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If you are not sure how often you should take your puppy out to urinate or defecate, there is a helpful rule of thumb for you to abide to.
Puppies and dogs in general feel the need to defecate usually within minutes or half hour right after meals. Later on, as the dogs is better house trained you can teach your dog to alert you when he really has to go.
While house training may feel like a very long time, your dog sooner than later will eventually learn, it is just a matter of time. Dog Urinary Tract Infection: when a dog develops a urinary tract infection, it surely develops some pitiful symptoms that can make the dog miserable. When the symptoms are caught early enough there are some home remedies that may help the dog overcome the infection before it may require the aid of antibiotics. Urinary tract infections may not be an immediate emergency but owners should keep a watchful eye on symptoms and report signs of worsening to their veterinarians promptly. Disclaimer: the above article is not to be used as a diagnostic tool nor a replacement for veterinary advice. Parvo is a disease that needs not to be under estimated, it is highly contagious and very deadly.
We must first recognize that the real cause of death in puppies is not the Parvo virus itself but the dehydration that follows the copious vomiting and diarrhea that takes place.
However, before arriving at ths dramatic point you can try to help the pup hydrate by offering a bowl of half water and half Gatorade or a dropper of unflavored Pedialyte to help replace the pup’s lost electrolytes.
Hydration levels can be checked by trying to lift the skin above the shoulder blades or back in a tent. If the puppy seems able to keep some food down without vomiting, substitute the dry food with canned food. Try to rub you pup’s gums with some maple or Karo syrup to raise his sugar level and energy.
A dog’s gums are a good sign in helping distinguish a stable dog from one in critical condition.
If your pup should make it or not, please be considerate and try your best to prevent other puppies in your surrounding areas from being infected. It is hard to tell if the puppy will make it or not, however, these remedies can be used as a last resort knowing that all that can have been done was at least tried. If you noticed dandruff on your dog, you may be wondering if there are any home remedies for dog dandruff. As with many other skin conditions, it’s always best to see your vet so to determine the underlying cause for the dandruff you are noticing.
Many times, dandruff is mostly seen in the winter when dog owners crank up the heat and the home environment becomes quite dry. If your dog is itchy and his skin is dry with loads of visible scales, you may feel compelled to give him more frequent baths, in hopes of removing those unsightly flakes.
In nature, dogs live in dens and dens are kept clean because dogs dislike sleeping where they soil.

Your dog will learn to associate your words with going potty and later he may learn to pee or poop on command, making it easier for you to house train. If you must head out and you want your dog to go potty so you can relax knowing he will not soil his crate, take him for a nice 15 minute walk. Just as human toddlers some get it quickly others take a bit more time but they all get it and that is what mostly matters. These home remedies however, will work only in UTI’ s at their very first stages and when very mild. Make sure your dog has access to fresh, clean water and encourage to drink as much as possible. Just as in humans, the acid content of cranberry juice will effectively turn the urine acidic and help defeat the harmful bacteria. Symptoms of bladder stones may mimic those of a urinary tract infection, so it is highly advisable to consult with a veterinarian about the appropriate course of action. A second urinalysis is often recommended to check if the bacteria has been succesfully cleared. The puppy may not be able to hold down any water, thus, his chances of staying hydrated become very slim.
Pink, rosy gums are a good sign while white, grayish or dark red gums are signs the pup’s life is in danger and needs a vet ASAP. The websites are full of success stories but it is really hard to tell if they really work. When dog owners made appointment for dog dandruff, we would ask dog owners to take a closer look to verify if the dandruff was by any chance moving. On top of that, brushing help you distribute natural oils that help cut down the amount of dandruff. These diets often fail to provide the entire range of vitamins and minerals your dog needs to look and feel wonderful. Expect messes here and there so invest in a good amount of pet safe detergents, cleaning supplies and carpet cleaning products. So in order to work, a crate should be large enough for the puppy to lay down and turn around but not so large as to allow the dog to defecate or urinate in a corner without being bothered by it.
Eventually, all the cleaning days will be finally over and you wil be amazed of how fast that tiny furball has grown up to be an adult sized dog!
If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist.
Urine must be collected in a sterile container and should not be older than 4 hours old and preferably refrigerated.
While cranberry works the best, other highly acidic drinks such as orange juice or lime juice may work as well. Please be advised that home treatments may have poor results when compared to hospitalization and fluid replacement.
In such severe cases, fluids need to be administrated subcutanuosly or through an IV at a vet’s office.

Other signs to watch for are gums that if pressed upon with a finger (capillary refill time) do not turn to their normal color within seconds. Just like humans dogs can get dandruff too and it can become particularly visible as you groom your dog.
If this is the case, cranking up those humidity levels by investing in a humidifier may turn helpful to your canine companion’s skin and his beloved owners too! When a dog is bathed too frequently, his coat is stripped from natural oils that help prevent it from drying. Often, these cheap diets are filled with fillers, additives, preservatives and artificial flavors.
Sooner than later your dog will train you to open the door once he approaches it, which is a great way to properly toilet train your dog. You may need to buy a special light from pet stores that will help you identify soiled areas that need cleaning.
One tablespoon to two tablespoons (depending on size of dog) can be added to some yogurt or the apple cider vinegar may be added to the dog’s food or water. Please be also aware that there are many other conditions that may resemble Parvo, so it is best if your puppy gets a Parvo test by the vet as soon as symptoms arise. Pedialyte and Gatorade may help to a certain extent but if the pup is unable to keep liquids down the only solution is subQ or IV fluids by the vet. However, the sad thing about Parvo is that puppies suffer from terrible nausea and most will refuse to eat or drink.
Just as in humans, dog dandruff is composed by scales of dead skin and it’s often an indication of dry skin. A once-a-month bath in the winter and twice a month in the summer will often suffix, suggests Scott Weldy, a veterinarian working in El Toro California. Many dog owners report a healthier looking skin once they switch to a high quality, brand premium food. Do not scold or praise if more than five seconds have passed otherwise your dog may not know why you are praising or disciplining him. Your dog will learn to get your attention by telling you vocally, which is great if you are in another room.
Knowing what causes dandruff in your dog in the first place, can help you arm yourself with some good old home remedies, here are a few. However, there are a few guidelines you must adhere to in order to succesfully house train your dog. Try to rub the pup’s gums with some pancake or Karo syrup to bring back his glucose levels and hopefully some energy. Use colloidal oatmeal instead, as oatmeal helps lock in moisture for a healthier looking skin.

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