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Lemon is the most common remedy used for hair problems, like hair fall, dandruff, cradle cap, dry hair, etc. To prevent hair loss, you can add a few drops of lemon juice in honey and apply it on the head. Spinach is one of the best green leafy vegetables used for treating several health problems, including cancer. A blend of lettuce and spinach juice is very effective for treating the problem of hair loss. Banana is not only good for skin problems, but also for treating several hair problems, like hair fall, dandruff, split ends, dry hair, etc. You can also add a few drops of camphor oil, lavender oil and lemon juice in rosemary water or tea. You can also add four drops of cedar wood oil and six drops of rosemary oil in 4? teaspoons of jojoba oil. Shana seeds powder, when mixed with natural coconut oil or any other essential oil, becomes a strong blend for hair loss.
Apart from using various natural ingredients for treating hair loss or baldness, some exercise can also help in promoting hair growth. Mange is a kind of skin disease, found in animals and is caused by parasitic mites.  The effect of mange can be seen on animals, birds, reptiles, and even plants.
Mange in dogs is known as Sarcoptic mange or canine scabies, which are caused by oval, light-coloured microscopic parasites. Demodectic mange cannot be transmitted to human beings, but sarcoptic mange can cause red bumps on the skin of humans, similar to that of mosquito bite.
The home treatment of mange depends upon the breed of the dog and the type of mange; they have developed.
There are certain things that should be followed while treating your dog with the help of home remedies.
For treating demodectic mange, besides proper medication, it is also necessary to manage physiological stress. Besides appropriate medication, certain home remedies can also be applied on puppies and dogs to provide them relief from soreness and uneasiness of mange.
Mixture of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution in borax powder and water is an effective home remedy for mange cure.
Note- Borax can make your dog sick if he ingests it, so use an E-collar to prevent the dog from licking it. Apply two tablespoons of pure yogurt to the ears of the dog to deal with the problem of crusting and discharge due to mange. Direct application of a few drops of cooking oil is an effective measure to address the problem of itching and irritation on the skin of the dog.

A tablespoon of unpasteurized apple vinegar cider (ACV) in the pet’s meal is a powerful cure to treat dogs, suffering with the problem of mange mites. Use mild soap solution on the skin of your dog as the alkaline nature of the soap prevents the spread of mange mites and kills them, as well. The application of tea of any of these herbs will kill the parasites on the skin of the dog and heal the wound rapidly.
Make a mixture of 30-40 chopped cloves of garlic with six or more lemon skins and one whole chopped lemon. Homeopathic remedies also work in a natural manner for treating this troublesome condition in dogs and puppies. Defendex All-Natural Flea, Tick and Mange Shampoo : It’s a homeopathic shampoo prevents infestations of mange, fleas and ticks. The diet of the dog should be proper and must include a high dosage of vitamin C, vitamin A, lecithin, zinc, vitamin E and B complex. For the treatment of baldness, you need to make a thin paste by grinding red gram and pigeon pea.
You just have to mix one tablespoon of cinnamon powder, two tablespoons of honey, and two tablespoons of warm olive oil. When it is mixed with various other vegetable juices, it becomes more effective remedy to cure baldness.
Mash two bananas and add 2 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of buttermilk, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, and mashed avocado in it.
Prepare a fine paste by adding one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, one tablespoon of honey and olive oil. You have to take a soft datura fruit and crush it to make a paste by adding little quantity of water.
Phosphoric Acid : When hair turns gray very early along with the problem of thinning, this remedy is preferred. Fluoric Acid : This remedy is used when a person suffers with problems, like brittle hair, tangled hair, and hair fall in spots. Graphites : When the scalp becomes itchy, hair falls on the sides and bald patches appear on the scalp, graphites is used. Phosphorous : This remedy is suggested when hair falls while combing, scalp becomes dry and itchy.
Sepia : It is used when baldness occurs as a result of menopause, and hair pain when touched. The unbearable stench from your feet can be a deal breaker not just on a date but also at work. Mange is characterized by hair loss, severe itching, and the formation of scabs and abrasions on the skin.

All dogs are raised generally with demodectic mange mites, which they get while cuddling with their mother during the first few years of their life. The result of mange can be observed in dogs in the form of scaly bald patches, itching, etc. Firstly, it must be acknowledged whether the dog has developed demodectic mange or sarcoptic mange. Some infected dogs with demodectic mange require special treatments, like medicated shampoos, to prevent further skin infections.
Honey can be applied directly to the skin of the animal, but remember to wipe it off by night; otherwise, the skin of the dog will be bitten by ants. Brushing of the fur daily gives an excellent scrape to the dog, which helps in the removal of scabs and scaly skin.
All you are required to do is to pour some castor oil in your palm and gently massage on your head. It is rich in vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, which fight against the hair problems, including baldness.
It is the best remedy in the case when hair falls in the forehead or frontal region and hair turns gray at a very early age. Your colleagues may start avoiding you as it can be difficult to work when one is surrounded with foot odour. In case of sarcoptic mange, the dog should be kept isolated so that the disease does not spread to other pets and human beings. The puppies and younger dogs often get fully recovered with this disease, but, adult dogs require long-term therapy to control the disease.
The extreme form of alopecia or baldness is alopecia totalis, in which, man tends to lose overall head hair. Instead of investing a large amount of money in surgeries, try some simple home remedies, which are easy to apply. But fret not, you now have remedies right in your kitchen counter to bid adieu to the unpleasant smell. The veterinary doctor may prescribe some anti-parasitic medicines for the dog to ease its itching and inflammation, the results of which can be seen after a month’s treatment. The final scrape should be performed after a month’s treatment to ensure that the disease does not re-occur.

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