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This guide shows you how to remove malware (viruses, spyware, and adware) that are found on your computer during a scan or in real-time protection with Windows Defender.
Let’s say you’re installing software or surfing the net and you get a warning from Windows Defender that says unwanted items have been found.
Click Remove All and Windows Defender will immediately attempt to remove the unwanted items it’s found. When Windows Defender has finished removing the unwanted items, click History and make sure you see Succeeded under Status next to each item. Select whether you want to remove, quarantine, ignore, or always allow under Actions for every item found. Whether u need hiding places or not depends on how many fish u plan to have in QT at any time.
Whether to put your new arrivals thru freshwater dips or low salinity QT is of course dependent on the state of your new arrivals.
I also use the acclimatisation tank as a training tank to get the fishes to fight for prepared foods and to learn to live in a community.

The above, combined with good food and clean water has so far given me a 100% success rate against parasites, ich or velvet. I have same experience like you 4 years ago, when I introduce an untreated regal angelfish into my tank. For Cryptocaryon irritans and Amyloodinium ocellatum, the proven and most effective chemical is "copper". Note: For your case , no use to quarantine and treat new fish now because water in your tank already have the parasite.
It is not wrong to keep a fish healthy by using food additives such as garlic, however, it should not be the primary method to control ICH.
This flame angelfish body was full of white spots when I quarantined for a chuisui forumer on May 12, 2007. The lifecycle of the parasite is interesting and important to understand when evaluating a treatment.
Generally, cryptocaryon irritans is less lethal than amyloodinium ocellatum though both parasites "produce" white spots on fish body.

However, a lot of time spots caused by cryptocaryon irritans can "disappear" by itself even without any treatment, especially in RT. You can also click the Remove All button at the bottom of the Windows Defender window to get rid of every item in the unwanted items list. So I did a quick google on malachite green+copper and i got a lot of conflicting information. If i witness scratching i strip the tank down once a week while i continue to dose rid-ich, this is repeated as necessary. MAXIMUMpcguides IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage or data loss to your computer from using this web site.

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