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Indigestion is accompanied with symptoms like abdominal pains, cramps, poor bowel movements, heartburn and most off all lack of appetite. The best way to administer aromatherapy in the cure for indigestion is to use it in a blend in teas and soups. Take lemongrass for example, it helps the digestive system to heal and gets rid of stomach pains and cramps. If your indigestion is causing a stomach ache then you must use rose mary oils in a bath soak or in a diffuse. Chamomile oil must be massage onto your abdomen for you to get instant relief from any acidity and loss of appetite. Blend orange bergamot, lavender and any other citrus based oil and apply this to your temples, wrists and neck. The best natural way to alleviate gas is by exercising daily and by following a proper diet.

Simply brew your morning tea with lemongrass and honey and you will get instant relief from your woes. For colic simply pour a few drops of peppermint oils on the reverse side of the child’s pillow. If you do not have Orange oil with you, simply squeeze the rind of the Orange and sniff it, you be able to lift stomach cramps instantly. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is an inspiring medicinal herb, which contains compounds that fight irritation, throbbing and swelling.
You stand to get the same effect if you blend the lemongrass into a soup; however, avoid adding it to a tomato soup preparation as it is citric. While the child sleeps he will get relief from any gas or heartburn that he may be suffering from.

These herbs relax the intestinal muscles which slow down the digestion, thereby lessening the gas pain. Tea using fresh dandelion leaves might taste bitter but is a very good home remedy for gas. One has to add some tea and a teaspoon of ginger paste in a cup of boiling water and strain the mixture after sometime. One has to put some tea and a teaspoon of dried and gently crushed cumin seeds in a cup of boiling water and let it boil for around 10 minutes. Simply massage the oil onto your abdomen in a circular motion and you will feel lighter immediately.

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