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Fact: Homoeopathy (some times also spelled homeopathy) is based on experimental pharmacological and clinical data.
Fact: Homoeopathy is fast acting in acute cases and can be effectively used in treating infections, fever, cold etc. Fact: Another very common misconception is that Allopathic or other medicines can not be taken with homoeopathic medicine. Fact: It's not that Homoeopathy is good for children only, it is just that children love to take homoeopathic medicines due to their sweet taste. If the indicated medicine is repeated more than required, it often increases the symptoms which subside on their own after withdrawal of the same. Fact: Single medicine should be the first choice as per homoeopathic principles but the complex symptom picture presented by the patient makes it difficult to prescribe the similimum.
Fact: It appears that all homoeopathic medicines are same because they are dispensed in globules. Fact: Homoeopathy is a scientific system and is not something, which can be learnt from books.
The tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic and fungicide and it is effective in treating toenail fungus. Lavender oil has some components that can heal the skin at the same time prevent irritation from the nail fungus. Oregano oil is considered to be a powerful fungicide that contains antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasitical, analgesic and anti-fungal properties. This is another powerful antiseptic formula of lavender, tea tree and thyme that helps treat toenail fungus. Apple cider vinegar contains some anti-fungal properties that can reduce inflammation itching and pain related with toenail fungal infections.
Iodine contains anti-fungal properties also that can stop the spread of bacteria and fungus in the feet.
Uncontrolled bouts of acne are a result of severe hormonal upset in the body, at times the first symptom of PCOD in females. PCOD can cause infertility, obesity besides acne and is either a precursor or is accompanied by Thyroid dysfunction.
PCOD is mostly diagnosed by persistent acne which fail to respond to usual allopathic medication like topical applications and antibiotics.
Although birth control pills might help to control acne, it normally aggravates the menstrual upset. PCOS Cause Obesity causes PCOSThe relationship between obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome may be exaggerated, likely because the women who actively seek care for the condition tend to be heavier than those identified through screening of the general population, researchers report. Reproductive disturbances are more common in obese women regardless of the diagnosis of PCOS.
There is some evidence for an inherited (genetic) cause for PCOS, although no specific genetic mutation has been identified as the cause. PCOS is also associated with insulin resistance, or an impaired ability to utilize insulin, and this abnormality is also likely related to the cause of PCOS.
The presence of small cysts in the ovaries is not specific for PCOS, since women who do not have PCOS may have ovarian cysts. Women with irregular cycles need to have other conditions ruled out, such as anorexia, stress or exercise-induced problems with the menstrual cycle, other hormonal problems such as thyroid disease or medication problems. Impaired Fertility- Another consequence of incomplete follicular development is a lack of regular ovulation. More important, the long-term effects of unopposed oestrogen place women with the syndrome at considerable risk for endometrial cancer or breast cancer.
Homeopathy is the fingerpost on the cross-roads of healing which directs the way to safe and permanent cure.
In homeopathy, medicines are given to induce ovulation in a natural way rather than causing menstruation. Homeopathy, a practice that calls upon various herbal tinctures and concoctions, is often used to support ovarian health.
Belladonna:- As this remedy is one particularly adapted to glandular growths it is especially useful in acute ovaritis, and more so if the peritoneum be involved. Homeopathic Combination Remedies –While scoffed at by many professional homeopaths, they may afford the allergy sufferer a bit of relief. Homeopathic Allergen Remedies – There are remedies made from specific triggering allergens that can be used to help reduce your sensitivity to that specific trigger. Chronic (Constitutional) Treatment – This type of homeopathic treatment is the most effective since it addresses the weaknesses in your body that cause you to be sensitive and react to things.
Symptomatic Treatment – This is done with the indicated individualized remedies that suit each person’s specific symptoms. When Christina first met her husband in 2004, she knew right away that homeopathy was the "magic bullet" she'd been searching for the past decade. Sign up for our newsletter!Receive our blogs & monthly newsletter full of valuable tips, health news & homeopathic success stories. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Homeopathic Treatment For Fissures is the best for of treatment for annal fissures. Homeopathic Treatment For Fissures is safe and easy and fast.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Arsenicum Album – One of the best homeopathic remedies for common food poisoning symptoms is arsenicum album, which is made from oxide of arsenic. Symptoms of Chikungunya includes fever, debilitating arthralgia (joint pain), swelling of joints, stiffness of joints, myalgia (muscular pain), headache, fatigue (weakness), nausea, vomiting and rash. The incubation period (time from infection to illness) can be 2-12 days, but is usually 3-7 days.
