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There has been a huge increase in the number of young people becoming licensees in the UK pub trade.
A new survey found the number of bar and pub owners aged 25 to 34 has risen by a whopping 25 per cent over the last three years. Effectively, one in seven UK pubs is now run by a young licensee and around a third of these youthful new business owners are female. The findings, revealed in a Barclays bank report, mark an interesting trend developing within the trade. It may surprise some that youngsters with little experience of working in the industry are able to take on such responsible roles within it. But the range of comprehensive hospitality training courses available now can provide a solid grounding for the challenges of being a licensee at a tender age. The initial aim, of course, for anyone taking on the role, is the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) qualification.
We run these one-day courses every week at venues throughout England and Wales and they satisfy the legal requirement for anyone serving alcohol or authorising others to do so. The equivalent in Scotland is our Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH), which are run in Glasgow and Edinburgh every month, and our refresher courses. For a broader understanding on how to manage a licensed premises, abv Training offers an Award in Licensed Hospitality Operations (ALOH). This is a three-day programme for anyone looking to run a pub, whether they have previous experience or not. It’s a BIIAB-accredited Level 2 award and delegates are shown how they can make a profit in their new venture and sustain a successful business. Age really should be no barrier to anyone who wants to become a licensee because training can support them in any aspect of the trade wherever they need it, whether that is food safety, customer service or guidance on legislation covering sales to underage customers.
It’s that time of year when pub customers head out to the beer garden and restaurant diners yearn for an alfresco experience. We’ve became a nation of foodies and that includes a curiosity about where the ingredients in our meal originate from. It’s a great idea to strike a deal with a local farmer or butcher to use meat reared on your doorstep.
People love to support local businesses and they also like to know the food they are eating is fresh and not imported from hundreds of miles away.
There’s nothing better to raise the profile of your business than offering squirrel pie in your list of main dishes or perhaps a Heston Blumenthal-style dessert mash-up teaming chocolate with broccoli. It might not be to everyone’s taste but it will get them talking on social media and help put the local focus on your summer menu. A recent study revealed that nearly nine out of 10 diners want to see more frequent changes in the menu at regular places where they eat out.
The findings, from a HospitalityGEM survey, also indicated that, at the very least, a quarterly seasonal menu change was wanted in pubs and restaurants. Of course, many like to order the same course every visit but there are plenty of people who like to experiment with different dishes so give them a thrill now and then. If you can offer a special menu for children it’s a motivating factor for mum and dad to bring them to your restaurant or pub for lunch or an early evening meal. Summer is a particularly good time to be a vegetarian – with an abundance of fresh vegetables and salad foods being supplied.
Too many places offer just one or two options for non-meat eaters so why not give them real choice and make yours a destination eatery for vegetarians. If your kitchen staff need assistance in freshening up your summer menu then get in touch with abv Training as we offer training courses and resources for chefs and anyone who handles food in a hospitality kitchen.
When you are studying for a qualification or learning a new skill what teaching style works best for you? If you work in the hospitality industry – behind a bar, in a hotel reception or as front-of-house manager in a restaurant, for example – the chances are you are an ‘activist learner’. This is a term academics refer to for students and delegates who like to take courses where they engage with other people and work through issues by interacting with others and trying new activities.
They want to talk face-to-face with instructors and peers and learn through interaction and by bouncing ideas off other members of their learning group, as opposed to passively reading theory books or studying online on their own and in their own time. This is certainly something our tutors can identify with and it is no real surprise since the industry relies on people, whether it is the team delivering hospitality services or customers who are spending their money at an establishment. The way staff members interact with drinkers, diners and hotel guests – the customer service they deliver – can be crucial to the success of a venue. As a company which employs experienced trainers and coaches with a thorough knowledge of the industry we recognise the value of engaging with delegates. Whether the course is an APLH Personal Licence qualification, a food safety programme, an Award for Licensing Practitioners or a Certificate in Multiple Licensed Premises Management the learning group will benefit from interacting with each other and with the instructor.
This form of ‘activist learning’ has proved remarkably effective in the 13 years we’ve operated as a leading UK training company. Those who prefer this form of learning have been dubbed ‘reflectors’ and ‘theorists’ by academics because they like to be detached from other individuals and soak up information on their own. This is why we offer a wide range of e-learning hospitality courses to customers, covering everything from food safety and under age sales prevention to cellar management and customer service. So-called activist learners will continue to benefit from our taught courses where they can engage with others in small groups but others who prefer the more reflective form of studying have the option to take one of our e-learning programmes. We would be interested to hear what you think about this topic – if you work in the hospitality industry are you an ‘activist learner’ or do you prefer an alternative study style? There is so much to remember in the run-up to Christmas if you are running a pub, a hotel or a restaurant. Another question you need to ask yourself: Who is your back-up Personal Licence holder which enables them to sell or serve alcohol and authorises others to do so too? Of course, only one Personal Licence is required at a premises but what if that person suddenly leaves, for one reason or another?
