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Head lice remedy - Prepare a fine paste of some custard apple that has been ground before, in an adequate amount of water. Another good home remedy for head lice is to take six teaspoonfuls of clear water and two teaspoonfuls of vinegar.
Keep three to four leaves of the neem tree in about 100 milliliters of coconut oil in a glass bottle. Head lice infestation is a problem that occurs due to lack of hygiene on the part of the person. Keep the bottle covered so that the essences of the neem leaves get properly exuded in the coconut oil. Some people suffer from infestations of lice on their heads during some seasons of the year, while they may die out in other seasons. In the night, before going to sleep, immerse a wad of cotton in it, and apply this very nicely in the hair, working more at the roots. Apply this oil on the scalp on a regular basis and then comb your hair with a strong comb (whose teeth are close together). This will not only clear the lice and the nits from the head; it will also keep dandruff away.
The need extract will help to destroy the lice and the combing will remove the nits and dead lice from the hair. In the night before going to bed, apply this powder on the scalp, and tie your head with a cloth bandage.
The pungent chemicals in the garlic will kill the lice overnight, and the morning bath will remove their dead bodies from the hair. Remember that this comb must not be used by anyone else, or there is a chance they too will get infected. Do this for three continuous days, since the nits (lice eggs) will not go in the first treatment. This will completely remove the lice from the scalp, and even deter the formation of dandruff.

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