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Top homeopathic remedies chronic sore throat, Top five homeopathic remedies for chronic sore throat. UpLoad your image Here !!????? ???? ????? ??????  Your browser does not support iframes. Mango health benefits and nutritive factsMango is purely an Indian fruit, according to the nutritionists the high amount of vitamin C present in mango is useful for curing rectum cancer. How to reduce obesity across all ages?Obesity is not a disease in itself  but it is the root of various diseases. Strep throat is caused by the streptococcus bacteria and is one of the most frequently occurring bacterial infections of the throat. In the absence of proper treatment it can lead to a severe infection, rheumatic fever or even complications in the kidneys. Since the strep throat is likely to give rise to a parched and dry feeling inside the throat, it is better to sit in a humid room. Sip on hot teas like chamomile tea and other homemade  teas which help to reduce the pain and the irritation felt in the throat.
Try having mild curries that have been flavoured with garlic as these are all good for the throat and help to fight bacteria. Nothing works as effectively as a bowl of hot broth or chicken soup to treat a sore throat. Having hot soups instead gives strength and vitality, helps to fight off the infection and also keeps the throat moist. Using a warm sponge on the body and throat area can help to reduce inflammation and swelling of the lymph nodes if any. In most cases the doctor will administer antibiotics to help arrest the infection in the throat. Try to curb your intake of spicy food and fatty food as these can lead to severe throat irritation and may actually exacerbate your symptoms. In case of swollen lymph nodes and blocked sinuses it makes a lot of sense to do steam inhalation. Dissolve a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of luke warm water and gargle with this water.
Laryngitis is a condition that is characterized by the inflammation of the larynx (vocal chords), mainly due to excess strain and pressure placed on the same. Laryngitis is a self-healing condition, and would usually take a couple of days to heal completely. Gargling with warm saline water can be beneficial for individuals suffering from laryngitis in more ways than one. Garlic is loaded with antimicrobial properties that can make life hell for any bacteria or virus infesting the body. Method: Chop fresh ginger root into small pieces and boil the same in water for about 15 minutes.
Gargling with diluted apple cider vinegar solution can also help in dealing with bacterial and viral infections that might be the cause for recurrent laryngitis.
Honey can do more than just soothe an irritated, sore and inflamed throat (its astringent properties enable it to do so) caused by laryngitis.
Method: Swallowing a spoonful of honey at regular intervals throughout the day can effectively treat the pain and inflammation caused by laryngitis. The juice of raw onions can effectively treat laryngitis and its symptoms, including pain, soreness and inflammation. Therefore, it is always advisable to get it treated as soon as you notice first sign of the infection. Horseradish contains high quantity of sulfur that produces antibiotic effects in the body and relieves the symptoms of sinus infections. The dosage can be increased up to one teaspoon depending upon the severity of the infection. The oil extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus plant contains chlorogenic acid, gentisic acid, rutin, quercitrin and quercetin. Alicin, which is the main component is garlic, in a sulfur-based natural substance that works like an antibiotic. You can use garlic liberally in your foods, chew two or three pieces of fresh garlic cloves or take it in supplement form. Oregano oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which have been found to be very effective in eliminating pathogenic bacteria and fungi causing sinus infections.
The main active substance in willow bark is salicin, which carries powerful anti-inflammatory as well as anti-biotic properties. Astragalus contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which enhance the activities of the immune system, allowing your body to fight against the viruses and bacteria that cause sinus infections more efficiently. This herb, however, is generally prescribed in combination with oregano and garlic. It is one of the most popular fruit with unique fragrance, flavor and nutritive properties.
During winters kidney had to work more to keep the body warm which results in more urination.Sometimes the quantity of oxygen gets reduces in the blood, and when this blood passes through the kidney for filtration, at that time the kidneys start making Erythropoietin (hormone) which as soon as enters the bonmaro they will start making the red blood cells.
It is a very common infection and is marked by a very high fever, redness of throat, chills and acute pain in the neck and throat region.
Take half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of moderately hot water and gargle with this water 5-6 times a day.
