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Also referred to as the periodontal disease, gum disease is considered among the severe dental problems that can cause bad impact to the entire facial appearance. Gum disease occurs when plaque is grown to the teeth because of the unsafe amalgamation of saliva and tartar in the mouth. An early treatment is required to remove this plaque from the mouth as it can further harden under the gum line to bring problems like gingivitis and bleeding gums. Given below are the various techniques for preventing or curing gum disease in which you can choose one of them. Furthermore, toothpaste with fluoride ingredient makes the tooth enamel stronger and prevents acid damage. You can also seek the advice of the professional dentist who will tell you how to properly used doxycycline gel.
There is also a home treatment option for removing gum disease is the use of antiseptic mouthwashes particularly an anti-plaque mouthwash. Mouthwash with antiseptic ingredients usually contains other ingredients too such as Hexetidine, Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Chlorbutanol Hemihydrate. The patients of periodontal or gum disease can also prevent themselves from such dental problem by performing daily rinsing. The individuals, who are suffering from gum disease, should start the routine of flossing at least twice a day. Dry socket is generally happened where a blood clot fails to develop in the tooth socket as a normal part of healing, or if the blood clot is dislodged. Luckily, there are plenty of natural home remedies which, if used properly and consistently, can cure gum disease quite effectively.
Baking soda is used as one of the most common ingredients in tooth powders and toothpastes. Massaging with crushed rosemary leaves boosts blood circulation in your gums and also accelerates the healing process.
After your daily brushing, you are also advised to massage your gums gently with your finger. Garlic can be very effective not only in soothing gum pain but also in treating gingivitis. A naturally aromatic gum that comes from the Commiphora genus has powerful properties to curb the inflammatory processes that wreck havoc in the gingival and periodontal tissues. Calendula officinalis is not just an ordinary herbal plant with appealing orange coloured flowers. Begin by allowing two teaspoons of the herb to steep in a vessel containing a glass of water for fifteen minutes.
Prepare to launch a battle against the micro-organisms that try to weaken the oral structures.
Prevent gum diseases from invading the gingival tissues by resorting to a flowering herb known as Bloodroot, Red pain root or Red Puccoon. It does so by not only killing disease initiating bacteria but also by blocking out the specific enzymes which cause destruction of the collagen structure (it helps constitute the framework of gingiva).Make use of this wild flower to keep the oral cavity disease and malodor free! Instead of going for a cup of Joe, make a healthy decision by sipping a cup of Chamomile herbal tea.
Nearly 82% pf the subjects who were subjected to experimental evaluation of the herb confirmed that mouthwashes which had wild chamomile in them definitely worked.You can do the same by incorporating eight grams of the herb (dried form) to one liter of water.
Be it in tincture, infusion or extract form, Sage continues to be a winner in treating mouth and throat ulcers as well as painfully inflamed mucous membranes. Besides brushing and flossing, put thyme to use, either as a tea infusion or oral rinse to shield the soft and hard structures in the mouth.
You barely need less than a minute to cleanse the oral cavity with thymol oil containing solution.
Most cases of gum diseases usually start with the occurrence of plaque, a bacterial sticky substance that forms on the surface of the teeth. When the saliva comes in contact with certain ingredients in the foods consumed by the concerned individual. Usually a condition that attacks the gums and the bones surrounding the teeth, periodontal disease can become a major concern with time. Although periodontal disease would need to be treated as soon as possible, there are certain home remedies that can offer relief from the symptoms of the condition and curb its effects until the concerned individual is able to get proper medical help. The symptoms and effects of periodontal disease can be effectively thwarted by making some necessary inclusions to the daily diet. Drinking raw cranberry juice (without sugar) everyday can help remove the bacteria present in the plaque deposits and prevent recurrences as well. Many individuals fail to brush their teeth properly and this tends to be a major cause for all kinds of dental problems.
The proper brushing mechanism involves brushing back and forth rapidly right at the gumline where the tartar deposits are located. Homemade toothpastes can effectively help remove plaque deposits from the teeth and take care of other dental issues that could lead to periodontal disease.
Tea Tree Oil contains potent antibiotic and antiseptic properties that help to get rid of the plaque causing bacteria and reduce related infections to a great extent.
Mixing some turmeric powder with water to form a paste and brushing with it twice a day can provide immense relief from periodontal disease and prevent recurrences.
Individuals with periodontal disease would need to floss regularly in order to control the condition and its symptoms.
Opting for a regular mouth rinse can get rid of excess bacteria from the mouth and provide freshness for extended periods. Salt Water Rinses which are made by mixing a tablespoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water. Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide Rinses which are made by mixing Hydrogen Peroxide and water in the ration 1:2.
Massaging the gums regularly (on a daily basis in fact) can help remove bacteria from the abscesses and promote quick healing of the infected gums by increasing the blood circulation to the affected areas. Placing a used tea bag (steeped and cooled) on the infected gum for about 10 minutes at regular intervals throughout the day can help reduce pain and inflammation to a great extent. Honey contains potent anti-bacterial properties that help get rid of the bacteria causing the infection in the gums.
