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All About Health related problems and healthy lifestyle, different types of diseases, its causes, signs, symptoms and treatments. TweetThroat infection is the tenderness in the throat that is very common and affects people of any age group.
Take a cup of milk and add five garlic cloves into it and boil it for 10 minutes and then cool it to drinkable condition and drink it.
Take one table spoon of honey and add half tea spoon of ginger juice and mix it and take regularly. Take a glass of water and boil it with one teaspoon of Cinnamon and a pinch of pepper powder. It may appear tough but nosebleeds can easily be controlled by home remedies and no other treatment may be required in most cases unless it is due to some serious underlying causes.
High blood pressure, upper respiratory infections, hormonal changes during pregnancy can also cause nosebleeds. Sever underlying conditions such as blood clotting disorders and cance can also be responsible for your nosebleeds. The pressure applied during pinching the nose sends the pressure back to the origin and bleeding stops. With one of your fingers and thumb pinch the soft part of the nose below the hard bony structure.
The nosebleed will stop as the tiny capillaries that were bleeding are constricted and bleeding stops.
If you already got nosebleed then dip a cotton ball into a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and leave the soaked cotton balls in the nostrils. If none of these remedies stop nosebleeds then you may have other underlying condition then normal dry air caused nosebleed. In addition to increasing your immunity, you also need to be ready to deal with the seasonal allergies in many different ways.
Chronic Itchy bum can be a socially embarrassing condition but you can really do a lot to get rid of it fast.
If you have been feeling tired for some time months with no apparent reason and doctors have not been able to diagonalize any specific medical condition plus you may have felt short term memory loss, muscle pains, joint pains, headaches, increasing thirst, bowel dysfunction and persistent infection etc, then you are are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Some people have the flare-up of the rash due to coming in contact with animal dander, detergents, soaps, perfumes and other chemicals. Olive oil is full of antioxidants which remove all the impurities and toxins from the blood, stimulate circulation and soothe the skin immensely. Apple cider vinegar has innumerable medicinal values which cure a vast number of diseases and ailments. Ear infections are one of the most common childhood illnesses but they can also affect adults. The best way to prevent ear infections is to prevent colds and flu.Colds and flu are spread primarily when an infected person coughs or sneezes near someone else.
Daily diets should include foods such as fresh, dark-colored fruits and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants and other important food chemicals that help boost the immune system.
Blower: Use blow dryer from about 12 to 15 inches from your head, this will remove any water trapped in the Eustachian tube.
Mango: Slightly warm one teaspoon of juice of the mango leaf and put it into the infected ear drop by drop.
Hydrogen Peroxide: You could also use some hydrogen peroxide for the ears, however care should be taken not to use it for children. Disclaimer: The information in this website is intended for general education and awareness only. Herzlich Willkommenim historischen Rathaus in Maintal Hochstadt mit seiner Ebbelwei-Sch?nke.
For instance, blurred vision can be a sign of diabetes, yellow eyes can be a cue to hepatitis or a marked difference in the pupil’s size can point towards a tumor developing in somewhere.
When conjunctiva, the membrane that covers the eyeball, gets inflamed along with the inside of the eyelids, it causes the pink eye. Pink eye treatment can involve over-the-counter drops and ointments or natural home remedies. Some homeopathic home remedies designed to treat conjunctivitis include Pulsatilla[1], Belladonna[2] and eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis).
Boric acid eyewash may help relieve the discomfort associated with pink eye, as it cleans and soothes the infected eye. Calendula, an antiseptic perfect for irritation due to pollutants and allergies, is effective against itching and inflammation. Distilled water in which jasmine flowers had been soaked overnight used as eye drops will work like a charm for pink eye, especially for the eye having yellow discharge. Putting drops of honey mixed in warm water in the affected eye is an effective pink eye remedy. Cloth soaked in water, in which chamomile has been boiled, when placed over the affected eye will help clear the infection. Adding a few drops of eyebright tincture to boiled and cooled water and applying it to the infected eye through cotton balls is an effective way to cure pink eye. The department of health has discovered people are treating pink eye with human urine and has warned this can have serious repercussions and may even lead to blindness. Superintendent-General of Health Ronald Green-Thompson said the use of urine to treat the infection was picked up by senior opthalmologists around the province who found incidences of keratitis, a disease of the eye, in many of the patients.
Department spokesperson Lindiwe Khuzwayo said treatment for pink eye was available at clinics and hospitals and people did not need to resort to home remedies. Proven methods are researched and usually involve herbs and won’t do harm to your eyes.
Warm salt water will help but will burn like hell, and you must first boil the water add salt, then let it cool.