It makes sense to have more than one Personal Licence holder working at your establishment.
The Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) can be taken inside a day and there are APLH courses throughout England and Wales run by our trainers at abv Training.
The benefits if you train with us are that you get a comprehensive course handbook, refreshments through the day, including lunch, and free re-sits, add-ons you don’t get with some other training companies. If you work in Scotland you can take a Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff with us and we also run monthly Personal Licence refresher courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
You can book a course online with abv Training or call us on 0800 0612981 for more details. It may still feel like the height of summer but we are just a few short weeks away from the delights of Halloween and Bonfire Night. I say delights but these festivals can quickly turn into nightmares for retailers who sell products to children which they are legally deemed too young to buy. Young people will be looking to party on October 31 and November 5 so the need to be extra vigilant when it comes to selling alcohol, cigarettes and other tobacco products will be heightened during this period.

It is absolutely essential everyone who works in a retail operation is aware of the dangers when it comes to the sale of age restricted products. And the best way to show due diligence is training and, more specifically, taking an HABC Award in Underage Sales Prevention. Staff will learn about the legislation as it applies to the selling of items such as fireworks, alcohol, knives, aerosols, lottery tickets, cigarettes and tobacco.
This qualification supports local alcohol and crime disorder initiatives like Best Bar None and Fixed Penalty Waiver schemes. The course can also be taken in lieu of a fixed penalty fine of ?90 for retailers who have failed a police and local authority  test purchase exercise. Taught courses are available at venues throughout England and Wales but the qualification can also be studied online as an E-Award for Underage Sales Prevention, at home or at work.
The penalties for serving alcohol to underage customers are also severe, of course, and bar staff need to be trained to ensure all the protocols are in place to prevent breaking the law, using the correct techniques to rigorously check IDs of those suspected of being too young to drink. When you book a place on an abv Training course in the prevention of sales of age restricted products there are discounts available for multiple bookings. Apparently half of all underage drinkers are given the alcohol by their parents, according to a Home Office report.
And we know that youngsters also get booze from less than diligent licensees and retailers. The implications are serious, of course, because businesses who are caught end up losing their licences and children develop an affinity for alcohol at an early age which can result in devastating health issues. Parents have a moral obligation not to give their offspring beer or wine until they are legally old enough and mature enough to deal with the consequences of drinking. For those who work in the hospitality industry the answer lies in staff being made fully aware of the importance of checking the age of customers if they suspect they may be underage to drink alcohol.
The message can be drummed into bar staff during interviews or in team briefings but the best way of preventing underage sales is training.
This is just as true for the selling of all underage products, such as cigarettes, knives, lottery tickets, aerosols and fireworks.
We run Award in Underage Sales Prevention (AUSP) courses to help licensees and retailers show due diligence when it comes to making employees aware of their responsibilities with the law. The course are run throughout England and Wales so there should be one close enough to those who need the training, from the south coast of England to Wales, Stone in the Midlands and Sheffield in the north.
Our trainers are also running a Bii-accredited SABMiller Scholars Programme in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset later this year.
For more details about abv Training’s range of underage sales prevention courses click HERE.
We’ve all been in pubs where we’ve received a less than friendly welcome, invariably due to the attitude of people working behind the bar. Good customer service is pretty much top of any list detailing the requirements of bar staff and there are some simple guidelines which can make all the difference. This might seem obvious but it is amazing how many bartenders pull you a pint of ale or a glass of dry white with just a grunted response and a face like someone who has lost a winning lottery ticket. It is essential, of course, that you verify the age of any customer who looks below the legal age for drinking alcohol.
Apparently one in four people leave their job because there are not enough training or learning opportunities for them. Technology has moved on from the early days of e-learning programmes and students now get a fully engaging experience with elements such as 3D animations, videos and gaming wizardry. Our tutor-led courses at venues throughout the UK continue to be very popular but we recognise that not everyone has the time or the money to attend one. The courses cover a diverse range of topics, including licensing, bar and cellar skills, safety and compliance, customer service and management skills.
