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Honey is one of the most effective cures for eye infections and is known to work where even the medicated eye drops fail. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same.
Eczema is a term applied in the broad sense to any kind of redness, rashes and other chronic skin conditions.
Treatments administered regularly only act on the symptoms of the disease and there is no permanent cure available.
Allergies are a major cause of eczema and an allergy test will be very helpful in determining the cause and administering cure. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids and zinc and copper Supplements reduce the inflammation by their anti inflammatory action and promote skin healing. An effective treatment for eczema is the Indian Lilac (Neem) due to its soothing properties. Acid in the lemon is very useful in treating eczema as it cleans the dirt accumulated in the pores and hardens the sebum. Oat meals have a tremendous soothing power and soaking in a bath of oatmeal can be very helpful. Stress reduction techniques like Mediation, Deep breathing (Pranayaam), morning walk, and exercise help reduce stress and control the eczema. Arsenicum, Psorinum, Carbonica, Sulfur, Petroleum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Calcarea and Graphites Mezereum are some of the compounds used for treatment of Eczema in homeopathy. Vitamin E applied externally helps in skin healing and taken internally promotes the oxidation of fatty acids.
Maintaining a proper diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables is important, as it provides essential vitamins and mineral for the proper functioning of the digestive and the immune system of the body. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. With some simple ingredients from the kitchen, a bit of patience and effort you can cure yourself of common cold and throat infection. Saline water gargle is probably the most common home remedy for throat infections; it is an easy and highly effective treatment. Add a tablespoon of fennel seeds, some grated ginger, and salt to a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes.
When I was young my mother used to make a sweet herbal concoction for me every time I had strep throat, tonsillitis, or pharyngitis. Often people with throat infections have pain while swallowing food or water; however it is also important to provide sufficient nourishment to the body during such times.

Doctors usually prescribe vitamin C supplements such as Celine for people suffering from throat infections and colds. These treatments are common part of Indian culture and probably derive from indigenous healing practices such as Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Article written by Seema Misrahas a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and currently works as a freelance writer based in Bangalore. Mix a drop of natural raw honey to a teaspoon of rose water to use it as a natural eye drop or add 3-4 teaspoons of honey to water and wash your eyes to get relief from infection. Add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in to a cup of water and wash your eyes by using a cotton ball. Fresh juice of curry leaves when spread over the eyes makes the eyes look bright and prevents the early development of cataract. Take a cup of amla juice and add two tablespoon of honey to it and drink it two times in a day. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. These generally occur as an outcome of allergic reactions towards today’s lifestyle of stress, synthetic foods, clothes etc.
Hence it is better to explore the avenue of natural cures are safer and more cost effective. If you don’t want to get a test done at least a journal must be maintained to find the root cause of the problem. Applying the juice of a freshly cut aloe vera plant of any cream containing the goodness of aloe vera will help soothe the skin and hence the problem of eczema. Vitamin A is another nutrient that is essential for skin healing and a daily supplement of vitamin A will promote faster solution to the problem of eczema. A paste made of neem and turmeric powder in water applied on the affected area regularly will help solve the problem. Rubbing, a freshly cut slice of lemon on the affected area, and washing after a few hours with clean water will help immensely.
The changing weather along with the pollution triggers allergies, asthmatic attacks, and even aggravates sinus problems. Fennel has antimicrobial properties that cure respiratory problems, while clove heats the body, and tulsi purifies the blood and helps unclog phlegm from the bronchial tube. Chicken or vegetable soups with a dash of pepper or some hot and mildly spiced rasam are the perfect option. A much more wholesome alternative is to have natural sources of vitamin C such as amla and lemon. I’m sure you must have come across similar ghar ke nuske; do share those here and let me know if these remedies worked for you.

Use apple cider vinegar which has malic acid in it to fight against the bacterial infections. The salted solution is considered as the easiest remedy yet it is one of the most helpful remedies for the treatment of conjunctivitis.
This can be very embarrassing as it affects the appearance of an individual by causing redness, rash or boils. Any food items that have additives in them must be avoided by a person suffering from Eczema.
Chamomile or calendula containing creams are available in the markets which help heal broken or oozing skin and have antiseptic properties. Or you could mix lemon juice with equal amounts of rose water and use to wash the affected area multiple times in a day. A good probiotic containing lactobacillus of bifidobacterium helps in detoxification, and improving digestion and immune function, thus helping cure the problem of eczema. Knowledge of traditional home remedies for chest congestions and throat infections can help you keep away from antibiotics; even if you are on medication these natural treatments can still provide symptomatic relief and build your immunity. Unlike the over-the-counter cough syrups, like Benadryl, this has no side effects and builds immunity.
If you are able to cook or have someone prepare food for you, then moong dal soup and spinach soup would also work wonders. This will not only energise and rejuvenate you, but also help your body fight the infection.  I usually keep packets of Organic India Tulsi Ginger Tea to use during such times.
For best results, have lemon juice and honey with warm water every morning on an empty stomach.
This remedy not only helps you relieve the burning but also decreases the pain and swelling. Also he must determine whether he is allergic to any food stuff or has sensitivity towards any food item. This process will soothe the skin, prevent infection and eventually the redness reduces and disappears.
For more effectiveness, you can add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to the saline water; turmeric is a natural antiseptic.
You will soon begin to notice a change is the general health of the skin and even the marks and scars caused by the Eczema will disappear.

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