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Yoghurt mixed with live cultures, raw carrots and raw turkey works wonder as oral care products for some dogs. There is no better alarm clock than a dog with halitosis breathing in your face before the sun rises. If your dog had a sudden bout of bad breath, his teeth may need attention; a trip to the veterinarian is in order. If your dog is suddenly stinking up the room simply by opening his mouth, the problem may be in his gut. Though not scientifically proven, some holistic approaches have been found to help in certain mild cases. Nokia E7 will be one of the first Nokia smartphones to run on the new Symbian^3 operating system. A careless pet owner, failing to take proper care of the pet’s oral health, might make the pet susceptible to dental problems.
Along with bad breath, a dog that lacks appetite, vomits and develops a yellowish tint in the eyes should be screened for liver disease. Eating garlic, a bad bone or too much of plaque in teeth are liable to cause canine bad breath, much the same way as in humans.
It is an essential part of grooming the pet and should be assumed by the owner as part of regular grooming. If a change in the brand of dog food has suddenly resulted in bad breath in your dog, consider switching to another brand.
This is a transient condition and is better addressed by brushing with diluted baking soda. Stick to a healthy diet, preferably home cooked, and exercise to keep your dog’s digestive system in order. Clean your dog’s teeth regularly and remove food particles that may get stuck between teeth.

An important first step in conquering a dog's halitosis is ruling out the primary causes, one of which is dental disease. Digestive issues can cause bad breath that indicates he needs more fiber or water in his diet. A visit to your fridge or pantry may hold some relief for your olfactory senses when your dog's breath isn't as fresh as you'd like. Poor oral hygiene in dogs could aggravate the risk of gingivitis by the time the animal reaches its second or third birthday. Along with fruity breath, frequent urination and thirst are other symptoms of diabetes in dogs. There are a fair number of commercial products that are available in the market that have been launched to address the problem of an offensive smell in dog breath. Dental diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis that are mainly caused by lack of dental care are the most common cause of bad breath in canines and proper dental care can help in avoiding any such condition. Rather than tackle your dog's halitosis on your own, make a visit to your dog's veterinarian to rule out health issues as a cause. A carrot can keep your dog busy, satisfy his need to chew, and help remove the stinky plaque that contributes to bad breath.
Natural dog breath fresheners, breath-freshening strips that dissolve in the mouth, mints and toothpastes meant specifically for canines are some such products. Extract of Neem leaves (Azadirachta Indica or Melia Azadirachta) or coriander leaves can be used for canines too. Improved digestion, better dental care and some home-handy breath fresheners can keep your dog's breath from being a downer.
A sudden sickeningly sweet breath may signify diabetes; if your dog's breath smells of urine, he may be experiencing kidney disease or kidney failure. Certain dog treats specially formulated to reduce mouth odor can help in the fight against foul-smelling breath.

A little bit of lemon in your dog's water can cleanse his palate and reduce the occurrence of halitosis. Dog bad breath is usually a sign of a dental disease, respiratory problems or a disease in the gut or in any other organ. You can also find dog oral breath sprays for young dogs that have not learned to accept a toothbrush as yet. A healthy diet is also helpful in avoiding certain metabolic diseases that can lead to bad breath. Halitosis accompanied by vomiting and a yellowish tint to your dog's eyes or gums may be a sign of liver disease. Chew toys and raw hides can help your dog keep his teeth clean between brushings and dental cleanings. It should improve your dog's digestion, and it may jazz up his ordinary kibble enough to encourage him to tackle his dinner bowl with a bit more vigor. Therefore, once you discover that your pet is suffering from halitosis or bad breath, take the animal to the vet, who is the right person to determine the exact cause of the problem. Your dog's breath may be trying to tell you something, and only your veterinarian can tell you for certain.
A couple of laps from the bowl or a couple squirts from the bottle into the mouth can ease that odor. If your dog will chew a dill or peppermint leaf, these can also reduce the occurrence of bad breath. To make the brushing experience enjoyable for your pet, use toothpaste with a flavor your pet likes.

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