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Cats are susceptible to a variety of eye infections, which occur when bacteria, viruses or fungi enter the eye due to illness, wounds or foreign objects. A wet cloth used to wipe away any discharge from the cat's eye is an effective means of keeping the infected eye clean.
Administering certain herbal supplements fights infection and aids to relieve itching and redness in your cat's eyes. An eye wash is effective for cats with infections caused by a foreign object stuck in the eye.
Feeding your cat a well-balanced, high quality diet supports his immune system and helps fight off infections.
Natural medications without harsh chemical ingredients are available in some pet stores or natural foods stores. A cat eye infection home remedy can help you provide relief for your pet until you can get the cat to the vet, or if you already know what the problem is because of previous infections. A cat eye infection caused by the feline herpes virus can be treated with a nutritional supplement called l-lysine, and this supplement stops viral reproduction so your cat can fight off the infection much easier. A warm tea bag that has been moistened can make an excellent cat eye infection home remedy, and this will help soothe the eye and relieve any inflammation and redness. Related posts:Top 10 Bengal Cat BreedersLethargic Cat Not Eating - What Might Be The Cause? Max is currently being fostered but his eyes suffered from terrible eye infections due to his ingrown eyelids and exposure to the environment.

Please note that any additional amounts or untraceable amounts collected will go to Cat Welfare Society's sterilisation fund.
General symptoms of an eye infection include discharge, swelling or redness, fever and change in the cat's temperament. Gently press the warm, damp cloth onto your cat's eye and hold it there for up to five minutes. These supplements include aconite, sanicula, euphrasia, chamomile, calendula and eyebright. Simply rinse your cat's eye with saline solution, which is available in the eye care section of any drug store. One common eye infection in cats is feline conjunctivitis, and in this condition the conjunctiva will become inflamed and irritated.
The dose needed for this cat eye infection home remedy may seem large, but it is necessary to allow the immune system of your cat to catch up with the virus causing the infection. A saline solution that is sterile can be used to flush out the eye, and this can remove any excess discharge and help ensure that there are no foreign particles lodged in your pet’s eye. A caregiver noticed him and discovered that he was completely blind - Max was born without eyes. He was brought to the vet where it was recommended that an eye nucleation is performed, to remove all tissues in both eyes and sew up the eyelids. While veterinary treatment is always recommended for eye infections, there are measures you can take at home to treat your cat's problem.

This flushing of the eye is often enough to remove the object and speed your cat's recovery. Providing vitamin A or C supplements (ask your vet for recommendations) or feeding a diet with plenty of vegetables such as spinach, kale and carrots guarantees your cat's daily recommended intake is met. Check with your veterinarian for recommendations of natural medications and let your vet monitor your cat's progress when taking the medication.
A trip to the vet can be very expensive at times, and most people do not have cat health insurance to help cover these costs.
Cat watery eyes may be treated with tetracycline if the condition is chronic, and tear stains are showing up on the fur around the eyes. See the Resources section of this article for a link to a natural cat eye infection medication.
Unless you have been given the okay by a vet the only cat eye infection home remedy you should try is warm water, and you should never put any other type of treatment in your cat’s eyes. Trying home remedies before paying the cost of a trip to the vet could save you money without affecting the recovery of your cat.

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