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Some mild or moderate toothaches are caused by clenching, grinding, brushing too hard or using a product that is too abrasive.
Once you become aware of a sensitive tooth, a common reaction is to keep using that tooth to chew or clenching your teeth together to check if it still hurts. Teeth that are sensitive near the gum line may hurt because you are brushing them too hard or using an abrasive toothpaste. Toothaches can be caused by a cavity, tooth abscess, cracked tooth or severe gum infection.
As you search for a swollen gums remedy you may consider that your swellings around a tooth (or teeth) could simply be a reaction to some existing dental condition, or some damage you have suffered. When trying to identify swollen gums causes you might consider that your swollen gums around tooth might be the result of badly fitted dentures or a crown that is too large, or has been inserted incorrectly. As I will explain in a minute – there is a highly effective swollen gums home treatment available that can quickly stop gum disease and prevent any further oral infections. As a previous sufferer of gum disease, I fully understand what can happen if this is left untreated.
If you leave gum disease without taking some decisive action, things will only get worse as gum disease symptoms will usually build up over many years. You could also experience red, sore and painful gums – and most cases of receding gums are as a result of untreated gum disease.
It has also been unarguably proven by scientists worlwide that there is a clear link between gum disease and heart problems and strokes. I was well on the way to getting the worst gum disease symptoms a few years back when I was unable to pay for the expensive care my dentist offered. After spending a lot of time at the dentist trying to fix my swollen gums around tooth and attempting to stop the bleeding and soreness which had been a problem for far too long – my spare money I had saved for a rainy day ran out. However, I then came across a totally natural product called Dental Pro 7, which is working very effectively for an increasing number of people. It cleared up most of my gum disease symptoms in a few weeks, while the rest took a little longer. Some things – like bad breath disappear immediately as the product destroys bacteria on contact. As a surprising bonus, Dental Pro 7 gave me truly fresh breath for the first time in my life – even on waking first thing in the morning!
The bad bacteria creates the plaque that causes gum disease and in turn causes these gum problems.
Dental Pro 7 is made by a small specialist manufacturer that make natural products designed to target and destroy the bacteria in your mouth. This product is shipped worldwide with same day air-mail dispatch – so no matter where you are on the planet, it will arrive in the shortest possible time. Whatever action you take to resolve your swollen gums around tooth – I wish you the best of health.
Tags: cure gum swelling, gum swelling around tooth, gums have swollen around tooth, stop gum swelling, swelling around tooth, swelling of gums around tooth, swollen gum around teeth, swollen gum around tooth, swollen gums around one tooth, swollen gums around teeth, swollen gums around wisdom tooth, tooth with gum swelling, treat gum swelling. Some symptoms of wisdom teeth are pain in adjacent teeth, headache, unpleasant taste, tenderness, redness, swelling, jaw pain, and bad breath. Salt water is a common remedy at home for healing infections and some other popular diseases. GarlicA is a great ingredient to remove bacteria from your mouth and it has ant-inflammatory property that can reduce gums. This treatment is very effective to remove swelling and pain you should try several times every day.
Pepper powder includes anti-bacterial agent that can control swelling and pain from wisdom tooth. Baking soda has antiseptic agent and it can be used perfectly to get rid of pain and discomfort from wisdom teeth. Tea bags are simple and safe home remedies for wisdom tooth pain and you can use this method every day. Many people use sensodyne toothpaste to brush teeth every day, particularly when they have wisdom tooth. Another home remedy for wisdom tooth pain is lemon juice, which is very common ingredient in your home. Doing this method frequently, you will soothe gums, reduce pain, and reduce soreness effectually.
A If you want to get more useful and home remedies for many diseases, you might visit our main Home RemediesA page. After reading the article about top 12 natual home remedies for wisdom tooth pain, I hope that you have got some useful remedies for healing your problem. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. Whether your wisdom tooth makes you wise or not is a separate matter for debate but your wisdom tooth gives you intense pain for sure!