Acute chikungunya fever typically lasts a few days to a couple of weeks, but some patients have prolonged fatigue lasting several weeks. From approximately 45 homeopathic drugs used for treatment of malaria initially, currently about 113 remedies are listed for treatment of malaria. Some of the most effective homeopathic medicines vary for high uric acid, gout and kidney stones. For high uric acid levels, the following medicines are often recommended: Benzoic acid, Pulsatilla, Lycopodium, and Urtica Urens.
Homeopathy offers remarkable results in erectile dysfuntion or impotence cases, which may have arisen from both physical and psychological causes.
Homeopathy offers almost 203 remedies for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. When combines with benefits of good nutrition, exercise and relaxation, homeopathy provides optimum support for such patients. Where the cause of erectile dysfunction or impotence is with other system diseases and due to drug effects, there also homeopathy provides better option. However, homeopathy is a 200 plus year old medical science that is fully regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration . Erectile dysfunction or impotence may be an indicator of other health imbalances which need to be addressed and should not be put off. There are 203 homoeopathic medicines which give great relief in erectile dysfunction or impotence. Homeopathy started about 200 years ago with a discovery by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. Over the years, homoeopathic medicines have been extensively studied for their efficacy in a variety of indications. Homoeopathic medicines are only sugar pills which act more as placebos and have no medicinal value as such?
Homoeopathy is slow acting and cannot be used in acute cases of diarrheoa, fever, cough, cold, etc.? Unfortunately, people tend to go to a homoeopath only when the acute problem becomes chronic.
But if a person is on long continued allopathic treatment, especially steroids or "life-saving drugs", discontinuing the medicine abruptly might cause sudden increase in the intensity of his symptoms. It is good for children in the way that if we give homoeopathic treatment to our children from the very beginning it would give rise to a healthy generation because homoeopathic medicines not only remove the disease from its root but they also increase the resistance power of the body and they prevent the progression of disease or prevent the disease from becoming chronic. But the true reason for this perception is because people turn to homoeopathy so late when everything else has failed!
The medicine which is given to cure a set of symptoms is capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy human being.
At times, if the patient has been on steroids or other allopathic drugs and he stops them abruptly there may be aggravation of the original disease. But for diagnosis, prognosis and proper management of the case homoeopaths advise investigations. Hence, combination medicines have become the practice of the day and they are equally safe. Actually in all preparations the vehicle remains the same but it is medicated by different homoeopathic dilutions.

Homoeopathic doctors or Physician are quacks who do not have formal training in the field of medicine.
In India, there are over 180 medical colleges, which offer degree and post-graduate studies in Homoeopathy. For graduating as a homoeopath one has to complete a 5½-year degree course in Homoeopathy including one year of internship. It can cause fungal infection on toenails which can lead the nail to becoming brittle and once it affects the root, it cause the toenail to become yellow, thick and overgrown and sometimes the toenails fall off.
Anybody who experiences toenail fungus can soak his infected nail in a warm bath mixed with 2 cups of vinegar.
Do not use the above homeopathic treatment if there are open cuts or scrapes on the foot as they may sting. In this page, you will get to know more facts about toenail fungus treatment by a physician. This article will provide an immense understanding of PCOS and how to reverse its underlying condition. The oil on your skin combined with dead skin cells, blocks your skin pores, thereby promoting bacteria growth and causing acne breakouts. The next logical step by allopaths is giving birth control pills.Most of the times, birth control pills cause a flare-up of the problem before it can be contained. Obese women are more likely to have menstrual irregularity and anvolatory infertility than normal-weight women. Nonetheless, there are defects in insulin secretion that are independent of obesity.These abnormalities are more pronounced in women with PCOS who have a first-degree relative with type 2 diabetes. The bleeding episodes may occur after long gaps of time (oligomenorrhea) or, for some women, not at all (amenorrhea). The hormonal environment in PCOD may interfere with egg development within the follicle and disrupt embryo implantation within the uterus. In PCOD, the production of androgen, such as testosterone, is excessive, which causes abnormally increased hair growth and contributes to acne formation. Obesity tends to enhance abnormal estrogen and androgen production in this disorder, which only magnifies the problems of irregular bleeding and excessive hair growth. The size of these cysts is generally less than 8 mm and can usually be detected by ultrasound examination.
