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Pregnant women usually become victims of UTI because many changes take place in their body system which promotes the bacteria causing UTI to thrive and multiply.
Pregnant women are at an increased risk for urinary tract infection from the 6th week to the 24th week. UTI causing bacteria can find its ways into the urinary tract of a pregnant womanthrough sexual intercourse, partial obstruction of a urinary route, or the catheters positioned into the bladder. During pregnancy your body undergoes a number of changes which can be quite alarming for a pregnant woman.
Leukorrhea or the secretions from the vagina and cervix is made up of normal bacterial flora of the vagina along with the discharge of the old cells that make up the walls of the vagina. Women in the later stages of pregnancy notice a further increase in secretions which may have an egg white consistency.
To deal with the excessive watery discharge in pregnancy women are advised to wear sanitary pads and panty liners. If the discharge is excessive, then it is important to consult a doctor to rule out the chances of leaking amniotic fluid which can pose risks for the baby.
Chlamydia needs to be identified quickly and treated as it can lead to infertility if left undiagnosed.Since the bacteria lodges itself in the vagina through sexual contact, all sexually active people, especially those with multiple sexual partners need to keep a watch on the symptoms and get themselves tested for Chlamydia. In most cases, Chlamydia does not have any symptoms and can go on for years until you find out that you have an infection. If you think you have Chlamydia, there are specialised tests that can be undertaken in order to confirm the condition and take adequate treatment.
1 For those people who have many sexual partners there are more chances of contracting Chlamydia through sexual contact. 2 Check for unnatural symptoms such as the ones mentioned above.If you find that at least one of those symptoms exist, make sure that you conduct tests for diagnosis and treatment.
A laboratory test involving collecting a swab of tissues from the cervical area is recommended in women.
A simple urine test too can be done which will help in diagnosis in most cases of Chlamydia infection. Some of the common symptoms of urinary tract infection during pregnancy include frequent urge to urinate and burning sensation while urinating. Because they are often symptomless, they can be dangerous since they can lead to kidney infection quickly if not diagnosed and treated. Wear cotton underwear; avoid pantyhose, or wear only the hose with a cotton gusset (you can also cut out the center gusset if it\'s not cotton).
The increased amount of watery vaginal discharge during pregnancy is one of the frequent concerns among pregnant women.

However it is during pregnancy that this form of vaginal discharge becomes even more pronounced.
During pregnancy with the increase in the estrogen hormone in the body and the increase in the blood flow to the vagina, this discharge increases considerably.During early pregnancy, women notice the watery discharge which might be tinged with brown or pink.
This mucus like white discharge during pregnancy is due to the dilation of the cervix which in turn leads to the expulsion of the protective mucus plug that built up in the early stages of pregnancy to protect the uterus. Tampons or tight undergarments that can cause irritation in the private parts should be avoided. Moreover if the discharge results in itching and burning sensation, then it could be due to a fungal infection which needs to be treated.Yellowish and greenish watery discharge is usually the result of a sexually transmitted disease or a vaginal infection during pregnancy. In fact, it is one of the most common STDs which manifest itself without any symptoms in most of the cases.
However, some men and women experience pain and burning sensation during urination, increased vaginal and penile discharge that could be foul smelling, vaginal pain during intercourse, pain and swelling in the testes, inflammation inside the vagina, bleeding during sex etc.
Chlamydia infections can be completely cured with proper medication and hence you need not worry about having to live with the infection. Urine culture will help in identifying the antibiotics that will help in treating Chlamydia as well. In such situation if you get ill or are infected with any disease it can directly affect your baby.
It also includes difficulty while urinating, cloudy appearance or foul odor of urine and cramps in the lower abdomen or lower back. This type of discharge during pregnancy is normal and there is no need for excessive concern.
This is usually a sign of implantation bleeding which is caused by the egg burrowing itself in the uterine wall leading to destruction of superficial blood vessels and slight bleeding.It is important to note that excessive brownish or pinkish vaginal discharge along with severe abdominal pain could be caused by ectopic pregnancy or a possible miscarriage.
It is important that pregnant women stay away from soaps and feminine hygiene sprays which can lead to genital infection. Pink or reddish discharge could be a cause for concern and a doctor should be consulted to check for a possible case of premature delivery or miscarriage. However, these symptoms are generalised symptoms that could be associated with other infections as well. It is very important to undertake tests for Chlamydia, even in the absence of symptoms so that you can avoid complications.
But if you experience any kind of burning sensation and pain in the lower part of the abdomen, especially after sexual contact, you could have Chlamydia.
Checking the vaginal and penile secretions for the bacteria associated with Chlamydia is used for confirming the infection.

Newer tests that can be undertaken for Chlamydia diagnosis is the direct fluorescent antibody test and enzyme immunoassays test in which the antibodies and antigens associated with the infection are identified. So you need to take extra care about your diet, physical, mental and emotional health during pregnancy. And as far as pregnancy is concerned it is an ideal condition for the UTI to develop during this phase due to the frequent changes in the urinary tract of the pregnant women.
This is a potentially serious problem, and will have to be treated with intravenous antibiotics. Keeping the genital area clean and wearing cotton undergarments helps a pregnant woman avoid the risk of contacting genital infections. In men, the pain might be absent, but severe burning sensation during urination could indicate Chlamydia in men. HOMEOPATHY: Take one dose of a 6C or 30C potency that matches your symptom picture every 15 to 30 minutes three times, then one to four times daily, following the instructions on the bottle or tube. But you can prevent such infections by maintaining good nutrition and good personal hygiene, as well as taking your vitamins and lots of fluids.
If you find no relief from your symptoms, this is not the appropri­ate remedy for your condition. Most complementary treatments may get rid of your symptoms but not the underlying infection. If you still find no re­lief, consult with a homeopathic practitioner for further direction. You should follow directions for taking your medication exactly and always finish the prescription, even if your symptoms have vanished. Pulsatilla: increased urge, worse lying down, burning in urethra during and after urination, spasmodic pain in bladder after uri­nating.
AROMATHERAPY: Use chamomile in your bath to alleviate the discomfort of a urinary tract infection. Sandalwood, a powerful antiseptic, is useful as a bath supplement, as is bergamot, which can take away the sting­ing and burning sensations.

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