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With the threat of dehydration and a spell of vomiting, cats may become sick when struck with constipation.
Pain is a primary symptom of cat constipation, as felines strain and crouch down for extended periods of time in an attempt to eliminate their bowels. Untreated cat constipation can lead to a chronic problem called megacolon, where the colon abnormally dilates and becomes too enlarged [1].
Restore regularity in your cat by feeding them a boost of fiber, which is found in the tasty treat of canned pumpkin. Don’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t drink a lot of water, which is a natural habit of domesticated felines. Use what most over-the-counter cat remedies use to treat a constipated feline – petroleum jelly. If you own a longhaired cat, make sure you keep the hairs surrounding their bottom well trimmed. Under normal circumstances, milk causes pets to develop diarrhea, but if your cat is suffering constipation, it is suggested to give liquid dairy to your feline two times per day.
Be cautious when using psyllium as it absorbs large amounts of moisture as well as toxins from the body. I adopted a domestic short-haired male two month old kitten from an Animal Center and have had him about a month now. Thanks to suggestions on this site and others, I tried mixing mashed pumpkin with my cat’s food.
My 1 yr old male cat had been constipated for a day or two but we didn’t know what was going on, until we kept him in over night.
Thanks for the tip, I tried pumpkin last night (happened to have a can in the pantry) fingers crossed)! Good luck to you all – you are clerly such good, kind and loving animal parents-it renews my faith in people to see all the things you try in caring for these wonderful creatures who need us.
Here is what I have used that works with great results with 3 cats that will not eat wet cat food, so needless to say it is hard to get them to eat most of these remedies on their own. For constipation, if you see your cat drinking more then usual and not eating take them to the vet. I tried pumpkin on my 16 yr old female tabby and being that she only eats dry food it was a little difficult.
You can also get it on amazon but amazon doesnt tell you the ingredients like the above link will.
I wouldn’t suggest the colace (docusate sodium)…my cat frothed at the mouth, went in convulsions and is now dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some abscesses may heal on their own, but more often than not, many need prompt veterinary treatment.
At home, the cat may be helped by applying warm compresses for about 10 minutes a day for 3-4 times a day. Cat diarrhea can be prevented by feeding a species appropriate diet, that mimics what a cat eats in nature. Feline diet is best a grainfree, canned, high quality and high protein food or a quality raw food diet. Motility regulators are used only occasionally and should only be prescribed by your veterinarian to avoid serious side effects. Usually your vet will give an antibiotic or in some cases steroids have a satisfying effect. Chronic cases of cat diarrhea can also be treated very effectively with veterinary acupuncture or classic homoeopathy. Pumpkin in cooked or canned form: It is a fibre matrix that sometimes helps to slow down gut peristalsis and with that diarrhea. Therefore, a paste is much more convenient to dose, because you simply squirt it directly into your cat's mouth. Claim your free Essential Pet Insurance E-Course that shows you how to find the best pet health plan for your furry companions.
The information presented here is only for educational purposes and not intended to replace the advice of your local veterinarian.
Disclosure: You should assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for providers of goods and services mentioned on this website. If you're a long-time cat owner -- especially of outdoor cats -- you may be all too familiar with the sight of what appears to be small grains of rice around your cat's anus.
Just as in humans, it's normal and healthy for a cat's stomach and intestines to contain a variety of microscopic organisms. The most common unwanted tenants of your cat's digestive tract are roundworms, tapeworms and Coccidia. From hairballs and fleas to obesity and diabetes, this comprehensive guide shows you how to treat a wide range of common feline ailments using simple home remedies, herbal therapies,, and chemical-free options that can save you hundreds of dollars in veterinary bills—and help Kitty live a longer, healthier life. The Complete Book of Home Remedies for Your Cat ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files.
If you are looking for home remedies for cat asthma, consider that the triggers of asthma attacks in cats can be various, the most common being dust and pollen.
If your cat has asthma and has excessive pounds, this extra weight may make the asthma much worse. Did you ever wonder if your cat may be sensitive to the various chemicals you have in your home?
The dry, air typical of summer and winter season may cause your cat to develop difficulty breathing because it tends to irritate your cat’s airways. For instance, a cat affected by tooth decay may find it painful to chew on dry food and may categorically refuse to eat it.
In another case, a cat may have an upper respiratory infection where the sense of smell is affected causing even the best food to appear stale since cats rely a lot on their sense of smell. Of course there are many other health disorders that cause loss of appetite in cats, this is why it is vital to rule out these conditions prior to simply considering your cat a finicky eater. Cats that are obese are the first to suffer from hepatic lipidosis when they go too long without food. When a cat goes too long without eating fat will accumulate in the liver cells, this causes the liver to become yellow, fatty and enlarged. This sort of liver problem seems to occur mostly in over stressed cats, like cats that refuse food when boarding or cats locked up in a closet for days or in a garage with no food. Hairballs are a common reason for coughs, and typically, those are easily treated with an over-the-counter hairball medication.
