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Black pepper is another readily available ingredient that can be used very effectively to treat dog bite. Burdock is well known for its effect in neutralizing and subsequently eliminating any toxin or poison from the body. It is well known that lemons are rich source of vitamin C and this vitamin C can be very beneficial in treating dog bite.
Sea fishes are very rich source of vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids which play a very crucial role in boosting our immune system and thus help to produce protective antibodies against any infection resulting from a dog bite. But their bite does not belong to the same loving category as they can often lead to fatal rabies infection and other significant associated infections as well. This vitamin B complex plays a very vital role in our body to produce antibodies and thus aids in treating any resulting infection of a dog bite from within.
Making a paste of 20 soaked black pepper corns; alone or in combination with some cumin seeds, and applying it over the dog bite wound works brilliantly to prevent subsequent infections. Adding 10-25 drops of burdock tincture in water or in cup of tea and consuming it 3-4 times a day provides great results in treating dog bite.
Application of freshly extracted lemon juice on the wound aids in combating, often witnessed, delayed infection of the dog bitten wound.
Application a paste made up of mustard oil and red chili powder on the bitten area yields very efficient results in addressing the concern. Topical application of a homemade paste made up of equal proportions walnut, onion and salt on the bitten area and protecting the area by bandaging with clean cloth or gauze helps curing the dog bite wound faster.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Many dog repellents available at pet stores such as electronic and ultrasonic pet repellents, but these can be pricey. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
Irrespective of knowing the biting dog’s immunization status, it’s essentially important to place the bitten wound immediately under running tap water and wash the bitten area properly with antiseptic soap and subsequently consult a doctor as early as possible. Application of a paste of 2 teaspoons of soaked cumin seeds works amazingly in treating the bitten wound.
With its rich antibiotic effects, garlic is known to act as a very effective agent in treating dog bites.
However, fiery the combination may sound, it is worth every bit of the anguish considering the beneficial effects it yields owing to its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects it richly packs in.
Addition of honey in the made paste provides additional beneficiary effects to the mixture.All the above mentioned remedies although are very efficient in treating or preventing other associated infections of a dog bite but are inefficient in protecting you from the primary scare of rabies viral infection. Depending on your dog, preferences, and budget, you may opt for a much cheaper homemade repellent that can be just as effective pet-store items. For minor bites, it is very important to apply an antibiotic cream and properly bandage the bitten area before reaching to doctor.
Application of garlic paste on the wound area or consumption of few cloves of garlic thrice daily can produce very effective results in treating dog bites.

But for the deeper ones, it is essential to get in touch with a doctor immediately as stitches might be required to close open wounds which otherwise contract other infections.
In addition to that, in case of any dog bite, it is highly recommended to get a tetanus vaccine injection within 24 hrs of the dog bite, if you haven’t taken any booster tetanus dose in last 3 months, just to be on the safe side. For outdoor use, cut up lemon or orange slices and scatter them throughout your garden to keep dogs away. An upside of using lemon or orange slices in the garden is that they will decompose over time and help fertilise the soil.
Mix citrus juice with water for indoor use and mist it on the areas you want to keep your dog away from. Vinegar is another cheap and common household item that will be effective as a dog repellent. The downside is that although its potent smell will deter your dog from certain areas, it will probably deter you as well.

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