Homeopathic approach towards management of PCOS is constitutional taking into account the patient’s physical symptoms along with their mental and genetic make up that individualizes the person. Common homeopathic preparations for ovarian cysts include arsenicum, belladonna, and apis mellifica. It has an active congestion of the right ovary going on to ovaritis, with soreness in the inguinal region, burning, stinging and tumefaction.
The pains are clutching and throbbing, worse on the right side, the slightest jar is painful, and the patient is extremely sensitive.
Hughes and Guernsey seem to think that Lachesis acts even more prominently on the right ovary; others believe the opposite, the tendency of affections being, however, to move from the left toward the right side. Whether yours are seasonal or chronic, you may wish to try safe and effective homeopathic treatment for allergies that is free from harmful side effects.
Made from a mixture of the most common remedies that seem to work for a particular condition, e.g. Remedies made from oak, pine, mold mixes, rag weed, various grasses and pollen, dog and cat hair and dander, etc. Constitutional treatment can make a difference in all areas where you body is weak or working “inefficiently” by making you stronger and more robust. It is routinely used in combination with constitutional treatment to allow faster relief of your allergy symptoms.
She immediately began her homeopathic studies and clinical apprenticeship that ended in 2012 with the birth of the couple’s fourth child (they now have 5). She has been Director of TheHomeopathicCollege.org since it reopened in 2007, where she serves as a teaching assistant, student adviser and heps develop curriculum.
Dr.Nikhil Bhalerao is very experienced in treating patients with Homeopathic Treatment For Fissures in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
An anal fissure is a break or tear in the skin of the anal canal and Homeopathic Treatment For Fissures is the best cure.
Arsenicum is especially good for food poisoning from meat, fish, canned food, and ptomaine poisoning, and for general traveler’s food poisoning. Veratrum is helpful for food poisoning from botulism, bad meat, and discomfort from alcohol and tobacco. Additionally, some patients have reported incapacitating joint pain, or arthritis which may last for weeks or months.
After diagnosis of Chikungunya, homeopathic treatment should be started as early as possible. Genus Epidemicus is a homeopathic remedy that is chosen as a preventive remedy for that particular epidemic in that particular locality.
However chronic malaria, malaria with severe or life threatening complications are more difficult to treat with homeopathic remedies. The commonly used remedies include Arsenicum album, China, Eupatoriatum perfoliatum, Natrum muriaticum, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla, Rhus toxicodendron and Sulphur. But for a homeopath, the symptoms of the disease are much more important than the ulcer itself.
And we have read alarming reports of men going blind or having heart attacks as a result of taking allopathic or conventional drugs prescribed for erectile dysfunction or impotence.
Both, the mental as well as physical components of the disorder can be addressed using homeopathic treatment. Men facing the challenge of aging, retirement and finding new identities for themselves, find a particularly appropriate therapy in homeopathy, which addresses them on mental, emotional and physical levels.
And all homeopathic medicines recognized by the well-respected Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States (HPUS) have been tested and proven effective in carefully controlled clinical trials. However, the correct choice and the resulting relief is a matter of experience and right judgment on the part of the homeopathic doctor. There are no side effects with homeopathy so this treatment is beyond a doubt safer than any other treatment. So the best way is to reduce the dosage of the allopathic medicine gradually as the improvement starts & then stop them under the supervision of the doctor.
Primary action of the medicine may be observed by the patient as an aggravation of his disease but in true sense it is only homoeopathic aggravation which is a part of curative process. During the course the students are taught, subjects related to Homoeopathy as well as Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Jurisprudence, Surgery, Medicine, Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Homeopathic treatments can be used instead of surgery and over-the-counter medicines which are effective in treating toenail fungus.
Two drops of oregano oil should be applied to the infected nail twice a day is enough to destroy the fungus and allows a new nail to grow. Futspa is available in drops and can be applied directly to the infected nail two times a day. You can also add some drops of apple cider vinegar in a basin filled with warm water and soak your infected toenail two times a day.
It will motivate every woman to have an enhanced sense of optimism and assurance to improving their health.
Irregular periods are a nuisance and suggest some hormonal disorder or risk of endometrial thickening. Pelvic and physical examination, ultra sound scanning, blood tests to measure hormone, insulin and cholesterol levels will also help. With reduction of weight and reduction in insulin resistance, regular periods will mostly resume. Early intervention with Homeopathy can assist in preventing further progress and hence deterioration caused by PCOS. Homeopathy is viewed as a complementary approach that is meant to work with the body’s natural biological mechanisms to support overall health, including the health of the ovaries.