Hairballs and upper respiratory infections are minor compared to what could actually be going on if your cat has a chronic cough.

Generally, a cat will experience a bowel movement one to two times per day, while a constipated feline may go every two to four days. Since the bowel is responsible for absorbing water, stagnant feces can become hard and dry, making it difficult to pass. As a result, the colon loses its ability to contract, which can cause obstipation – a complete blockage.
Feeding your cat ? teaspoon of plain petroleum jelly per day can aid in unclogging his or her insides.
Fussy cats often refuse to use a litter box that is not to their liking, which can lead to constipation. Not only will the added fiber get things moving, but the broth also assists in fighting dehydration.
If your kitty is dehydrated, don’t use the psyllium as it will make the problem worse. I find the Vaseline works better though as my cat crouches all the time when she’s constipated.
When frozen, remove from try and place pumpkin cubes in resealable bag for future kitty meals.
Have frustration instead and am going to try a couple of things mentioned here – please hold good thoughts. She had probiotics and was put on a chicken only diet which didn’t help so we took her back to the vet. I know the chances of you returning to this page in the next few days are slim, but I if you do, I would really like to know what happened to your cat and what if anything worked to make your cat better. An abscess is a very painful wound that becomes infected and more often than not, requiring drainage from a veterinarian. The reason behind this is the cat’s skin working on attempting to close the wound, only to trap the bacteria inside in a long, painful chain reaction.
Untreated and neglected, an abscess may cause a wide spread infection that may upgrade to a life threatening case of septicemia (blood poisoning). A home remedy for cat diarrhea might not work, if the cause is one or more of the above listed. Not to mention it here as well: you need first to exclude with the help of your vet any underlying causes!
Use plain or vanilla flavoured yoghurt with active cultures, like lactobacillus and acidophilus. Powder can be mixed into your cat's food, but a lot of felines are fussy eaters and refuse 'strange' tastes immediately.
But sometimes the eggs of parasites get into your cat's digestive system, developing into adult worms that feed off the food going through his or her gut and steal its nutrition. Roundworms look like short strands of thick white thread, and a cat with a particularly bad case may actually vomit them. However, you can learn what to look for when you're trying to figure out if your cat has worms.
A cat with asthma is not a great sight, the cat will cough and wheeze with its neck extended as it tries to breath more air. Cat asthma is a serious condition, that requires medication and veterinary care; however, owners may do various things at home to help their feline friends breath better.
Shedding those extra pounds will grant your cat a healthier life style, consult with your vet for guidance on starting your asthmatic cat on a new diet.
Some cat litters are very dusty, and as the cat digs, clouds of dust may be raised irritating the cat’s airways. Common triggers of stress in cats is furniture moved around, exposure to loud noises, strangers in the home etc. If your cat has trouble breathing, consult with your veterinarian for proper assessment and treatment. This is why before considering your cat finicky it is a good idea to have your vet rule out some conditions. A day or two without food may not be a big concern however, prolonged refusal to eat may progress into a serious condition called Hepatic lipidosis. A cat may therefore develop jaundice (yellowing of mucous membranes, white of the eyes and interior of the ears) and go into liver failure. However, you must be sure there is no onion or garlic in such foods as they can create problems in cats. Coughing is a reflex; when something irritates the back of the throat, breathing passages or lungs, the body responds, expelling whatever is causing the irritation.
It's also important to note whether the cough is productive (accompanied by fluid or other matter) or non-productive.
To make Fifi feel comfortable during these sluggish times, consider home remedies for cat constipation, which can get things moving in the right direction. Foreign materials, tumors, scarred tissue, pelvic injuries, and damage to the nerves associated with the large bowel can all cause constipation in cats.
If you add canned food to your cat’s diet, you can provide the hydration necessary to promote beneficial digestion.
Here is my story please share with the distressed cat constipated community and ask those to pass it on. We took him to the vet over and over, he had many extractions, we gave him enemas, he got prescription food and laxatives 2-3x a day for at least a year. Trying to corner the poor thing and shove little mounds of it down was no fun for either of us. This will be done under general anesthesia or with heavy sedation because it can be pretty painful. Upon drainage, owners may be surprised that the abscess has turned out into a large unsutured wound.
If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist. That hair spray, perfume, deodorants, carpet cleaner or cigarette smoke may indeed be triggering your cat’s asthma attacks. There are many new litters nowadays that are claimed to be dust free, they are surely worth a try. Try to keep your cat in a quiet dark room if this can limit the amount of exposure to stress triggers. Some cats are pretty good in hiding pain and may suffer from tooth pain and simply just refuse to eat its food rather than exhibiting more recognizable signs of dental decay. If you must force feed you may warm some baby food and dilute it with some water and dropper feed the cat.

