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Though bladder infection is very common in ladies, some men also suffer from this infection. The general accepted theory of women being prone to bladder infection is due to small size of the urethra. The unhygienic condition of the body can result in the spreading of E-coli, a common bacterium that is present in the digestive system. The other set of people who can be infected by bladder infections are chronic patients who are hospitalized. Women who use diaphragm for unwanted pregnancy are at a higher risk of getting bladder infections. Though men are at less or almost no risk zone as far as bladder infections are concerned, some men, usually in late 50’s catch up with this infection. Bacterial infections on the bladder, ureters, kidney and urethra can be referred as urinary infection. It is accepted that at least 20% of the women experience this infection once during their life span.
These bacteria can enter into our system due to eating of meat that is infected with these bacteria.
The irregular menses which ladies experience during this period is one of the major causes.

It can occur due to improper insertion of diaphragm or non removal of diaphragm from the vagina, thereby helping the bacteria to breed and spread bladder infection. It can be due to enlarged prostate that prevents the bladder from completely throwing out the urine, thereby housing a portion of urine in the bladder helps in the growth of bacteria resulting in bladder infection. The placement of urethra in women is closer to the anus and the vagina, due to which the bacteria enters their body.
The ovaries are not able to discharge the hormones resulting in them getting infected with bacteria, thereby causing bladder infection. The bladders get condensed in pregnant women due to growth of fetus; sexual intercourse during this phase can also result in swelling of the bladders. Urinary infection has to be treated at the early stage to avoid increasing severity of the disease. The shape of bacteria has been identified as rod type and it can be the prime reason for the cause of urinary infection.
The urinary bladder stretches to hold the urine and it turns to a contracted position when the urine is excreted. Storing the urine for long time can stretch the bladder over the limit and can weaken the muscles of the bladder. E-coli bacteria can enter into the system during sexual intercourse especially into the vagina resulting in bladder infection.
As urine is not completely flushed out of the system, it becomes an easy pray for the breeding of these bacteria.

Untreated urinary infection can affect the proper functioning of the kidney. People have to be aware of the symptoms and causes of urinary infection to cure the problem at the right time. E coli bacteria can be colonized on the walls of the small intestine. Since anus is near to the urethra, it can easily spread to the excretory system of the body.
Urinary infection can be regular for women who have frequent sexual intercourse. Severity of the infection can be high for women who are changing sexual partners. In addition, swelling in the urethra can occur due to the constant presence of the catheters. According to the microbiology, the shape of the bacteria has been determined as round. The urinary infection can be increased when the bacteria stay on the skin and are located near to the vagina. It can make the urine as less acidic, which can even lead to the formation of kidney stones.
After entering into the urethra, bacteria can move upward to cause infection on the bladder.

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