymphatose Reaktion in einer Tatowierung. Living conditions were dreadful: over 3,000 people were forced to live in about 8 acres of land. Acta Pathol 29: 739–753Paschoud JM (1957) Die Lymphadenosis benigna cutis als ubertragbare Infektionskrankheit.
Hautarzt 8: 197–211Paschoud JM (1957) Die Lymphadenosis cutis benigna als ubertragbare Infektionskrankheit. Jewish records estimate that a total of 100,000 Jews were murdered and 300 communities destroyed.
Arch Dermatol Syphilol 27: 163–174Wolff HH, Wendt V, Winzer M (1987) Cutaneous pseudo-lymphomas at the site of prior herpes zoster eruption. Arch Dermatol Res 279 (Suppl): 52–54Diseases Caused by ChlamydiaeCenters for Disease Control (1986) 1985 STD treatment guidelines. Churchill Livingstone, New YorkGrayston JT, Kuo C, Wang S, Altman J (1986) A new Chlamydia psittaci strain.
N Engl J Med 315: 161–168Grayston JT, Mordhorst C, Bruu A, Vene S, Wang S (1989) Countrywide epidemics of Chlamydia pneumoniae, strain TWAR, in Scandinavia, 1981–1983. All Europe was aflame with the burnings of literally hundreds of thousands of Jews by Papal Authority. They sought citizenship as well as the same rights and treatment as were enjoyed by non-Jews. McGraw-Hill, New YorkKorting HC, Froschl M (1987) Aktuelle Diagnostik wichtiger sexuell ubertragbarer Erkrankungen: AIDS, Gonorrhoe, nicht gonorrhoische Urethritis. This appears to have provoked sporadic hatred of the Jews which hatred caused non-Jews to engage in anti-Jewish violence.
Hautarzt 38: S43 — S50Kraus SJ (1984) Evaluation and management of acute genital ulcers in sexually active patients.
During these centuries the Killing-Fields of Rome sent an estimatedA 68 MILLION SOULS TO DEATH. By it , it had aquired Billions of Pounds in wealth and property and literally millions of acres of land 1840: A rumour spread in Syria that some Jews were responsible for the ritual killing of a Roman Catholic monk and his servant.
VNU Science, UtrechtMosinger-Lundgren V, Petzoldt D, Naher H (1986) Direktnachweis von Chlamydia trachomatis mit monoklonalen Antikorpern. As a result of horrendous treatment and extreme tortures, some local Jews confessed to a crime that they did not commit. 1846 - 1878: Pope Pius IX restored all of the previous restrictions against the Jews within the Vatican state. Churchill Livingstone, New YorkPetzoldt D, Mosinger-Lundgren V (1980) Genitale Chlamydieninfektionen. All Jews under Papal control were confined to Rome's ghetto - the last one in Europe until the Nazi era restored the church's practice. N Engl J Med 298:428–435,490–495, 540–549Schachter J (1984) Biology of Chlamydia trachomatis. They were often supported and even organized by the government.) Thousands of Jews became homeless and impoverished.
In: Mandell GL, Douglas RG, Bennett JE (eds) Principles and practice of infectious diseases. The evidence against him consisted of a piece of paper from his wastebasket with another person's handwriting, and papers forged by antisemitic officers. Eur J Sex Transm Dis 1: 15–20Naher H, Hofmann H, Petzoldt D (1986) Nachweis von Chlamydia trachomatis Antigen mit einem Enzymimmunoassay. After 10 years, the French government fell and Captain Dreyfus was declared totally innocent.
A half century later, the state of Israel was re-born.In 1894, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, an innocent Jewish Officer in the French Army, was convicted on false evidence for a crime of high treason.
In: Braun-Falco O, Burg G (eds) Fortschritte der praktischen Dermatologie und Venerologie 10. He was stripped of his rank, publicly degraded and deported to the penal colony of Devil's Island to serve a sentence of life imprisonment in total isolation and under inhumane conditions. The fight to prove his innocence was to last 12 years.The Dreyfus Affair which ensued caused a deep rift between intellectuals not only in France but in all of Europe and the United States.
Springer, Berlin Swartz SL, Kraus SJ, Herrmann KL (1978) Diagnosis and etiology of nongonococcal urethritis. It unleashed racial violence and led to the publication of history's most famous call for justice 'J'accuse' addressed to the President of France by Emile Zola, who was to become in the words of Anatole France "the conscience of mankind".The repercussions of the Affair were felt worldwide for decades to come and continue to this day.
J Infect Dis 138: 445–454Zoller L, Blenk H (1986) Wertigkeit der Direktnachweisverfahren in der Diagnostik von Chlamydieninfektionen. A Russian Orthodox (Catholic) child was discovered murdered and a young Orthodox (Catholic) woman at the Jewish Hospital committed suicide. When the smoke cleared, 49 Jews had been killed, 500 were injured; 700 homes looted and destroyed, 600 businesses and shops looted, 2,000 families left homeless. Later, it was discovered that the child had been murdered by its relatives and the suicide was unrelated to the Jews. A 1915: 600,000 Jews were forcibly moved from the western borders of Russia towards the interior.
This led to a series of antisemitic articles in the Dearborn Independent, which were published in a book, "The International Jew." The Protocols were sold on Wal-Mart's online bookstore until they were removed on Sept. Later he was photographed being awarded the `Grand Cross Of The German Eagle` medal from Adolf Hitler. Widespread pogroms occur in Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Rumania, and the USSR.A Radio programs by many conservative American clergy, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, frequently attacked Jews.
In the 1930's, radio audiences heard him rail against the "threat of Jews to America's economy and defend Hitler's treatment of Jews as justified in the fight against communism." Other conservative Christian leaders, such as Frank Norris and John Straton supported the Jews. Many universities set limits on the maximum number of Jewish students that they would accept.
Harvard accepted all students on the basis of merit until after World War I when the percentage of Jewish students approached 15%.
Julius Streicher organized a one-day boycott of all Jewish owned businesses in the country. Jews were barred from civil service, legal professions and universities, were not allowed to teach in schools and could not be editors of newspapers. IMPORTANT NOTICE LITTLE BLOOMS CHILDREN`S ORPHANAGE INDIA MY INDIA MISSIONS TRIP APOSTOLIC BIBLICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY NEW DELHI INDIA NAZARENE ISRAELITE ???

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