When there were no commercially available anesthetics like Benzocaine, dentists used clove oil or clove gel for numbing the pain from wisdom tooth growth. Take few drops of clove essential oil and with the help of a cotton ball, hold it gently but firmly against you aching wisdom tooth. If onion can relieve inflammation and joint pains due to arthritis, it can also be helpful in relieving swelling and pain due to toothache. Just as you get the feel of toothache, take a slice of raw onion and chew it, spreading its juice to where it aches.
If your pain is so much that you can’t chew the slice of onion, hold it gently but firmly against your aching mouth area.

With its nutrient rich composition due to various minerals and vitamins, asafetida has long been used by Ayurveda to cure a variety of diseases and medical conditions including toothaches. Garlic has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can go a long way in relieving pain.
Vanilla extract that you use for cooking and baking can come to your help when you need that much wanted relief from pain due to wisdom tooth.
The strong aromatic herb peppermint is one of the oldest remedies for toothache, just like clove. Oregano herb is rich in a number of minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, and manganese and vitamins C, A and niacin. Take a little amount, about ? to ? tsp of the diluted oregano oil (1 drop of oregano oil in 1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil) and hold it in your mouth. The nerve soothing lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that may get you rid of tooth pain. The ancient Greek soldiers had myrrh as an essential part of their combat gear just due to the excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of myrrh gum resins. If you have only mild pain in your wisdom tooth, you may well think of using ginger as its remedy.
If your tooth hurts while biting the ginger piece, you can even make a ginger tea to be used as mouthwash.
Some of the above home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief will work for all but some others may or may not be effective depending upon the response of your body to these home remedies. Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition.
Cabbage Cabbage can be used to cure the problem of wisdom tooth pain and its associated problems. When healthy, this part of your gum should be pink and firm against your teeth.If the papilla is unhealthy it looks red, swollen and loose. If you breathe through your mouth, your gums will be swollen in the front of your mouth. If you have orthodontic brackets aka dental braces, extra care is needed to prevent swollen gums.Orthodontic brackets are really hard to keep clean.
Pregnancy gingivitis and teenage gingivitis are both a result of hormones but can be prevented with really good brushing and flossing. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Failure to do that will mean your gum swelling will continue – and could possibly het worse. Or your gums ache and you have periodic pain, abcesses or canker sores, you need to destroy the harmful bacteria in your mouth that is causing these issues.
If you want to get rid of pain and discomfort from your teeth, you might try using ice pack at home now. This is one of the best home remedies for wisdom tooth pain, especially while you are getting pregnant. Some frozen foods such as carrots, apples, bananas, vegetables, and fruits will be effective to decrease pain caused by wisdom tooth. This is also a normal and easy ingredient you can find in your kitchen and in every local market.
You totally can use baking soda to remove plaque and slime around gums, which cause sensitivity and pain effectively.
The reason is that tea bags contain tannic acid that can fight inflammation when you have pain and gum. This ingredient can fight bacteria and keep your mouth as well as gums clean and feel fresh from infections. This method is very effective for gums and sensitive teeth and using this treatment will reduce sensitivity and pain very well. This article is for informational purpose only, so you should go to see the doctor immediately if you cannot get better effect from those home remedies.
Clove (Eugenia aromaticum), has anesthetic, antiseptic, analgesic and antibacterial properties, perfect for giving relief from horrible toothaches.
Just apply a pinch of clove powder where it pains in your mouth and wait for it to get dissolved. Onions have phytochemicals such as disulfides, trisulfides, cepaene, and vinyl dithiins, that have anticancer and antimicrobial properties and thus can kill the germs causing infection in your mouth and give you relief from pain. Asafetida is a resinous gum having pungent smell and is commonly used as a flavoring agent in cooking all over Indian subcontinent and Central Asian region. Cabbage has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and its juice is a rich source of lactic acid.
If you feel any kind of irritation or discomfort similar to allergic reaction, rinse your mouth with water and see your doctor. Oregano oil has the components carvacrol and thymol that give this oil its strong antiseptic properties.