For your kids, please go see a doctor, if you feel comfortable putting pee in your eye you must be pretty stupid.
Like i Said lemon squeezed on a warm damp towel works, but is very painful and should not be done on young sensitive eyes. Its a Saturday and the day after Christmas so of course no DrS offices are open where I live and my son woke up with the Christmas gift that I hope does not keep giving Pink Eye. Viral and bacterial infections are very different, the viral ones are much more hard to cure as no medicines available. PS…to you idiots out there who seem to think you know it all with your smart ass comments.
The reason why people are turning to home remedies is because they are fed up with doctors and they’re drugs, which only treat the symptoms and most times do not cure. Good Lord this is some of the craziest stuff I have seen…Just for the record putting urine in your eyes WILL not cure pink eye.
Bacterial Throat infections are more unproblematic to heal than the viral throat Infections. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory factors and it releases the infection of throat and provides soothing feel. Repeated sneezing, allergic reactions, hard scratching, frequent nose blowing and nose injury can also cause nosebleeds. The fumes coming out of onions that makes you eyes weep are the same fumes which will stop your nosebleed.
In fact if you drink one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily twice then you will not get nosebleeds during the dry winter months.
There is so much emphasis on cholesterol levels that discussions on triglyceride levels almost takes a back seat. Upper respiratory tract disorders and infections, stress and tensions can also trigger the condition.
The red rash causes extreme itching and burning and turns into weeping blisters which ooze fluids. It has a vast reserve of medicinal values which are very effective in curing innumerable diseases and ailments. Olive oil is also full of valuable nutrients that repair the damaged skin cells and heal it quickly.Massage olive oil on the face, neck, hands and legs thoroughly. Its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties make the swelling and itching subside rapidly.Take a cotton ball and dip it into apple cider vinegar. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. An ear infection usually occurs in the middle part of the ear, behind the eardrum and is known as a middle ear infection (otitis media).
Several studies have found that children who live with smokers have a significant risk for ear infections. If they’re not looked after, they can saddle you with a host of problems, like irritation, dryness, eye infections, cataract and even blindness.
Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, is one such annoying and highly contagious infection. This condition proves troublesome because it’s accompanied by the telltale pink eye symptoms of redness, eye pain, dryness, burning, blurred vision and a sticky discharge. It can be a result of viral infections, like cold, acute respiratory infection, or disease such as measles, herpes simplex or herpes zoster. However, in all cases applying warm compresses to the affected eye several times a day generally help reduce the discomfort.
Homeopathic eye drops and eye washes can be made from eyebright or chamomile ( Matricaria recutita).
I read through some of those responses which most of them I would never think to use (vodka, tequilla). I think most of us have enough common sense not to put certain items in our babies and childrens eyes.
Granted sometimes antiobiotics are required but not as often as prescribed, even the doctors tell you this. In simple terms, a hoarse voice or hoarseness means an abnormal change in your voice due to which you cannot make smooth vocal sounds. Slowly eat the mixture off the spoon.Alternatively, you can add ? teaspoon of cayenne pepper and the juice of ? lemon to a glass of warm water. Oletu eloho sandra February 26, 2016 at 7:53 pm ReplyI will try it ryt away Kendall March 14, 2016 at 2:19 am ReplyMy hoarse voice actually came back once I stopped taking apple cider vinegar (it was an everyday ritual for me), and I never really believed it when my mum said it would help me for my singing, but now I know so it works and really does help! It is the infection of the upper respirational region. People with throat infection can have breathing problems, difficulty in swallowing and inflammation in the throat.
Nosebleeds occur when the hundreds of tiny blood vessels in the inner nose get agitated pushing out the blood from the nostrils.
It is important that you do it for 10 minutes at a time without changing the head position. If you want to single out, just one element that has the biggest impact on hardening of the arteries, then it is triglycerides. It is mostly hereditary but allergies, a very dry skin, bacterial and fungus infections can also cause it. Though this condition is not a threat to health, it is extremely uncomfortable and unsightly to be scratching like crazy all the time.
It has wonderful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.These properties soothe the irritated skin, reduce the burning and itching and keep the skin well moisturized. Otitis media develops when the middle ear becomes inflamed or infected as a result of a cold, allergy or upper respiratory infection When the ear is infected, it can be extremely painful and cause much discomfort and irritability. Wir pflegen die Kultur der Ebbelwei-Kneipen wie in Frankfurt und setzen die G?ste auch gerne mal zusammen.

Not only this, certain eye conditions can indicate if something’s gone wrong in some other part of the body too.