This all means that you don’t have to take time off work or beg the boss to give you time to train. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I'm using a JTabbedPane, and on each tab there's a panel, which changes when the user does things like click buttons. Then for some reason when you hit 'multiple choice', which is supposed to create the four new buttons, everything becomes perfectly visible. I've got repaint(); as pretty much every other line, and before I change anything on the GUI I do removeAll(); first, but it all keeps coming back!
Whenever I see comments like that it sounds to me like you should be using a Card Layout so you don't have to worry about all these problems. You need to call revalidate after removing or adding components to a container if using layout managers.
You've posted a lot of code, and most of it is completely unrelated to the problem at hand, but on the other hand, the code posted is incomplete, won't compile, and thus is not code that we can test. I used MouseListeners because I wanted the buttons to change colour when the mouse hovers over them. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java swing jpanel jbutton jtabbedpane or ask your own question. Do key-dependent S-boxes make efficient constant-time software implementations almost impossible?
Can an electric motor create torque in a direction opposite to the current axle's spin? How can I avoid the embarrassment associated with needing a sabbatical for alcoholism and mental health treatment?
There is a place for online working to bolster professional development through studying for a qualification in your own time. Have you ensured you have enough people confirmed to work behind the bar, in the kitchen, waiting tables and dealing with customers at the front of house? And what if they go a few days before your busiest period of the year – the Christmas and New Year party season? And there is still time to train up a second and even a third member of staff to make sure you are comprehensively covered. Youngsters have to be 18 to buy ‘adult’ fireworks, of course, and the penalties for flouting the law range from on-the-spot fines to a ?5,000 fine and up to six months in prison. After delegates are told all about the legal requirements of selling underage products and the best ways to challenge those they suspect of not being old enough they have to answer a 15-question multiple choice exam to attain their qualification. Earlier this month a judge warned parents in the town of the dangers of giving their children alcohol after a teenager was convicted of a murder there. And if parents do become stricter throughout the UK in not giving booze to their children there will be more pressure on licensees and retailers to get their protocols in place to prevent youngsters buying it in pubs, clubs, supermarkets and off-licences. You don’t have to ask someone for their life story but showing an interest in how their day has been going or what they have planned for the weekend goes a long way. The clientele of back street boozers might not be too fussy but customers generally don’t want to be served by someone who looks scruffy and unkempt.

Tweet your special events or your new restaurant menu, post on Facebook when you have live music playing and put photographs on Instagram to show off your Sunday roasts or popular quiz nights.
The problem with the challenging economic climate we are operating in means that businesses are running with as few employees as they can. So we have just rolled out 28 exciting new e-learning courses which can be accessed via a shiny new high-tech console. There is an interactive nature to the programmes with all the modern resources you would associate with e-learning.
You can study in the evenings or at the weekends, or during the day if you have an evening or night time role.
If you have taken an APLH Personal Licence course or if you’ve registered to take one you can take an e-learning course for only ?20. And you will also be doing your little bit for the planet as it is estimated that e-learning uses a whopping 90 per cent less energy than traditional tutor-led courses. Enriched with Sunflower Seed, Castor and Lanolin Oils, it leaves a smooth, glossy finish without the weight or stick of traditional formulas. Staff are the face of the brand with any pub, bar or hotel so wearing staff uniform or just a smart T-shirt or blouse makes the right impression. There are some great e-learning age verification courses which will get staff up to speed by teaching them the basics in their own time. There are plenty of great soft drinks you can stock and it is also well worthwhile offering quality coffee. Social media is free and the various channels give you a brilliant opportunity of reaching existing and potential customers without paying for newspaper or radio advertising. People are not being replaced when they hand their notice in and others are trapped in their job because they aren’t able to improve their professional abilities by taking an extra qualification. There will be a final exam and everyone who completes the course gets a high quality certificate. SMEs can get special discounts if they book a number of courses together and the nice thing is that the courses don’t have to be taken straight away. Usually you can't see them until you run the mouse over them, but sometimes you can't see elements of the new panel until you run your mouse over where they should be. The patented applicator mimics the shape of a makeup artist's pinky finger so it's easy to apply precisely and evenly..
People have more discerning tastes these days when it comes to coffee so registering staff on online barista courses is a good way to get them learning the basics. Better to use a ChangeListener to listen to the button's model and then respond if isRollover() is true.
Preferably carbon steel with an Officer's type grip safety and standard fixed sights which I'd probably swap to fixed Trijicons.
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