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What most people do not understand is that treating these pet odors is not as simple as just cleaning the carpet.
In fact, “normal” cleaning of carpets is NOT only NOT going to get rid of the urine odor, but it is very likely to make the odor worse! When it comes to dealing with pet odor and pet stains you need a carpet cleaner that has the knowledge and experience to deal with pet urine problems. Linton’s Carpet Cleaning has the tools, and the knowledge in how to use them right, to remove most and sometimes all of the urine in your carpet. At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we use the BEST cleaning and deodorizing agents to remove and take care of the odor.
Linton did not disappoint us, our stains are completely gone and our carpet looks magnificent! At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we understand the frustration people have when dealing with carpet cleaners.
If you believe your cat has ear mites, it’s important to contact your vet for a test to ensure this is the problem. Treating ear mites isn’t overly difficult, but you will need ear mite drops from your vet to do it. Ear mites are not normally visible to the human eye, which is one of the major problems with treating them. Contact us at Legacy Animal Medical Center to get help fast if you believe your cat is suffering from ear mites.

How dog urine smell hardwood floors, When canine companion sprays bodily fluids hardwood floors, create pungent odor difficult eliminate.. But that simply is not the case…dealing with pet odors requires much more than simply spraying some water on the carpet and sucking it out. Locating the urine: This would seem fairly obvious but most urine is not actually visible to the naked eye. Removing the urine: Without removing most, if not all, of the urine the chances of successfully removing the pet odor is slim to none. Neutralizing the remaining urine and odor: Once the urine and pet odor have been identified and removed, then the next step is to neutralize any remaining odor. The agents that we use are true professional cleaning and deodorizing agents and when used properly the results are usually fantastic. No one wants to invite friends, relatives, or anyone else into their home only to have those people smell dog urine, cat urine, or any other type of urine. We will be happy to come to your home and give you a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote on any pet urine odor removal you need done. I am more than a little out of town, but he is prompt and prepared to address the issue and make it all beautiful.
He pays extra special attention to detail and gives advice when he deems it beneficial to his customer. Then give us a call at 360.608-5441 to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote on any cleaning you need done.

The most common is Otodectes cynotis, eight-legged spider-like creatures that feed on the waxes and oils in a cat’s ear canal.
Ear mite medication is entirely safe and can even be used on kittens without adverse effects. They vocalize good morning greetings and scream when they’re excited, bored, or want attention.
But here is the problem: Removing the urine is not as simple as just putting some pre-spray on the carpet and sucking it out. The longer you wait to have the urine removed the more potential problems you will have with stains and the odors becoming severe.
Not only is this extremely uncomfortable for your cat, but it can lead to ulcers and severe health problems if left untreated.
At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we have the proper tools and knowledge to find the source of the urine. Many times urine is deep down in the carpet, even the pad and sub-floor, and specials tools are required to remove it.

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