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Natural home remedies for small black and brown spots are cheap to make and can be applied easily at home. Below, we discuss some of the best natural remedies and recipes for bleaching black dots, marks and patches from skin to leave it even toned.
Home remedies for dark spots on face are quite many, but just a few are considered the best when it comes to fading and bleaching to take off marks of discoloration from the skin. You can apply lemon juice to reduce melasma, age spots, rosacea, liver spots, sun spots and other types of skin blemishes.
You can also make a homemade dark spot corrector or homemade face mask using potato paste by combining honey with grated potatoes. Castor oil for dark spots and brown spots is an excellent homemade remedy for removing dark spots from face.
This is one of the best home remedies for marks on the back and face and can also be used to clear dry and itchy black spots on the skin since castor oil has moisturizing properties. Yet another good natural remedy for dark dots on legs, sandalwood is considered one of the best natural bleaching agents.
Other natural home remedies for dark spots include milk of magnesia for dark spots removal, papaya, aloe vera, vitamin E oil, onion juice, buttermilk, green tea extract, apple cider vinegar, pineapple juice, currants and strawberries. Under eye dark circles are dark brownish circles all around the eye, and hence they are also sometimes termed as “panda eyes”. Cucumber slices applied to eyes is one of the best tried and tested home remedies for under eye dark circles.
Cucumber slices work by relieving the tension from the muscles and also freshens up the skin by removing the dark circle and puffiness from under the eyes. The juice of potato has bleaching properties and hence, it works very well in removing under eye darkness.
Lie down and place the tea-bags over the dark area of the skin below your eyes and keep them for 30 minutes. Mixing baking soda in water and applying it on your neck is a great way to treat dark neck.
To remove tanning from your neck, apply potato juice and to make this remedy even better, add lemon juice in it.
Remember, washing, exfoliating and moisturising are the three important steps for white and fair neck. 1)    Mix 1 teaspoon of tomato juice, half teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of Turmeric powder & a pinch of farina flour in a bowl. 4)    Don’t waste Tea Bags after usage because these tea bags are the beneficial for removing dark circles. 8)    Interesting tip is, take a steel spoon, and keep it into refrigerator from 10 to 12 min when it frozen out then keeps it on your dark circles until it becomes warm.

10)    Crush mint leaves paste when applied on the dark circles then it also helps in reducing these. Posts related to Remove Your Dark Circles With Easy & Do-it-Yourself Home Remedies Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles Completely in Some DaysDark circles: Dark circle is great problem which decrease the fresh effect of healthy beauty. Subscribe Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.
You can apply natural cures such as lemon juice on dark spots, potato paste, castor oil, coconut oil, honey and other home remedies such as turmeric to get rid of black patches and marks on face. You only need to collect a few ingredients from your kitchen and make the best home cure to fade and brighten the black discoloration marks. These DIY home treatments can be applied for clearing acne spots and pigment discolorations from other parts of the body. Since age spots can be removed by bleaching the skin, kitchen remedies are those that have bleaching properties or can cure the skin of the ailments that cause black blemishes. Whether they are face masks for clearing black spots or other types of treatments, lemon juice is a major ingredient. Put the slices directly onto the skin with black patches and leave it on for a few minutes. Having anti-inflammatory, bleaching and acidic properties, castor oil can get rid of black age spots within a few weeks.
If you do not get castor oil, you can opt for coconut oil for dark spots as it has the power to remove black spots too. To use sandalwood remedy for dark spots on face, hands, neck, back and shoulders, follow these steps.
There can be many reasons behind the development of under eye dark circles, but they can be completely eliminated with proper care and treatments. This treatment can prove to be very effective for treating dark circles which occur as a result of excessive stress and tensions. Tear the cotton ball in half and spread the cotton to make it thin and big enough to cover the entire eye. Take two tea-bags and squeeze them to take the liquid tea out of the tea-bags, otherwise, the tea in the tea-bags will get into your eyes.
If yes then I only that now you don’t be afraid more because the easy solution is now here because on this page I am going to share some very easy & do-it-yourself tips with you.
Dip two small sizes of cotton bags into rose water & now keep thee on effect area under the eyes. Eat healthy food, fresh fruits & vegetables because it helps in reducing your weakness as a result you dark circles also. See below the best home cures and remedies for fading, lightening and bleaching dark age spots fast.

We have seen specific treatments for brown spots and dark spots such as laser treatments and dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. It contains vitamin C which lightens the black marks on your face, black spots on hands, chest, back and even legs. Acne black spots and pimples can also be reduced, removed or evened using lemon juice natural remedy. It is commonly used as an effective remedy for dark eye circles together with tea bags, cold spoons and cucumber slices. Go ahead and wash it off with lukewarm water, especially if you are trying to remove acne spots from face. But the effect of this remedy for treating dark circles due to genetic reasons is not quite known. Regular usage of rose water can also prevent the formation of dark circles due to tension and stress. Wash it after 10 minutes.  It is one of the best home remedies in order to remove dark circles. You can mix turmeric with honey and olive oil to make a remedy for massaging the black spots and clear them fast. You can now use it as a treatment or cure to fade and lighten black spots on black skin or any other skin tone. So now get rid from your dark circles as soon as it is possible by reading the tips & then by practicing on one of these!
If you have some allergic problem then you should try to treat it by consulting from a good doctor. Top 10 Homemade Beauty Tips for Removing Dark Circles Impact of Dark Circles on Your Beauty: Whenever the area under your eyes become darker (but sometime the lid of eye also become dark) then this phenomenon is called dark circle. Before using any product check its sensitivity, if it irritates your skin or causes rashes then don’t try to use it any more.
Benefits of Almond Oil To Decrease The Dark Circles Dark circles around the eyes: Dark circles are the black circles around your eyes which show you weary and exhausted due to your daily activities.
Dark circles eliminate the beauty of your face and shows you as idle and inactive person among the gathering of the fellows.

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