You can also simply make a little stronger tea and then use an eye cup to hold the lukewarm tea in each eye. It worked like a charm, I even had friends ask me for breastmilk to put in their children’s eyes. I have always had luck with warm salt water (not too strong) used to wash out eye(s) several times a day.
Your voice may change in pitch and volume, leaving you with a deep, harsh voice or a weak, whispery voice.
You must fully rest your vocal cords and larynx for a couple of days for quick recovery.You can also try some quick fixes and home remedies to recuperate in a short time.
A streptococcal infection consists of fever, low blood pressure, sore throat, puffy lymph nodes, itchiness, and tissue destruction. However, simple home remedies will not only bring relief in the symptoms but will also help to cure it, over a period of time. Its antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties destroy all traces of infection, reduce the burning and itching and keep the skin well moisturized all the time. A health consultant should be consulted before indulging in any self diagnosis or treatment.
So entsteht, fast wie von selbst, ein Gespr?ch mit den Tischnachbarn und nicht selten ein ganz au?ergew?hnlicher Abend. Even environmental hazards, like wind, smoke, dust and allergic reactions to pollen, dust or grass can cause this infection. Breastmilk also works to help unclog tearducts in infants, another remedy that my pediatrician told me about and worked on my child. Ok, now I will let you in on something that helps with eye problems – baking SODA (not powder), there is a difference. This change is due to some problem in the sound-producing parts (vocal folds) of the voice box (larynx).People of all ages develop this common problem from time to time. However, recurring and persistent infections can cause serious complications to the ear such as short-term and long-term hearing loss as well as a ruptured eardrum. Unser Au?enbereich (unter den Arkaden) gibt uns die M?glichkeit, auch unseren rauchenden G?sten gerecht zu werden.
Less common causes include exposure to sun lamps or electrical arcs used during welding and blocked or inadequate drainage of the tear ducts. Lather it up and a warm towel and rub the eyes really good as if you are trying to clear it from the matter. It worked on my children when they were babies and now I am having to do it for myself because I have it. If you do not have or cannot afford a doctor’s visit go to the health department in your area, find a free clinic, or go to the ER if you must, but use common sense when dealing with your health, especially the health of your child.
In addition to overuse of vocal cords, some common causes of a hoarse voice are laryngitis (upper respiratory tract viral infection),  gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), allergies, drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, smoking, inhaling respiratory tract irritants, living in an extremely dry place and persistent coughing.Other less common causes are polyps (abnormal growths) on the vocal cords, throat cancer, internal damage to the throat, thyroid problems and nerve conditions that weaken the voice box muscles. The viral throat infection are Adenovirus (group of viruses that can contaminate the membranes of the respiratory area, intestines, eyes, and urinary region.), RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), Rhinovirus (causes the common cold), Influenza (known as flu), coronavirus, and occasionally also initiated by the EBV (Epstein-Barr virus) or HHV-4 (human herpesvirus 4), cytomegalovirus (DNA virus and is a part of the Herpesviridae family) and HIV.
For the people that are reading these crazy home remedies, please just go buy some eye drops or go see a doctor.
It is very soothing to the mucous membranes surrounding the voice box and alleviates inflammation. Who the hell in there right mind would either piss straight into their eyes or (the more “proper” way) piss in a cup and drop it in their eyes?
Home remedies are wonderful and can be exactly what you need but if your eye(s) are not improving, go to the doctor.
It also helps prevent infections in the upper respiratory tract.Eat thin slices of raw, fresh ginger at regular intervals. Simply mix one cup of filtered, bottled, or boiled (in other words – clean) water and stir in one teaspoon of baking soda until dissolved. To enhance the taste, you can sprinkle a little salt and lemon juice on it.Another option is to simmer 1 tablespoon of finely chopped ginger in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Wet a tissue or cotton ball and put it over your eye while closed allowing the solution to seep in. I found this here link while surfing the interbutts trying to find links to what Pink Eye looks like and wtf. Another thing that is works on infections is salt – the same ratio as baking soda to water.
Apple Cider VinegarTo ease pain and other discomforts of a hoarse voice, use apple cider vinegar.
Also, its antimicrobial properties help fight infection to treat laryngitis, one of the most common causes of a hoarse voice.Mix 1 teaspoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water.
You people need to get to a doctor if something happens that’s not supposed to happen. Doctors nowadays aren’t interested in finding cures, unlike those of yesteryear, because that would put a halt to their money machine. Salt Water GargleGargling with warm salt water, a few times a day, is an effective treatment to restore your voice to normal. While the salt helps remove mucus from the respiratory tract, the hot water reduces irritation in the throat. It helps soothe an irritated throat, reduces pain and swelling, and even helps fight a throat infection.

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