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Mucus is a thick and wet substance that helps moisten some areas of your body like your nose, throat, airway, at the same time trap and kill the bacteria and viruses when they get into your body. The common symptom of post nasal drip is an annoying feeling in your throat makes you want to clear.
Some treatments for post nasal drip are often medications like antihistamines, decongestants, mucus-thinning medication, and nasal irrigation. Another common spice is also one of the effective home remedies for post nasal drip and cough is garlic.
With this solution, you need to grate a big piece of fresh ginger and bring to a boil with a cup of water for about 3 minutes. This treatment is able to help you soothe your symptoms of post nasal drip and cough easily and effectively. Apple cider vinegar is also one of the good home remedies for your post nasal drip and cough.
Firstly, you need to mix about 1 to 2 tablespoons of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water. Another option is to dilute the raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the same amount of water.
Firstly, you need to mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda and stir until it is dissolved thoroughly.
Among home remedies for post nasal drip and cough, avoiding the foods and conditions irritate post nasal drip is also a good solution you should apply. The above are some home remedies for post nasal drip and cough that we want to share with you. The itchiness and bumps that follow a mosquito bite is due to an anticoagulant, which is injected by the mosquito to prevent the blood clot.
Though it is rare, sometimes the mosquito bites can cause a severe anaphylactic reaction or it might transmit diseases like West Nile, malaria or yellow fever. An ice pack is quite helpful in reducing the itch or swelling that is caused due to the bite.
The fluoride in the toothpaste has antihistamine properties, which will help in relieving the itch.
This may not be a favorite remedy to do every day, but if you are going on a hike or camping in mosquito infested regions then try using a paste made of water and garlic powder. Both tiger balm and muscle rub work as a powerful mosquito bite relief and helps in relieving the itching caused due to the bite. You can also combine vinegar with almond oil and use it on the bitten part, which helps in reducing itching. Use the powder or a tablet of Vitamin C to rub on the affected part for a surprising relief. It may be colds, flu, allergies, sinusitis, pregnancy, certain medications, object stuck in the nose, deviated septum, changing the weather, some triggers like certain foods, some irritants or fumes or smoke from chemical products. As you know, some symptoms of post nasal drip can be alleviated by gargling with salt water thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is considered as a natural antibiotic that help heal infection and expel the phlegm from the body easily.

Then you heat 1 teaspoon of ghee and continue to throw the chopped garlic in it and roast for about 1 minute. With its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is able to reduce phlegm and get it out.
It is able to clean your stomach and liver, soothe the symptoms of post nasal drip; at the same time make you feel lots of energy all day. So it is not strange when it becomes one of the good home remedies for post nasal drip and cough. It will help your mucus thin and keep your body as well as your nasal passages well-hydrated.
In fact, there are some foods and conditions can aggravate your post nasal drip that you should avoid. Many studies showed that vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that is vital for a strong immune system to fight against different types of infections.
However, you should notice that if you have a fever, your nasal drainage has a foul smell with wheezing or the time of symptoms is over 10 days, you need to call your doctor.  Finally, if you have any question or idea related to this topic, you can leave your comment.
A mild allergic reaction is caused due to this, which includes typical red, sore and round bumps. Peel the banana and massage the inside part of it directly on the area of a mosquito bite. Wash the area after 90 minutes and apply sanitizer to relieve the itch. In case, more than one mosquito was feasting on you then you can add baking soda to the warm bath.
The mint flavored toothpaste is quite useful as it contains menthol, which soothes the sensitive nerves and reduces the itching sensation.
Place a fresh onion slice on the area affected by the bite for a few minutes until the irritation subsides. Cedar oil, witch hazel, lavender, neem, rosemary and tea tree oils are quite effective in this regard.
Apply this paste behind knees, to the pulse points, ankles, on shoes and also dab it on the cheeks or any spot on your neck or face. Besides being a natural home cleanser, it will also relieve itch and redness caused due to the mosquito bite. Apple cider vinegar can also be used, but those with sensitive skin must avoid it, as it might irritate the skin.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. However, your post nasal drip can be worse and lead to severe coughing, sore and hoarse throat or even ear infection if it is not treated. As we know, black pepper is very high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are very necessary for a strong immune system. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties that help to eradicate most types of infections with its quickly-healing effects. This mixture should be swallowed with a little warm milk twice a day – in the morning and night before bedtime. You need to inhale this steam a few times a day for several days to make your condition better.

The cold and spicy foods can make your post nasal drip worse because it can affect the production of mucus and make your symptoms of the condition more serious. It is necessary for reducing the production of histamine, a substance related to allergic reactions. Fortunately, there are a number of quick and simple remedies to ease the pain and most of these are found right in the house.
Dilute a small quantity of any of these oils with water and use it directly to the affected region. The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing properties of this plant will help in quick recovery. The potent anti-microbial properties of raw honey will help in relieving the itching and also prevents infection. Some other symptoms can be included are swollen glands in the throat, vomiting, runny nose, bad breath, continuous swallowing, blood in mucus, breathing problems.
Besides, it also has antimicrobial properties that can contribute to treating a lot of types of infections as well as diseases. You can eat this mixture with lump sugar when it is hot twice a day to get the desired result. With your post nasal drip and cough, it can dislodge the accumulated mucous, at the same time prevent its excessive production. Notice that your warm water should be added some herbs like chamomile, mint, ginger or some drops of essential oils like rosemary or lavender oil.
Begin to tilt your head forward, back, to the left and side for about 8 to 10 seconds for each position. You can add more vitamin C by eating more vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruits, papayas, tomatoes, broccoli, dark leafy greens, berries, kiwis, and so on or by taking vitamin C supplements with the doctor’s advice. Also, the odor of garlic (neem as well) will repel the mosquitoes and you can escape from its bite. You can either use the Aloe Vera gel or just snap a small piece of the plant stem and massage it on the skin. Antihistamine creams will reduce the symptoms of the bite, as it hinders the histamine action in the tissues.
Another benefit is to help the accumulated mucous in your throat run down more easily, at the same time limit producing the excessive mucous.
These herbs or oils will be a good choice to help your post-nasal drip be better thanks to their health benefits. In addition, other factors like cold environments and allergens also have a bad influence on your post nasal drip. Do it again 6 times a day until your post nasal drip is gone and twice a day to avoid this problem. In case, your living environment is full of allergens that need removing, using an air purifier is necessary to limit the symptoms of the condition.

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