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Urine Off Dog Formula is the #1 Veterinarian recommended product for dog urine odor and stain removal. A glass of cranberry juice each day has been found in studies to reduce bladder infections by making the urinary tract difficult for bacteria to stick to. Urine Off Stain and Odor Remover for Cat and KittenThe smell of cat urine is very hard to get rid of. REMEDIES FOR PET STAINS & ODORS : This is how I got rid of that nasty cat pee smell on our floor: I bought OUT! Now with Urine Off Dog Formula you can permanently eliminate your dog's urine odor and stains from virtually any surface.When it comes to removing dog urine odor and stains from carpet and rugs, Urine Off is head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Because the urethra - pee exit - is close to the anus in females, bladder infections are more common in females. It is the only dog urine odor and stain remover that carries the 'Seal of Approval' from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), the U.S.
One of the best ways to stop it will be getting rid of the urine smell that drives them back to the same spot. Well, if by work you mean is it trusted by professionals in the pet industry, than yes, it works.
The enzymes in Urine Off get rid of the salt crystals that stay in the carpet, even after cleaning. Professional dog trainers use Urine Off Dog Formula to remove the residual set-in urine odors that can contribute to undesirable territory-marking behavior.

The Urine Off Dog Formula 1 liter Bullet Bottle with Carpet Injector Cap allows you to inject Urine Off deep into the carpet, pad, and sub-flooring much more effectively than with the traditional trigger sprayer.
Black Light to detect urine So, through trial and error, I got pretty good at dog urine removal .

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