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She’d been *perfectly* fine when we left the house, but within thirty minutes, her eye was bright red and beginning to water and swell.
We ended up heading home right after the service, and opting out of all  of the festivities that year. But she woke up on Christmas morning looking like she’d been in a prize fight the night before. Kids are not real  great at not touching their eyes when they’re itching and painful. I called and begged the phone nurse at the pediatrician’s office to call something in for us on Christmas  day, and the kids recovered quickly once I had the prescription antimicrobial eye drops.
This coupled with my hand washing, the no-touchy-the-eyes pep talk, and a fresh pillowcase is the main home remedy for pink eye that I rely on. If I can catch the infection early enough we can usually knock it out within a day.
Please note that I’m not recommending not seeking medical treatment for eye infections. I *completely* agree…I would never use essential oils in the eyes under any circumstances. I had no idea what to do, besides trying to keep her from  touching her eyes, encouraging hand washing, and changing out her pillowcase. But after that experience, I really wanted some options to keep on hand so I could start treating at the very first signs if we ever had a run in again. You can brew a tea, and apply a washcloth soaked in warm tea, or even use warm teabags for relief.
It has never failed us!Even though the kids hate that first second, they know that they will soon (very soon!) find relief from all eye irritation. I’ve heard from many that they love the brand Sovereign Silver, but I just used the brand from our local shop. But if you want to use a specific photo, recipe, or other content, please check out the terms of use below. My goal was to search out natural options that we could try at home for simple things like coughs, headaches, etc. Many times we’ve had the start of an irritated or itchy eye during cold and flu season, and a drop or two of colloidal silver in each eye sets things right. Sovereign Silver (affiliate link) is a highly regarded brand with a very pure product, and their website actually gives dosage recommendations for their silver.
I treat just like I would with eye drops from the doctors office, muliple times a day and then another day past when the eye returns to normal. Although it didn’t help clear the eyes, they did discover that it took care of the icky goopy crusty eyes in the morning.
Sovereign Silver(affiliate link) is highly regarded brand and they actually give directions for use in eyes on their website for their product. It was about a decade ago, and we were on our way to the Christmas Eve service to meet my inlaws for what was supposed to be a weekend of family holiday fun. She recommended smoothing a very tiny amount over both eyes (with clean hands) just before you turn off the lights to go to sleep.
Coconut oil can make the vision blurry if applied during the day, but it really does a great job of keeping the goop out at night.

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