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Lock jaw as the name suggests is a problem in which the jaw muscles of the mouth locks and the person is not able to open the mouth. The problem of lock jaw causes a lot of pain particularly in the jaws and the pain can even affect other parts as well therefore it is advisable to use a warm compress over the affected areas. Both garlic and mustard oil form a deadly combination of remedy for the problem of lock jaw. Calcium is a very good natural product for our bones and its consumptions helps in curing the problem of lock jaw. Consumption of herbal tea on a regular basis is also an effective cure for the problem of lock jaw. It is advisable to follow some aw exercises each day which will help in strengthening your jaw muscles. If you own an aloe plant, take a fleshy leaf and slice it in half so that you expose the gel contained within.
Witch Hazel For this remedy all that you need are cabbage leaves, witch hazel and lemon oil. Garlic is rich in anti inflammatory properties which help in reducing the pain caused by the problem.
Therefore it is advisable to add calcium rich foods like coconut, almonds, cabbage, milk products and bananas to your daily routine.
It helps in relaxing the locked jaw muscles and relieves the pain and inflammation caused by the problem. Add more and more fruits and vegetable to your daily meals and avoid eating any kind of junk food. It makes it difficult for you to eat and show your face in public if you aren’t one of those people who don’t give a second thought to how they look.

All that you need to do is boil a cup of water and let the leaves brew in them for a while.
All that you need to do is take some fenugreek seeds and grind them into a paste with a little bit of water.
Therefore it is advisable to increase your daily intake of water in order to prevent and cure the problem of lock jaw effectively.
Not only this, garlic is also rich in anti bacterial properties which fight off the infection that cause the problem. Add foods like avocados, flax seeds, corn, spinach, oat meals, yogurt, pumpkin etc to your daily routine to cure the symptoms of lock jaw.
These teas help in reducing the stiffness in the muscles and relax the symptoms of lock jaw. Following a balanced diet will help in strengthening the muscles and ultimately cure the problem.
While there are several lotions you can use they generally take a long time and do not serve as a permanent solution, for those who get jaw acne once generally see its ugly face again. All that you need ot do is mix fennel essential oil with oil of germanium, witch hazel, tea tree and essential oil of rosewood.
Factors like tetanus infection, soft tissue injury, arthritis and grinding of teeth all cause the problem. It helps keep your skin clean and opens your pores which prevents further acne and also reduces any of those already present. It becomes a thick mixture. Use this as a lotion to moisturize the affected area it helps remove the acne within a few weeks. Not only this, there are certain medications as well that contribute to the problem of lock jaw.Here is a list of home remedies that you can use in order to cure the problem of lock jaw.

It also helps you get rid of wrinkles, pimples and other things marking your skin and making it ugly. Nonetheless, here are a few home remedies that can let you take care of the pain by yourself.Home Remedies for Jaw PainIcing the affected area can be really helpful. Then with the help of cotton balls or swabs, apply this mixture gently over the affected area. It might not sound very promising, but the fact is that icing the area not only eases the pain but also reduces the chances of any kind of swelling.Another effective home remedy for jaw pain is massaging the jaw muscles. Read more about remedies for pericoronitis here.Cold and hot compresses are two of the most commonly used home remedies for jaw pain, though they both work differently. You can use either a hot water bottle or a towel dipped in warm water to compress the affected area. This method works by increasing the circulation of blood in your jaw which consequently helps in healing of the jaw. Cold compresses on the other hand, can provide instant but temporary relief from jaw pain.If you are one of those people who are into teeth grinding or clenching too much, getting rid of these habits is a remedy in itself. While knee pain is one of the most Toothache Pain Relief Tips : Instantly Get Rid Of Tooth Pain Suffering from toothache? Toothache is essentially one of the Home Remedies for Neck Pain Neck pain can be quite a problem especially if it goes unchecked.

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