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A mix of cinnamon, cloves and allspice is considered to be a very good remedy for dealing with the problem of sore throat. With the help of the above given tips, you would be able to get rid of the problem of sore throat in a natural way.
Although expensive over-the-counter remedies often have little effect on the symptoms which accompany these conditions, many natural remedies can usually provide relief. To experience fewer colds, many people have found that adding both raw garlic and echinacea to their daily routine gives excellent results.
Add one to two teaspoons of powdered cloves, ginger, licorice, basil, or cinnamon to your meals.
Make a tea using a cup of hot water, a bit of clove powder, and one-half teaspoon of each of the following: fennel seeds, ginger powder, and cinnamon. Because honey is moisturizer for a dry throat, it is often used in home remedies to relieve coughing.

Blend one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of fresh onion juice; use as needed to soothe cough. Add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of poppy seeds to eight tablespoons of coconut milk. Flu prevention is an important thing to consider when you’re trying to stay healthy — especially during flu season. There are various remedies which can help to deal with the problem of sore throat in an effective manner.
This essential oil is highly strong in nature and is considered to be very effective in treating sore throat.
However, if you still do not get any relief, then it is recommended to seek doctor’s advice.
But you know, there `re many other things that you can do easily at hoome to get your sore throat cured.

Let us here discuss about some of the natural ways to deal with the problem of sore throat.
However, children below the age of two years should not use this oil as a remedy for sore throat.
If you are on an aspirin regimen, you should know that ginger may also thin the blood, so be more cautious with the amount of tea consumed.
You would attain great level of relief from the problem of sore throat with the help of this natural remedy.

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