Applying some aloe vera gel over the infected gums can help soothe the inflammation and promote quick healing.

Applying a paste of lemon juice (which contains anti-inflammatory properties) and salt over the infected gums can effectively fight off periodontal disease by getting rid of the underlying infection. In addition to all these home remedies, there are a few lifestyle changes that if adopted, can increase an individual’s chances of fighting off the condition effectively in addition to preventing recurrences. Features information on periodontal disease signs and diabetes, gingivitis, bleeding gums, gum disease treatment.
When you use natural treatment, there is no need to worry about side effects or any other worse repercussions. Baking soda has properties that instantly start working on varied symptoms leading to gum disease. Tea bags are commonly used for eye infections but the good news is that you can use tea to lower down gum infection as well. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Gum Diseases like gingivitis and pyorrhea occur if the teeth are not brushed properly and food particles are allowed to decay in the mouth. If bacteria are allowed to thrive, they start attacking the gums, eating into the teeth supporting bone tissues, causing pain and bleeding. This dental disorder is recognized when an infection comes in the gums, in the deep tissues that support them and the bone surrounding the teeth. But the patients can do gum disease treatment at home through different methods, which are explained here. It is perfect to remove bacteria in the mouth that has been accumulated through starch food and sugar. Besides, this type of toothpaste develops the application of fluoride in the teeth which protects our gums from severe disease. It can prove very effective as it is embedded an antibiotic called doxycycline, which provides periodontal disease cure by killing bacteria and reducing the pocket that a gum disease can bring besides the gum line. Alternatively, the professional himself applies the gel to the pockets once completing scaling and root planing procedure. It is very comfortable for every day use and extremely beneficial in the prevention of gingivitis and denture irritation. You may ask your dentist about how to use these mouthwashes on daily basis in order to treat gum disease. According to the professional dentists, the patients should do rinsing twice a day because it can certainly provide protection from the gingivitis as well as from plaque. Sometimes, it is considered as the most efficient way of preventing gum disease but only if it conducted in a proper way. Gingivitis is the most common form of this disease, which refers to bleeding and swollen gums.
Apply a dab of pure aloe vera to your gums with your fingers, preferably at night right before you go to sleep. But, you are advised not to use it more than twice a week because overuse can irritate sensitive gums. Just make sure that the rosemary leaves you are using are fresh ones. You can grow it at your home on your windowsills or alternatively can buy it from the produce department of your local grocery store. While you are rinsing your mouth with it, you should swish each mouthful between and around your teeth properly.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Being rich in phytochemicals, this herb has the ability to soothe inflamed gums.When it comes to treating any tooth abscess, wounds caused by trauma or infection, Myrrh is an effective herbal option. This is to avoid the risk of incurring contact dermatitis or promote drug interaction with common diabetic drugs.
The key components within the flower heads of Calendula such as Saponins and flavonoids play anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial roles to control the accumulation of plaque that irritates the gums leading to redness and swollen gums. Researches have pulled out Licorice root as a strong warrior that subdues the growth of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity.An interesting article published in the Journal Of Natural Products reports that two natural substances in dried licorice root, namely Licorisoflavan A and Licoricidin are the heroes that prevent bacteria from settling in the mouth. The side effects of licorice stem due to its interaction with medications such as Ace inhibitors, oral contraceptives, laxatives etc.
To get relief from the discomfort and tenderness in the oral tissues, try chamomile extract. It is basically the Triterpenes content that enables German chamomile to soothe the problem. Thujone (found in sage leaves) helps deal with the symptoms commonly noticed in gum diseases. Yes, do not just pair this culinary herb with delicacies but tap its medicinal properties too. If you want to please your taste buds as well, slurp a warm cup of fresh, flavorsome thyme tea.These herbal remedies will help keep the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the teeth and gums intact. With time, the plaque would harden and become potential breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, giving rise to a series of other dental issues, including periodontal disease. If left untreated, it can cause inflammation of the gums, jaw bone deterioration, immune system deficiency, diabetes, pregnancy related disorders (in women), stroke and heart disease etc.
Some of the necessary inclusions (or) increments include foods like oranges, lemons, mango, grapes and other citrus fruits that contain Vitamin C (which contains antioxidants that aid in bone regeneration and the growth of connective tissue) and foods like whole eggs, fish liver oil, cod liver oil and salmon which contain Vitamin D (which contains anti-inflammatory properties that help get rid of gum related infections and diseases). Two glasses of cranberry juice a day is recommended for all kinds of gum diseases, including periodontal disease. Improper brushing will fail to remove tartar deposits and therefore, fail to protect the teeth against gum diseases (periodontal disease in this case).
In addition to cleaning the teeth and getting rid of bacteria effectively, the ingredient can contribute to mouth freshness. When used as toothpaste, turmeric can create an unfavorable environment for the bacteria to grow or survive in.
