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Although tooth abscesses are fairly common dental conditions, they are can be very painful and disruptive to anyone who suffers from one.
As mentioned above, tooth abscesses are fairly common and can be caused by multiple issues.
The most common symptoms of tooth abscesses are a moderate to severe toothache and swelling of the gum and mouth immediately surrounding the tooth, if the tooth is still “living” and the root is healthy. If the tooth is “dead”, which means the nerve tissue has died or been removed by a root canal, a tooth abscess will have a different set of symptoms because there is no nerve tissue to relay a pain signal to the brain. The primary treatment for tooth abscesses are oral antibiotics, prescribed by a dental professional. The complications of tooth abscesses are related to allowing the abscess to remain untreated. Abscess infection spreading to other parts of the body, which can cause blood poisoning, heart infections, bone infections, etc. Most complications of tooth abscesses may be prevented by seeking professional dental treatment as soon as possible.
Because of the risks of complications from a tooth abscess, you should see a dental professional for treatment. Take 3-4 300 mg garlic capsules a day, along with 1000 mg of Vitamin C three times per day as a natural approach to help your immune system kill the bacteria.
A piece of raw potato placed between the tooth and cheek is also said to reduce pain and swelling.
Dip a wet cotton ball in a mixture of 1 teaspoon of table salt with 1 teaspoon of baking soda, then place between the tooth and cheek. Mix as much table salt as will dissolve in a glass of lukewarm water and hold and swish in your mouth for at least five minutes once an hour until swelling and pain diminish. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Tooth Abscess and Gum Boil - Christina's Home RemediesAre you looking for a quick cure for your tooth abscess?

Toothache, Tooth Infection, Tooth Abscess RemediesToothache and Tooth Abscess Remedies from the Earth Clinic Library of . An Overview of Dental AbscessesA dental abscess is an infection of the mouth, face, jaw, or throat that begins as a . Help Stop Teeth from Getting Infected - Remedies for Tooth InfectionsHomeopathic remedies to reduce tooth infections and help prevent teeth from getting . Activated Charcoal for Dental Infections - Charcoal RemediesUSP activated charcoal is also a simple home remedy for canker sores. Ask your pharmacist if there are any contraindications regarding other medicines you may be taking. Uncommon but dangerous side effects of Bactrim are difficulty breathing, swelling, jaundice or fever. Take the Bactrim for the entire intended duration prescribed by your physician or dentist, even if you feel better before the medicine runs out. Stop taking Bactrim and contact your doctor or emergency room immediately if you feel your are having a severe, allergic reaction. This type of infection can be treated by Bactrim DS and begins in, and affects, the urinary system. The antibiotics prescribed for abscessed teeth are usually dependent on the individual, and amoxicillin is the best for most people. Dental Abscess - Treatment - NHS ChoicesThe only way to cure a dental abscess is with dental treatment. What is the best over the counter medicine for a tooth abscessOnce you suspect an abscess, it is no longer just a dental issue, it is a medical issue. Antibiotics for an Abscessed Tooth, Tooth Abscess, Abcessed ToothSince tooth abscess is caused by bacterial infections, the best treatment for it would be consuming antibiotics that cure the infections. Tooth abscess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSuccessful treatment of a dental abscess centers on the reduction and elimination of the offending organisms. Tooth Infection - Native RemediesNatural Ways to Help Reduce Dental Health Issues and Relieve Tooth Infections.

Activated Charcoal for Dental InfectionsUSP activated charcoal is also a simple home remedy for canker sores. Tooth Abscess in Crown and Root : OrthoDontic BKKAn abscess usually occurs on just a single tooth, but delayed treatment may result in the infection of the surrounding teeth. Dental Abscess: The Warning Signs - 1-800-DENTIST®Teeth are prone to infection, and a dental abscess is a serious infection that requires attention. A home remedy for an abscessed tooth is to pop the abscess with something sharp and sterile to drain the infection.
It's not advisable to treat a dental abscess at home, but there are home remedies for treating the symptoms.
People who suffer with abscesses of the tooth know the pain involved, the sheer discomfort can be agonizing. Your dentist will treat your abscess using dental procedures and, in some cases, surgery. Tooth abscess is caused due to collection of pus around the tissues surrounding the tooth. The treatment of a tooth infection depends on the cause and the amount of treatment a patient is willing to pay for.
When it comes to medical issues, I tend to lean towards using natural methods to treat them whenever possible. Treatment for a tooth abscess involves draining the abscess and ridding the area of the infection.
If you do not have a primary health care physician or dentist, contact your local hospital's nurse line or emergency room, health department or clinic for a referral.

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