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H Pylori Bacteria, also known as helicobacter pylori, is an infection causing bacteria that is found in the body of most humans, but causes harm in very few cases.
This green vegetable was listed as one of the most effective natural remedies of h pylori bacteria in a medical study conducted in Japan.
Raspberry, strawberry and blueberry contain phytochemicals that fight against all types of bacteria in the human body. Ginger and garlic pastes have been identified as good antiseptics that heal the harm already caused by h pylori bacteria in the stomach.
Drink more than 8 glasses of filtered water throughout the day for flushing out h pylori bacteria from your system.
Mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink twice a day for a month to completely cure h pylori bacterial infection. Acidity, heartburn and acid reflux are all names for the same medical condition, characterized by severe pain or burning sensation in the chest or the abdominal area. Other than antacids and other medications available in the market, various naturally occurring foods also reduce the symptoms of heartburn and in a way contribute to healing.
The best remedy for people suffering from GERD, even a slice of apple can calm down the acid production and reduce burning sensation effectively.They are rich in phytochemicals that increase the strength of the sphincter muscles and do not allow the acid from the stomach to enter the esophagus. About 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with a small glass of water given to a heartburn patient shows miraculous results in reducing the pain and burning sensation, often within 20 minutes of consumption. Rich in acetic acid and ascorbic acid, both these foods do not allow the formation of strong acids in the stomach. This aids gastric relief and neutralizes the pH of the stomach to an acceptable level. A wonder product that kills the odour in the refrigerators and cleans stains, bicarbonate is also a good home-based remedy that can help you control the acid levels within your stomach and bring about digestive relief. From some theories, it is believed that the bacteria have a useful effect on human body, but the common consensus is that it must be eliminated from the body upon analysis.
Bromelain is known as a sulfur-containing enzyme, commonly found in bromeliad plants such as the pineapple. An organism called Helicobacter Pylori infects the duodenum present in the small intestine in the human body and this leads to duodenal ulcer. There might be various symptoms associated with this condition, such as abdominal pain, internal bleeding and other symptoms which might be very bothering as well as disturbing. These symptoms would be seen in a few people, whereas a few others would not develop any sign at all.
When having this type of ulcer most of you might experience a few symptoms, such as tiredness, weakness, vomiting, nausea, bloating, belching and loss of appetite which will also trigger a throat pain. When you suffer from this condition, you might face perforations along the linings of the duodenum wall.
If you or a person known to you is suffering from this condition of ulcer, be aware of the complicated duodenal ulcer symptoms which might be fatal to your life.

When the intestinal walls get inflamed, the food you eat cannot pass through the passage of the intestine. Most stomach problems, especially peptic ulcers are caused as a result of the attack of infectious h pylori bacteria.
Broccoli sprouts contain compounds known as sulforphane and ellagic acid that have antibacterial properties. This compound in berries is so strong that its effects can be utilized by the human blood no matter how the fruits are cooked or refrigerated. These enzymes stop the catalyzing functions of the h pylori bacteria and prevent them from causing inflammatory reactions inside the stomach.
If you cannot take raw cinnamon for its pungent flavor, add its extracts in tea or hot water and drink the solution. Baking soda has antimicrobial properties, thus effectively killing all harmful microorganisms in the human body. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Other symptoms include sour taste in the mouth, regurgitation of food or liquid and burning sensation that is more commonly observed at nighttime or while lying down.Several factors contribute to the occurrence of heartburn.
Below are 5 top foods that you must consume if suffering from heartburn, to achieve maximum benefits in a natural way. These fruits are also antioxidants and thus, best for treating excess acid content conditions.
Reduce your intake of oily and spicy foods, limit alcohol consumption and stop smoking cigarettes. This might occur when a person consumes a lot of tobacco products or alcohol, NSAIDS and aspirin.
This article would let you know about the various duodenal ulcer symptoms so that you can identify them before it is too late. This is owing to the tender umbilical area in your body which might get irritated more when you consume hot and cold drinks. This is a result of secretion of hydrochloric acid in a hyperactive way inside your stomach. But they can get nasty and cause severe pain which sometimes would cause you to seek immediate medical aid. From time to time, this pain becomes so  intense that the patients have to hospitalized immediately.
Also the swelling in the intestine would block the path and this leads to  a narrowed path that in turn might trigger blood vomit.

As a result, the person suffering from such condition refuse food and eventually he or she loses a lot of weight.
The antimutagen substances in berries fight against the offending bacteria in the stomach and help cure stomach problems caused by h pylori bacteria. This remedy, however, must be applied only at the first stages of the infection, when harm from the bacteria is at its minimum.
Stomach or esophageal ulcers, consumption of spicy and oily foods, gastro-esophageal reflux disease etc are just a few of them. Similarly, it also cools down the digestive upset and provides heartburn relief.Extremely beneficial in treating stomach upset and diarrhea, aloe vera also aids relief by killing the helicobacter bacteria that are responsible for acid secretion within the stomach. However, this remedy should be avoided for patients suffering from high blood pressure or those who are on low-sodium diets. Marshmallows that contain mucilage soothe the lining of the esophagus and calm the acidity of the stomach.
There are many herbal remedies, which can be consumed for reducing, preventing, and killing H. Instead of turning to medicinal drugs that may lead to further side effects, try natural cures for h pylori bacteria. Removing or treating the root cause of heartburn is the most sensible way to treat heartburn itself. Remember that these natural and herbal remedies are often the best options to treat heartburn.
This phytochemical includes the properties of antiviral, anticarcinogenic, antibacterial, and antimutagen.
Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial nature of licorice, it can be used for the cure of ulcers and gastritis. It not only kills h pylori bacteria, it also reduces pain and inflammation caused by the helicobacter pylori. Traditional antibiotic medications such as turmeric, cumin, ginger, borage, oregano, and licorice are proven to be the best natural cure for H. Turmeric is known to give protection for internal organs like the stomach and intestines, blood vessels and liver. A daily consumption of turmeric powder with a cup or glass of water can help in eliminating the problems related to H.

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