This helps to reduce the pain felt from the strep throat and also helps to reduce the feeling of parchedness in the throat. For this, heat some cloves, peppercorns, ginger, honey and cinnamon in a small vessel of water and let the spices brew in the tea for some time.

It is an excellent remedy for strep throat and helps to alleviate whatever discomfort one is feeling. Garlic is a natural anti-bacterial plant that internally helps to strengthen the body’s immunity and fight off the infection. Since the throat ache and pain can be significant, it may become difficult to swallow and chew on normal food.
Ideally you can even take a warm bath especially if the swelling is acute or you are also suffering from fever. This coupled with rest should help to subside the infection and help you to recover within a few days. Steam inhalation will arrest the sore throat and other cold symptoms if you are suffering from them.
Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties that help to subside the infection and also soothe the throat in the process. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. In certain cases, the condition can also be caused by a viral infection.In either case, the condition can be extremely painful to handle and can cause common symptoms like cold, sore throat, dry cough, inflammation of the lymph glands and runny nose etc. However, there are certain home remedies that can help ease the symptoms of the condition and make the recovery period more bearable.
Firstly, the saline content of the water would effectively eradicate the viruses and bacteria behind the infection causing the condition. Secondly, the warmth of the saline water solution would soothe the inflamed larynx and promote quick healing of the throat and vocal chords.
Gargle with this solution at least 4 times a day to get relief from laryngitis and its symptoms. And it is this very property that makes lemon a potent home remedy for several bacterial infections, including laryngitis.
Add a tablespoon of this juice with warm water and drink it regularly for at least 3 times every day for a week or so until you feel better. Eating garlic therefore, can be extremely beneficial for individuals suffering from laryngitis resulting from a bacterial or viral infection.
For like garlic, ginger is also loaded with potent antimicrobial properties that can get rid of even stubborn viral and bacterial infestations. The acidic nature and potent antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar can eradicate the infection quickly and effectively, thereby treating the condition and reducing its symptoms to a great extent.
You can also use this solution to gargle your throat at regular intervals throughout the day to get extended relief from these symptoms. Place the vessel on a flat surface and cover your head with a blanket (cover the pot as well).
The potent antibacterial properties of honey can help deal with the infection causing the condition as well. Boil the mixture in low flame for about 30 minutes until the solution becomes thick; almost like a syrup.
Common symptoms include sore throat, nasal congestion, sinus congestion, fever, headache and fatigue.
Following are some of those herbs that are most commonly prescribed to treat this condition.
It relieves sinus symptoms by clearing the mucus accumulated in the upper respiratory tract. When you inhale the vapor of this oil, it relieves sinus congestion by breaking up the formation of mucus in the upper respiratory tract. It helps in preventing and treating sinus infections by enhancing your immune system’s ability to respond to pathogenic bacteria. This herb is generally safe, but if you are suffering from other health disorders, you must consult a doctor for proper dosage.
Due to these properties, it has been found to be very effective in fighting sinus infections.
It is usually prescribed in supplement form in varying dosage depending on the severity of the condition. The herb can be very beneficial in reducing inflammation and pain caused by sinus infections.
Dosage varies based on how severe the infection is and whether the patient is suffering from other health disorders also. Some of the herbs used for sinus infections can interfere with medications you are taking. Have a look below.In summers the king of the fruits Mango is present in almost all the kitchens. Getting rid of obesity can help in eliminating dangerous health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or joint pain.By just taking care of your eating habits and opting regular exercises and yoga you can easily get riddance from over weight problem. If yes then here is a very useful article which can be helpful to you in getting a proper and uninterpretable sleep.
Kidney makes 85% of the Erythropoietin, And 15 % is made by the liver.Kidney makes one more enzyme known as Renin, It helps the kidney to monitor blood pressure.
The ginger in the popsicles helps to soothe the throat while the enhanced saliva in the mouth keeps the throat moist. Keep doing steam inhalation as frequently as you can for relief from strep throat symptoms.
Severe cases of laryngitis can also make it extremely hard for an individual to swallow, and could cause loss of voice. Accordingly, here are some of the more common home remedies often prescribed for laryngitis.
And repeat the same for at least a week until the pain, soreness and inflammation reduce considerably.

