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Here is  a simple solution to combating dry skin during the winter months.Get rid of your dogs flakey skin with a homemade scrub. You can start by running the shower with hot water, closing the bathroom door and allowing your dog to inhale the vapors by staying close by the tub without getting wet. You may also offer some warm chicken broth -with no onion or garlic- and offer this with his dry kibble or alone to lap up or you can simply add warm water to his food. Keeping the home humidified is also very helpful, you may use a non-medicated humidifier and run it in the room your dog spends the most part of the day. You also want to try to keep the nasal passages as clear as possible by wiping the nose with a warm cloth frequently during the day. If the nose looks very dry on the outside, you can apply some Vaseline on it to provide moisture. Children’s saline drops may also be helpful for rinsing the nose and liquefying the mucus exudate.
While these home remedies for dog sinus problems may provide some support, the most helpful tip is finding the underlying cause so to nip these problems in the bud. Sometimes sinus problems derive from dental issues, and most pets over the age of 5 have some level of dental decay. Allergies may be an underlying cause of sinus problems.

The greater the exposure to heat, dogs have the same symptoms associated with dry skin than humans, such as dandruff and itching skin. Animals have a different pH level of human beings, so choose a cleanser formulated for your pet.
Choose a food for dogs that improves the condition of the coat and skin, specifically with a supplement with essential fatty acids like Omega-6.
There are a few home remedies for sinus problems in dogs that dog owners may provide their dogs with from the comfort of home; however, this is for just temporary relief, as many cases of sinus problems require antibiotics to fight off the infection. This can be done frequently during the day for 10-15 minute sessions and helps relieve the congestion as the humidity helps open those clogged passageways.
Home treatments may provide temporary relief until the underlying cause is properly addressed.
In effect, it stimulates the production of more oil throughout the follicle and shaft, which will help to lubricate the skin. Just make sure it is not too warm, try to test the temperature with a finger before offering it.

Upon examination the vet will perform a physical exam paying close attention to the dog’s nose, eyes and mouth.
Your dog may be suffering from an allergic reaction which may lead to death due to anaphylactic shock.
An x-ray of the head may be helpful to rule out growths or tumors which are more common in elderly dogs.
A culture of any nasal discharge can help determine if the sinus problems are caused by virus or bacteria.

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