Ovarian cysts in their incipiency have been arrested by this remedy; here one of the indicating features is numbness down the thigh.
It can also be done separately, although it may not prevent your allergies from happening again the next season! Anal fissures may be noticed by bright red anal bleeding and can be cured with Homeopathic Treatment For Fissures If acute they may cause pain after defecation but with chronic fissures pain intensity is often less.
Use when symptoms worsen in the cold and late night hours, and improve with warmth, hot food and drink, and warm compresses. Symptoms of a sore abdomen, irritable bowel, gas, pressure, and vomiting indicate nux vomica as the remedy.
If possible, try the homeopathic remedies and self-help measures given below before resorting to scalp preparations containing steroids. No deaths, neuro-invasive cases, or hemorrhagic cases related to CHIKV infection have been conclusively documented in the scientific literature. Homeopathic treatment can also be given along with conventional treatment (allopathy) if desired.

Homeopathic medicines are equally effective for post-chikungunya complaints like weakness, stiffness in joints, muscles pain etc. This is because to select the right medicine a homeopaths needs to differentiate between the finer presentations of a disease which, vary from person to person.
Homeopathy doctors frequently treat patients suffering from anxiety, fear of failure to do sex, erectile dysfunction or impotence associated with stress and high blood pressure. That is why they are ideal for Infants, Children, the Elderly & in Pregnancy as well.Holistic approach. In fact, the term 'Allopathy' was coined by the founder of homoeopathy whom the allopaths regard as the founder of experimental pharmacology. Homoeopathic medicines have been scientifically studied the world over and found to be effective in a wide range of diseases. Also, most people take recourse in homoeopathy in cases of arthritis, allergic asthma or skin conditions etc., which take a longer time to treat with any other system of medicines.
Besides applying directly into the nail and rubbing on, you can also put some drops of tea tree oil in a basin of warm water wherein you can soak your feet for about 30 minutes.
A woman's reproductive health is closely associated with her overall health.Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an endocrine disorder portraying multiple cysts (fluid filled sacs) in the ovaries, as an outcome of abnormal hormone function that leads to excessive production of androgen (male hormone) by the ovaries. In summary, PCOS is associated with defects in insulin sensitivity and secretion that are further exacerbated by obesity. Height and weight will be noted along with any increase in facial or body hair or loss of scalp hair, acne and discoloration of the skin under the arms, breasts and in the groin. Homeopathic constitutional treatment will help balance hyperactivity of the glands, regulate hormonal balance, dissolve the cysts in the ovaries and force them to resume normal functioning. These remedies are readily available at most health food stores and even at some pharmacies. Plus, evidence suggests that using these allergens in homeopathic form used in high dilution they can help reduce your sensitivity to those substances. Although motherhood has taken a front seat to becoming a practicing homeopath, she takes every opportunity to keep her homeopathic pencil sharp. Conventional treatment consists of only symptomatic treatment of fever, stiffness, joint pain etc.
A homeopath not only tries to heal the ulcer but also tries to remove the general predisposition to acquire it. Thus homeopathic remedies of erectile dysfunction or impotence are designer made unlike allopathy in which all patients receive the same surgery or drugs although trade name may be different. Homeopathic remedies treat the mind and the body at the same time to address the whole of the suffering with one single medicine.Individualised treatment. Take the example of the southern states, where people primarily drink coffee, but Homoeopathy is most popular and is working very well in these states.
The selected medicine, out of a range of more than 1200 different dilutions, is targeted to the individual problems. This influences a woman's hormonal levels, ovarian functions, menstrual cycle, ability to have children and other body systems. Causes of PCOS:The exact cause(s)of polycystic ovarian syndrome are not clear,It is likely to be the result of a number of both genetic (inherited) as well as environmental factors.
Hence, Homeopathic medicines can restore hormonal balance, normal ovulation, menstrual cycles, and also eliminate the need for hormone therapies and surgery. Tightness of the chest may also be present, with the occurrence of a reflex cough and urging to urinate.
Ovaries sensitive, burning pains in them, bearing down, chronic ovarian irritation with sexual excitement. Boring in the left ovary relieved by the flow, somewhat better from pressure; fidgety feet. They are safe and free from side effects and should be tried first before resorting to more heroic measures—drug like Zyrtec, Allegra, Benadryl, Claritin and other common suppressive antihistimine drugs (which are full of unwanted and harmful side effects and which can cause more serious health problems down the road). Ask your homeopath if you have known allergies to provide you with the direct allergen antidotes. A Homeopathic medicine is selected for each person, according to their personality and the nature of the symptoms.Mind-body link.