Those who face difficulties with standard flossing techniques (using the thread) can use tooth picks, water-piks or stimudents to clean the areas in between their teeth. In the absence of standard mouth rinses, an individual can opt for certain homemade rinses that are equally effective in keeping the mouth free of bacteria and other harmful organisms that could cause periodontal disease or aggravate an existing condition.

Rinsing with this solution twice a day, especially after brushing can effectively reduce the inflammation caused by periodontal disease in addition to flushing out the bacteria from the abscesses. Rinsing with this solution at least once every day would effectively eradicate the infection causing bacteria in the mouth and provide relief from the symptoms of periodontal disease. A small amount of aloe vera gel would do although it should be 100% natural for best results. The paste may sting a bit at first and can be rinsed out with cold water after about 10 minutes. These include stress reduction, proper diabetes control and restricted smoking, factors which if not controlled, can directly contribute to periodontal disease in individuals. Given that there are different conditions that can lead to gum disease, usually it starts with simple swelling and slight bleeding.
Some people think only the dentists or specialists in the field can treat gum disease you are mistaken. While treating different health concerns, usually people are worried about the side effects, but with natural treatment methods, you can set all your worries aside. Usually people are under the impression that honey is sweet and it can be the main cause for oral concerns, however such is not true. Repeating this for at least twice a day for a few days depending on your condition can help you find your gums back to becoming healthy. It has certain natural compounds that can help cure the most severe gum diseases. It has an anti-inflammatory agent that helps in eradicating the bacteria that builds up the infection and eventually prevents the bacteria from coming back again.
However, so many people are under the impression that neem is used for gaining beauty benefits, but it can deal with gum disease as well. The first option is to boil some neem leaves in water, wait until it’s perfectly blended and use the solution when it’s warm to rinse the mouth.
The ideal strategy is to brush after every meal to ward off plaque and keep the teeth and gums in a healthy state. If the oil is not available, grind cloves to a fine powder, and with your finger rub the powder on the gums and teeth and try to insert it between the teeth as much as possible.
Fluoride toothpaste protects the teeth with an acid, which is released during the tooth pasting. This way, the healing process will continue throughout the night and will get you faster results. The involvement of healthy, pink gums and plaque free, clean teeth in transforming your smile into an attractive one is unquestionable.
Expectant mothers are advised against the use of myrrh in any form for it can trigger spontaneous abortion. A clinical trial proved that cleaning aids like toothpaste or mouth rinse with optimal level of Bloodroot assists in keeping a check on plaque build up and consequently, gingivitis.
Studies conducted have rated chamomile’s ability to nullify oral pain experienced in periodontitis, oral ulceration as excellent. Thyme is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-septic found in many mouth washes available in the market. If manual brushing fails to yield positive results, it is considered wise to get an electric brush (preferably a ‘sonic’ one with soft bristles) that would effectively remove plaque deposits from the teeth, thereby treating periodontal disease effectively. Applying some baking powder onto a damp toothbrush and brushing the teeth with it twice a day can provide fruitful results quickly. Applying some honey over the infected gums after brushing can have beneficial effects for individuals suffering from periodontal disease.
In this case, where your gums are bleeding or have any kind of swelling, turmeric has all the health properties to make them healthy again. While using turmeric, you can use it in two ways. This natural product is sweet but is very harmless. In order to deal with gum disease, you can either use it to massage on your gums or simply dilute in water to inject into your gum pockets.
By using baking soda, you can get rid of the infection and at the same time avoid any sign of tooth decay. The right way to use baking soda is not to massage, rather, dissolve some baking soda in water, dip a toothbrush in it and start brushing your teeth.
In the case of gum disease, if there are bacterial and fungal agents leading to the infection, neem works wonders. Secondly, you can use the neem leaves, blend it in the mixture to make it a paste and massage it on the gums.
Over the counter products are not only dear but their chemical components can cause damage to the teeth by their extensive use.
A reason for its widespread use is because it counteracts the ill effects of fungi and bacteria. There are plenty of options and one amongst them comes in the form of home remedies for gum disease. One of the options is to boil some turmeric in water and rinse your mouth when the blend slightly cools down. It has plenty of anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties that can help get rid of the disease from its roots. Usually the taste is not well appreciated by most people; hence, you can use the option that suits your preferences. It flushes away harmful bacteria, speeds up the healing process and stimulates blood circulation in your gums. Here is a startling fact of the day that will get people to understand how strong the silent killing ability of gum or periodontal disease is.
The other option is equally simple, you can place some turmeric in a saucer, dip your wet toothbrush in it and brush it, alternatively you can take some of it on your finger tip and massage on your gums. Usually gum disease show signs of abscess and swelling, with tea bags, you can rule out all these symptoms and find healthy gums in a few days.
Add a few drops of Calendula in tincture form to your toothpaste or simply use it for topical application over the inflamed area.Although it is safe to use the herbal extract, just in case you notice any allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately.

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