Furthermore, lemon juice is known to stimulate an increase in the production of saliva in the mouth, thereby keeping the throat hydrated (reduces soreness and irritation).
You can also opt to add a few drops of lemon juice to your hot tea and drink the same for extended relief from the symptoms of laryngitis.
Ginger is also known to be extremely soothing on the throat and larynx, thereby reducing the pain and inflammation caused by laryngitis to a great extent.
You can also opt to add fresh ginger to your tea or try sucking on candied ginger which would also offer extreme relief from laryngitis and its symptoms. In addition to soothing the inflamed throat, these concoctions would effectively clear mucus blockages in the nose and throat, thereby promoting quick healing. Herbal practitioners usually advise sinus patients to take a pinch of freshly-grated horseradish roots.
Alternatively, inhaling the vapor of oregano oil can also be very beneficial in relieving headache, nasal congestion, sore throat and other symptoms of sinus infections. It will be not wrong to say that mango is the gift of summers which is not only rich in taste but is healthy to. The acidic properties of the vinegar help to kill all the bacteria that may be present in the throat. Continue doing so for about 20 minutes until you are able to breathe in and out from both nostrils. Squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey for taste (and expectorant benefits as well).
In general, such infections go away on their own within a week without any treatment, but sometimes, the condition can be more severe. Check out the weight reduction tips according to the age below.Reduce weight according to age-Less than 20 years- In this age your body goes through various mental and physical changes. Lack of sleep makes the person frustrated and even unhealthy, check out some good tips to sleep well.Useful tips to get better sleepMake a timetable-Are you in habit of sleeping late and getting up early?
Follow this remedy for at least 3 times every day for a week or so for quick and desirable results. Breathe through your mouth as well in order to release mucus blockages in the throat and larynx. Drink the resultant juice at least twice a day to get immense relief from laryngitis and its bothersome symptoms.
The flavonoids present in mango with vitamin A like Beta-carotene and Alpha-carotene helps in increasing the eye sight. If you can’t stand the smell of garlic, opt to add some cloves to the dishes that you cook every day although this would not offer you effective results.
Eye itching or irritation normally occurs in summers but if mango is consumed regularly it can be eliminated. Mango also helps in eliminating the problem of eye dryness.Control blood pressure- The amount of glycemic index is very low in mangoes that is why it helps in controlling the blood sugar level. This increases the weight very quickly, it is very important to eat nutritive food for the proper growth of the body.
Do not take day time naps as far as possible, If you sleep ate the day time it will be difficult for you to sleep early at night. Try to take more interest in outdoor games so that your weight remains under control.Age between 20-30 years-In this age the metabolism rate is very active which makes it easy to reduce weight. Try to make a proper schedule for your sleep timings so that you fulfill the required needs of the body. The low amount of glycemic index in mangoes is also connected with the benefits in diabetes problems. Include more vegetables, fruits, salad and whole grains in your meals.Age between 30-40 years-In this age women feel very tense about their health, as the age starts reflecting its impact on the body. Always try to sleep on your own bed as it provides comfort and satisfaction.Take light food at night- Always try to eat light at night. Mango is the source of natural sweetness which is very beneficial for health.Beneficial for digestion- Mango contains digestive enzymes which reliefs you from the problem of indigestion during summers. Take low-fat food at night and try to keep an interval of at-least 3-4 hours between dinner and sleeping time.Take a hot bath- Taking a hot bath before going to sleep gives a very relaxing and calm feel. Apart from this mango is known as the natural cleanser due to its high fiber content which is helpful in the cleaning of bowel.Skin brightness- Vitamin A present in mango help in making the skin bright and soft. Reduce the amount of food intake because you don’t need that much calorie as it is important at the earlier stages of life. Sleeping after a bath feels like heaven as it makes you tension free and reduces tiredness.Switch off the lights-Do not forget to switch off the lights before going to bed. Try eating fruits, vegetables, soup, oats and sprouted grains.After 40-In this age proper care must be taken that it is little difficult for your body to get the desired shape. In this age you go through many health related problems which includes diabetes, hypertension and mainly joint pain. Do regular exercises, yoga and meditation.Age between 50-60 years- It is very important to be healthy instead of good looks.

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