While holding this, take a sip of water and swish around your mouth for about 2 minutes and then spit out. The fine natural antibiotic and disinfecting agent, myrrh, can come to your rescue when you suffer from wisdom toothache.
The anti-bacterial properties of ginger root can get you rid of minor toothache as well as minor infection and swelling related to wisdom tooth. Sage herb has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties and can not only cure toothache but also gingivitis, mouth sores and bleeding gums. You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring.

It has lots of properties such as anti-inflammatory to reduce the inflammation caused due to the tooth.
It contains anti inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation caused by the wisdom tooth. Olive oil can be applied on the exact location or can also be consumed to drag the benefits. In addition to swollen gums your teeth will decalcify (get white or yellow spots) around your brackets or worse yet cavities, if you don't keep them clean. Many more medications cause dry mouth, if you take prescription medications, monitoring for side effects is important. Your wisdom tooth or teeth may grow when you are anywhere between 16 and 25, and sometimes even later in life, in your 30s too.
If you feel, clove oil is too strong for your mouth, dilute it in ? tsp of olive oil and then apply it to your aching tooth. Stop using clove or clove oil and use some other home remedy for wisdom tooth ache or see your doctor.
This resin, among other natural chemicals, contains asaresinotennol, free or combined with ferulic acid and umbelliferone.
Juice made from this wheatgrass is a rich source of chlorophyll, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It inhibits inflammatory responses in body which may be helpful in treating inflammatory diseases. It is rich in antioxidants and because it also has little concentration of alcohol, it is capable of numbing the gums around your painful tooth giving you relief. This oil is a powerful natural painkiller and can be of utmost help in relieving pain due to wisdom tooth. Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes.
This condition can usually be cured after a visit to your hygienist combined with your consistent effort at home. The reason of wisdom teeth is impaction and you should treat this problem on time to get rid of pain. If you go by popular belief, this is the age when you gain worldly wisdom and hence the name wisdom tooth. Also, while clove oil is considered safe when used in small quantities, it may cause liver and respiratory problems if you ingest this oil in large quantities. Shallots, yellow and red onions are more effective than the white and sweet onions when it comes to pain relief and other disease fighting qualities.
Ferulic acid has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic properties while umbelliferone is antiseptic. The high content of Quercetin in guava leaves lend them the excellent pain killing properties.
Antioxidants present in garlic also helps reduce swelling and in turn giving relief from pain.
It can, thus, be used to relieve pain and swelling associated with tooth ache, even when it is due to growth of your wisdom tooth. You need to use very small amount of diluted oregano oil for toothache as it is very strong. It will provide relief from pain and will also help to reduce the inflammation in short period of time. If you are lucky enough to have a big mouth, you may not get pain while your wisdom tooth grows in there.
Why not then use comparatively cheaper and easily available cloves or clove oil for wisdom tooth pain relief! All these constituents of asafetida makes it a good remedy for toothaches, including wisdom tooth pain. These leaves have many properties that include astringent, antibacterial, pain blocking, and disinfecting qualities.
Vanilla essence is made by combining chemicals whereas vanilla extract is derived from the original vanilla plants. This article is for informational purpose only so you might go to see the doctor if you feel too painful.
If you use vanilla essence instead of extract, you may not get the same effect on your painful wisdom tooth. But, the wisdom tooth, in its desperate attempt to appear may start pushing your other teeth or stuck against them. It then grows at an uncomfortable angle under your gum, which is then called impacted wisdom tooth. With all its benefits, wheatgrass juice is one of the best remedies for tooth pain including that which is due to wisdom tooth.
Bacteria may also grow around this impacted wisdom tooth and increase your pain and problems.
What’s more irritating is that wisdom tooth pain, most of the time, occurs at night when you are fast asleep and suddenly you wake up due to throbbing unbearable pain in mouth. No dentist will be available at these wee hours and what comes to your help are the home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief!

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