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The Dog Health Handbook is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian, Groomer or Pet Health Professional. Reader Question: What Is The Cause Of This Red Spot On My Doga€™s Skin?My older lab has a round bald patch on the outside of one of her hips. There is now a tiny white head pimple at the edge of the bald area (too small to see in picture.)She was nibbling furiously at this area the night before I noticed the bald spot, She licked it frequently on the first day, now pretty much ignores it (this is the third day) and is normally active. What usually happens is something starts a dog scratching or chewing at a particular spot on its body.

The trigger could be a flea or mosquito bite, allergies, a small wounda€¦ almost anything that is irritating.
While scratching the itch makes the dog feel better, temporarily at least, it also leads to more inflammation which can be the start of a vicious cycle. In just a short period of time, dogs can bite or scratch themselves to the point where they have removed large patches of hair and have developed a significant skin infection. Treating hot spots involves clipping hair from around the areas, cleaning and drying the skin, medications to relieve inflammation and itchiness, and except in the mildest of cases, oral antibiotics to deal with the skin infection.

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