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Gum infections are often very embarrassing and irritating considering the trauma, pain and discomfort one experience due to frequent pain, bleeding, inflammation and sometimes due to very serious complications. The usual treatment approach involves consultation with a dentist and antibiotic therapy followed by painful surgical intervention in several cases.
Prolonged antibiotics treatment along with the surgery cause mild to severe side effects and surgery in particular causes pain.
To control your gum infection from spreading, use a fluoride containing toothpaste and a mouth wash containing antiseptic or fluoride.
Mix one teaspoonful salt in 250 ml of warm water and use this mixture to rinse your mouth after you have your meals.
Tea tree oil has exceptional healing and antibiotic properties and if it is applied topically as a gel on the affected gums, you would notice tremendous outcomes within few weeks. You can use this toothpaste twice daily for a few weeks to prevent bleeding, gum infections and gingivitis.
Clove oil has been used as the best and simple home remedy for any kind of gum and tooth problem since ancient times because clove oil contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds. Direct application of clove oil on the gums may cause severe burning sensation; therefore, mix clove oil with olive oil, and then apply this diluted mixture to the affected gums.
Yoghurt is naturally fermented food product and it is one of the richest sources of friendly bacteria called probiotics. Pomegranate has good healing properties as it contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents.
According to many research studies garlic, ginger and honey contain excellent and powerful antimicrobial agents that restrict the growth of pathogenic bacteria anywhere in the body. Biologically active compounds like triterpenes and azadirachtin extracted from the seeds of neem tree have medicinal importance and are very beneficial to treat infections.
Vitamin C deficiency and gum diseases are very closely associated and therefore vitamin C is not only essential for the overall health of the body, but also necessary for the health of the gums and the teeth.
Powdered form of vitamin C can be safely used for topical application on the infected gums two to three times daily until the infection vanishes. The resin of Myrrh, an African tree, contains essential oils, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds. Calendula tincture is very effective against oral bacterial infections and the infections of the skin because it contains antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory agents. Very hot, cold, sweet and spicy foods irritate your gums and make your infection severe by causing burning sensation in your mouth and increases sensitivity of the teeth. Goldenseal tincture or capsules are very effective against oral bacterial infections and the infections of the gum because they contain antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory agents in addition to the gum toning agents. Carol Sarao is an entertainment and lifestyle writer whose articles have appeared in Atlantic City Weekly, The Women's Newspaper of Princeton, and New Millennium Writings.

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease or periodontitis, features receding gums that may be swollen, dark red and tender. Goldenseal, botanically known as Hydrastis canadensis, is a perennial herb native to eastern North America.
Herbalists and naturopaths have long recommended goldenseal as an antibacterial agent, mild topical disinfectant and mouthwash to treat canker sores, sore throats and gum problems. There is some laboratory research supporting belief in goldenseal's antimicrobial properties. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Broccoli Sprouts are rich in sulforaphane, these sprouts are more effective than ripe broccoli. Manuka is a small tree, native to New Zealand and its solution is very effective in fighting off with h pylori bacteria. The tannic acid in bilberry helps to cure diarrhea which is the main cause in birthing h pylori bacteria.
It helps to heal several stomach infections that help to cure h pylori bacteria in an efficient manner. Ensure that you use floss and brush your teeth or use sugar-free gum after you take your food and then rinse your mouth with salt water.
Tea tree oil is not advisable for oral consumption; therefore, do not use tea tree oil for oral application, but use only the commercially available tea tree oil based toothpaste. Use yoghurt for both internal and external purpose in order to make the friendly bacteria available to fight against the pathogenic ones and ward off infection of the mouth.
Therefore, when you notice even a slight hint of infection, you should immediately start incorporating all these three food stuffs in your routine diet plan. Rinsing your mouth with the mouthwash prepared from neem tree seed oil extract gives immense relief from gum infections and infections of the mouth in general.
Similarly, to a warm water cup, add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract and lemon juice and mix it properly, and then rinse your mouth two to three times daily until you feel comfortable. Calendula officinalis has been used for mouth and throat infections since ancient times and many botanists and herbalists recommend this plant for various infections.
If you are suffering from gum disease, it will be better for you to restrain yourself from such food stuff. The compounds like canadine, berberine and hydrastine are powerful alkaloids with powerful medicinal properties.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. She has interviewed and reviewed many national recording acts, among them Everclear, Live, and Alice Cooper, and received her Master of Fine Arts degree in writing from Warren Wilson College.

It is caused by plaque and bacteria on teeth, which harden into tartar; poor oral hygiene can play a role.
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine says that Native Americans employed goldenseal to treat skin diseases, irritation and inflammation of mucous membranes, ulcers and gonorrhea. Consuming one garlic clove with two servings of broccoli is effective treatment to cure H pylori bacteria. In addition to its potent antioxidant nature, it is also good as antibiotic as it helps fight gum disease.
The essential oils extracted from the resins of Myrrh can be diluted in warm water to prepare a biologically active mouthwash.
Calendula usage on a regular basis boosts immunity, but the usage should be in moderate doses. Goldenseal tincture is very effective for mouth and throat infections.Goldenseal usage on a regular basis boosts immunity, tones gum tissues due to astringent properties and improves immunity. According to Blue Shield Complementary and Alternative Health, goldenseal contains two primary beneficial alkaloids, berberine and hydrastine, and is active against the E.coli and salmonella microbes. According to BSCAH, herbal physicians recommended goldenseal for stomach problems in the early 1900's. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that goldenseal is often used as a digestive tonic, immune system enhancer, hay fever treatment, cold remedy, and disinfectant for minor wounds. The berberine in goldenseal can cause or worsen jaundice in newborns; if you are pregnant or breast feeding, you should not use goldenseal at all.
Rinsing your mouth with this mouthwash regularly gives positive outcomes within short span of time. However, the tincture made from calendula extract can be directly applied to the infected gums. However, goldenseal is not recommended for those who are nursing, pregnant or having cardiac problems. Some people turn to herbal remedies, including the use of goldenseal, to treat gum disease. Herbs 2000 adds that goldenseal has anti-inflammatory properties, and notes that in addition to berberine-- which gives the root its yellow color-- the rhizome contains volatile oils and resin. Although goldenseal has antimicrobial properties, BSCAH warns that it is not a substitute for antibiotics. Consult your doctor before using goldenseal to alleviate symptoms of inflamed or infected gums.

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