But with certain medicines such restrictions are a must otherwise their action gets antidoted.
We know now that the characteristic polycystic ovary emerges when a state ofanovulation persists for a length of time. It is also a useful remedy,according to Southwick, in ovaritis of left ovary with colicky pains. Rhus Tox, Eupatorium Perf, Bryonia, Arnica are the few homeopathic remedies that help in Chikungunya but more accurate and effective remedy can be chosen by a homeopathic doctor according to clinical picture of that particular case. And a homeopathic teacher, or a homeopathic doctor, helped me a lot with this, so I would recommend that.Pete Townsend"Homoeopathy is a highly developed health practice that uses a systematic approach to the totality of a person's health. Smooth hairless bodies and faces, regular menstruation and the capacity to bear children were associated with femininity, and as a result of their symptoms women expressed feeling 'different' from other women and less 'feminine'. Patients with PCOS have persistently elevated levels of androgens and estrogens, which set up a vicious cycle.
The different expressions of this disease can be managed effectively, safely and gently with Homeopathic remedies.
Swelling and induration of the left ovary; also pains in the right ovarian region with delayed scanty menses. This hard work on the part of homeopath not only helps in removing the acute symptoms and the ulcer but also is usually able to remove the tendency for relapse. Homeopathy, Bio-chemic and Bach flower treats all the suffering and brings a sense of relative wellbeing.Self-healing.
Anyone seeking a fuller understanding of health and healing will find Homoeopathy extremely important and applicable."Gay Gaer Luce PhD (science writer - twice winner of the national science writer's award). The results are discussed within a feminist framework and suggest that polycystic ovarian syndrome is a deeply stigmatising condition, 'a theft of womanhood', with far reaching implications for all women, whether or not they conform to 'feminine' norms.PCOD - poly cystic ovarian disease - is the most common ovarian dysfunction and endocrine disorder which affects approximately 15-20 per cent of women in the reproductive age. The affected women often have signs and symptoms of elevated androgen levels, menstrual irregularity and weight gain, abnormal hair growth on the face or the body and no periods at all (amenorrhea). Homeopathic medicines do not cause gastric irritation, are safe on kidneys and liver even when taken for long duration. Self-healing is usually more permanent than the benefits produced by conventional drugs.Can Be Taken with Other Medications. The syndrome has an initial onset in the peripubertal years and is progressive.PCOD is a female hormonal imbalance where maturing eggs fail to be expelled from the ovary, creating an ovary filled with immature follicles. Ludlam praises this remedy in the sub-acute form of gonorrhoeal ovaritis; it allays the pain and averts the menstrual derangement. The cysts then contribute to the hormonal imbalance, which causes more cysts and enlarged ovaries. Polycystic ovary disease is characterized by anovulation (no formation of egg) irrespective of periods (regular or irregular or absent) and hyperandrogenism (elevated serum testosterone and androgen). Also women with PCOD who conceive have a higher rate of early foetal loss than women without PCOD.PCOD women have fewer chances to conceive, compared to normal women who ovulate every month.
An external application of hot extract of Hamamelis acts marvelously in subduing the distress and pain consequent to ovaritis. Burning pains from ovary up into abdomen and down into thighs, shooting pains from left ovary across the pubes, or up to the mammary gland. We can use these medicines as preventive medicines for several ailments such as chicken-pox, measles, travel sickness etc.Palliative. But PCOD women hardly get 3-4 chances due to delayed periods.Three important groups of hormones is oestrogens, androgens and progesterone are also produced in the ovary. The intake of homeopathic medicines act as a palliative remedy to several incurable conditions pains experienced by cancer patients on the death-bed.Anti-viral, anti-allergic. These, in turn, are regulated by the release of two additional hormones follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland which is located at the base of the brain. Dwindling of the mammae; dull, pressing, wedge-like pain, extending from right ovary to uterus like a plug, worse during menstruation.
Homeopathy provides treatment with non-drowsy medicines for allergic hay fever, viral warts, cold etc.Anti-septic. These two 'reproductive' hormones influence the development of the follicle and the timing of ovulation.For many couples, infertility can become the central issue of their lives.
Infertility is generally a complex problem and may involve one or both partners who are trying to conceive. After surgery, the use of homeopathic remedy gives an anti-septic effect or helps with wound healing. PCOD is most common female infertility cause which should be treated before marriage itself if menstrual irregularity is noticed.

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