However, do not feed exclusively tuna for too long, cats need taurine a vital amino acid found in canned cat food. We may have heard of cats that have been locked up somewhere or accidentally packed up in luggage and shipped cross country for days without food nor water, however, not all cats have nine lives. It's an important mechanism for protecting the lungs and air passages from foreign objects and expelling infectious matter from the body. A cough can just be a simple throat irritation, but it can also be a symptom of a much bigger problem. A persistent cough could be a sign of an upper respiratory infection (yes, cats get them, too), especially if also accompanied by sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes or a fever. I started looking at his litter box because he would not use it and then found out that clumping clay has been causing bowel and respiratory illnesses and even death in felines. Ok, my male cat (junior) up to about 7-8 years old was an inside outside cat, very healthy. He’s been on a chicken only diet (i boil the chicken and he gobbles it up) but lately his been picky and refusing to eat as much as before. Then when that ran out I filled the plunger with pumpkin and was able to easily administer that orally to my kitties (about 10cc per dose broken into two 5cc squirts).
The cat was on Science Diet CD Multi, CD Dry, and 7″Lax-Aire daily for the past 5 yrs.
Scratches and bites are very effective means of bacterial infection, therefore, outdoor cats involved in fights are very prone to abscesses.
The lancing procedure will empty the abscess from the pus and the wound will be properly flushed. The cat will need to be discouraged from licking the area to avoid further bacteria from inhabiting the already vulnerable wound.
Similarly, a cat who goes outdoors is likely to come in contact with eggs (or spores in the case of Coccidia) shed in the infected cat's stool. Unscented litter is also preferable, as some cats may be allergic to special scents added to litter to make its smell more pleasant. Dealing with such cats may be annoying as owners may find themselves continuously rotating between different cat food brands to satisfy their cat’s special cravings. Should your cat refuse food for more than a day or two have your cat seen to identify the triggering cause. If it gets to the point where you need to talk to your vet about your cat's cough, being able to describe how it sounds and whether it's productive can help him or her figure out what's causing it. I moved into an second floor apartment for a short time and he one day jumped off the balcony and fell 20ish feet.
At one point my oldest medium hair cat was so constipated he didn’t even try to use the litter box and was so lethargic and acting strangely that I thought he was poisoned or something. She now coming to the end of her antibiotics but has now totally gone the other way and hasn’t had a bowel movement for about 4 days! Another common pathway comes in the form of infected birds, mice or other unfortunate small creatures that your cat captures and eats. If it’s simply a case of finickiness at least you have peace of mind and time to shop around for the next canned food. Persistent coughs due to feline colds or flu can sometimes be helped with medication, but it's important not to give your cat anything without consulting your veterinarian first. Thank u so much for the tips i will try the pumpkin with him and maybe for now give him a bit of milk. An Elizabeth collar better known as E- collar is a collar shaped like a lamp shade that will make the wound area unreachable since the cat will have trouble turning its head.
But once I realized that he was severely constipated I gave him a few dropperfuls of water(because he was to weak to even drink) then I used both of these remedies in conjuction with eachother right after and within 15 minutes he was acting more like himself and able to drink on his own. She’s not been eating much for the past week only yesterday she started to eat properly but only tuna. Coccidia are actually microscopic one-celled organisms that live and breed in the cat's intestines. Then I was also able to put a bit of hairball remedy on his paws and he licked that off too. She’s eaten cat food tonight and my husband gave her a little bit of cheese as this normally gives her the runs. And and all we got for all of that was a constipated cat with diarrhea, yes both together :P.
He was in pain and crying and vomiting when trying to use the litter box, which he stopped using all together. I could hardley believe contipation could make an animal act so sick, but it is scary when it happens.
She hasn’t made any signs of straining or anything and has been passing water and drinking. I finally tried an online homeopathic powder and liquid combo, which helped some but not enough.
The vet has now ordered Cisapride ($59.00)to his NEW daily routine and will be available in a few days. I backed out last minute and seen a different vet, not that mine was bad, I just needed another option. Now this is important, I didn’t know if a) he had nerve damage, b) going in a litter box problem, c) mega colon. The new vet gave me a combination of medications that worked now for 2 months and he is now only on one over the counter laxative. As a limited income person, I am very concerned about the seemingly on going prescription cost.
He was on for one full week, ( colace – docusate sodium, 50 mg capsules, one capsule twice a day ).
But after all the things we did, all the worry and pain and expense, all it took was metamucil.
Therefore, is there a proven home remedy that someone knows of that will minimize the need for the added Cisapride???
Also changed his food to at least 5% crude fat cat food mixed with some water, not soupy but kind of wet.

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