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Is your rabbit shaking his head a lot and scratching at the base of his ears?  When you look into his ear canals, do you see something akin to coffee grounds?  If so, your bunny probably has ear mites, and you will want to get him treated right away.  They can be painful and annoying for him, and the mites can spread easily to other nearby rabbits.  Indeed, the crusty exudate can get so bad that the rabbit can no longer hold his ears up!
Dog Ear Infections Dogs Ear InfectionsHOME REMEDIESTreat your dog’s ear infections using natural products or products without anti-biotics and enzymatic cleanersMOREDogs Ear Infections are a common occurrence for anyone who has ever had a long ear dog. In considering the treatment options for a dogs ear infection, veterinarians have hundreds of choices of pharmaceutical drugs to choose from. Many people today, however, prefer to treat their dog’s ear infections using natural products or at least, products without anti-biotics and enzymatic cleaners. Sarcoptic mites, the creatures responsible for mange in cats and dogs, are also a pest in humans. Sarcoptic mites on pets are not the same kind of mites that infests humans, but they can cause short-term itching and welts.
Be sure to clean your bedding and other objects the mites can hide in to prevent reinfestation. Human skin mites are a type of arachnid called sarcoptes scabiei, more commonly known as scabies.
Scabies is a highly contagious disease which can easily spread and thus it is best to treat this problem as soon as possible. The incubation period is normally 21 days and then the patient may observe the formation of painful and inflamed lesions on the skin. It also prevents the formation of scars by naturally lightening the skin and giving back its original color. Tea tree oil is one such home remedy which can be used for a variety of skin and infection problems, including scabies.
Tea tree oil has skin healing properties, which helps remove the lesions and also renew the damaged skin cells. Other than healing the lesions, neem leaves also improve the overall quality of the skin and creates a protective shield outside the skin, which nullifies the risks of future infections. Onion is one of the best home remedies for scabies and the best thing about this remedy is that it is pretty easily available in every one’s kitchen.

To get best results from onion, peel out skins from six to seven onions and then throw them into a pot. Manuka honey is a tremendously effective home remedy against a number of infectious diseases like scabies. Other than providing relief from the infection, manuka honey also helps to protect the skin from further infections by shielding it with a protective shield. Whether an ear mite infection picked up from another dog or cat, or excess moisture (due to the pet’s long ears) which led to a yeast infection, an ear infection in your dog is not dangerous if identified early and treated properly. We are fortunate to have such a large list of treatments to choose from, however the choices can be confusing to the pet owner. When they infect pets, they may be called ear mites, since the edges of the ears are the most obvious points of damage.
If you suspect you have a mite infestation, don't put off talking to a medical professional.
Although several medications are available for the treatment of scabies, it is better to opt for simple yet effective home remedies, which work without imposing any potential threats to the health. It helps cure the scabies lesions by gently eliminating the mites and by providing a soothing effect, which prevents itching. Since raw tea tree oil is very strong and may aggravate the pain and inflammation, it must be mixed with another essential oil before applying. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help treat the infection from within, while reducing the pain and inflammation at the same time. Its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties make it a very effective home remedy for scabies.
Any scars left behind by the lesions may also be removed by regularly applying neem paste or neem oil. Onion is considered to be the best remedy for scabies as it is a storehouse of quercertin, a soothing and healing compound. Methyglyoxal (MGO) is an antibacterial and antimicrobial compound found in manuka honey which makes it a good home remedy for the treatment of scabies.

Pure manuka honey can be directly applied over the lesions to soothe them and to get relief from the itching. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Turmeric being an antiseptic and antimicrobial agent helps fight against the scabies mites. Pure aloe vera gel can be frequently applied over the scabies lesions to soothe them and to get relief from the excessive itchiness. Onion skin prevents the scabies lesions from spreading and also heals them by minimizing the inflammation. Strain the concoction, let it cool down and then apply it over the lesions twice or thrice a day to get relief from scabies. Manuka honey acts by eliminating the deep rooted mites from the skin, thereby healing the lesions. Pure aloe vera gel is recommended for treating scabies, although it can be substituted with 90 percent pure aloe vera gels which are available in the market. It helps promote fast healing of the lesions and also prevents inflammation by soothing the lesions. Many veterinarians use oral antibiotics along with ointments and powerful chemical cleaners.
Apart from that, turmeric also aids in minimizing the itchiness felt due to scabies rashes. Other than that, neem oil is also readily available in the market, which can be applied directly on the lesions or added to bath water to get relief from scabies lesions and its related problems.

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