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How To Treat A Dog Hot Spot – This Home Remedy For Hot Spots & Bug Bites Worked For Us! It irritated him so much that he immediately started itching and scratching (and licking) it constantly.
Similar to a hot spot, it needed to be kept dry and covered for a few days in order to heal properly. Fortunately, I learned a few things from the veterinarian who treated my other dog for a hot spot several years ago.
I ended up treating my dog’s bug bite the exact same way that the vet had treated the hot spot.

As a dog owner, you dread the day you have to choose between your savings and your dog’s life.
The right pet insurance plan will cover your dog’s yearly checkups, vaccines, minor ailments, and major surgeries.
It’s worth noting that the average healthy dog will accrue about $5,000 in veterinary bills over their lifetime. After our post about caring for a dog with no teeth, the next logical question is: What about toys for dogs with few teeth?
If your dog has very few teeth (or no teeth), as is often the case with senior dogs, it’s still important for your dog to have some toys of his own to play with.

This cost can double if your dog ever ingests poison or foreign objects, gets bitten by a stray, hit by a car, or affected by a serious illness such as cancer.
Or, if your dog tears his ACL like mine did, resulting in about $3,000 in medical expenses.

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