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Bones are long, hard, mineral-filled struts, if you will; kind of like the wood or metal framing inside a house. As a result of all this connectedness you can breach the support (the bone) and not necessarily have a breakdown in function. Many people come to the doctor expecting antibiotics for minor viral infections but keep in mind that not only do antibiotics do nothing against viruses, they are not always benign either.
As for the myth of the green snot, microbiologists believe the color comes from enzymes released by your white blood cells (myelo-peroxidases and other oxidases) to break down bacteria and other organisms. If your sinus infection has been going on for more than 10 days, or it’s been getting worse over the past week, be sure to contact Student Health Services to be evaluated. The sap of the plant is mildly irritating but according to POISINDEX (the resource used by Poison Control Centers) a 50-pound kiddo would have to eat about 500 leaves to have any toxic effects. There are many substances that the body cannot digest that pass harmlessly through our system – for instance, this is why you will often see the outside fiber shell of corn in your bowel movements.
Of course, if you swallow something that is too large to fit through the various valves and tubes in your guts, it can cause an intestinal obstruction.
So the next time you’re at a fancy restaurant with a cloth napkin and nowhere to put your gum, you can swallow it with confidence.
Weight loss is one of those topics on which medical myths abound – in fact, one stroll through Barnes and Noble will show you how many people are making a mint by promoting them. The content of this site is published by the site owner(s) and is not a statement of advice, opinion, or information pertaining to The Ohio State University. It used to be common medical belief that green phlegm meant a bacterial infection (as opposed to a virus) – so antibiotics were routinely prescribed.
But numerous studies show that kids with green snotty noses that are given antibiotics respond THE SAME as those in placebo groups. What we DO know, is that when the body is battling a pathogen (bacteria, virus or allergen) the immune system responds by creating clear nasal discharge to flush the invaders from the nose and sinuses. We are all walking around transferring germs every time we shake hands, touch our noses or eyes, sneeze, breathe, eat, or turn door handles. While there’s no way to completely avoid transmission of germs, good hygiene can certainly help your immune system from becoming overwhelmed. Instinctively, most folks are more likely to steer clear of a green snot-nosed kid, but in fact, the clear runny-nosed children are the most precarious, as they are likely to be out-and-about and otherwise seemingly un-sick.

While your child is contagious at any point of his cold, take extra care when he has a clear runny nose to allow him to rest and bulk up on immune boosting foods and common cold remedies that really work.
A clear runny nose can also be due to allergens or cold weather, but if your your little one has a runny nose with a fever, fatigue, or irritability, it’s a good sign he is starting to fight an infection. Keeping a energetic child at home once he’s feeling better can be challenging on many levels. Nice post and so relevant to me, as I kept my 3-year-old home from school with seemingly normal energy, but the thick yellow snot.
Almost always, we have a definitive answer before you walk (or limp) out the front door so we can make sure you get the proper follow up care.
It supposedly began back in 1919 when a 2-year-old boy was found dead after eating a poinsettia leaf – it was just assumed that the plant had killed him. I saw blood on the toilet paper after I wiped – what should I do!?That guy from the deep south on Is it unhealthy for guys to masturbate daily?Lucrecia Mahmood on Help! Neither text, nor links to other websites, is reviewed or endorsed by The Ohio State University. Basically, green phlegm (or any color for that matter) is not a good indicator of treatment or the cause of illness. Unfortunately though, young kids are not well-trained at washing their hands, blowing their noses (no, that shirt sleeve is not a hanky!), covering their mouths, and keeping a healthy distance when they are feeling under the weather.
To make it worse, the freely runny noses and sneezing during early illness are quite effective in passing viruses and bacteria along.
If he has these symptoms or a persistent cough, it’s a smart idea to keep them home from school, play groups, or any public gathering. Once the fever is gone and energy is back to normal, use your best judgement to determine whether it’s wise to send your germy kid back into a sea of unsuspecting humans. I have always thought the green indicates bacteria, although neither of my kids have ever had the green snot so I don’t have much experience there. As the framing of a house is attached to insulation and an exterior (a skin), your skeleton is anchored to the rest of your body via a delightfully complicated system of sturdy connective tissue. You may know the symptoms: headache, stuffy nose, nasal discharge, facial pain and pressure, fever, cough and ear pressure. More importantly, overuse can lead to resistance, so that if heaven forbid you come down with a serious infection that does require antibiotics in the future, they may not work as well and the infection will be more difficult to treat.

Also, the longer the mucus stagnates in your sinuses, the more likely it is to look green when it comes out. However, since that time, many studies have shown that kids (and pets) that are exposed to poinsettia plants do just fine.
The most common side effects that have been reported from poinsettia ingestions are upset stomach and vomiting, and some people with serious latex allergies have had a skin reaction after touching the leaves. When in balance, these little organisms actually support our health, and we are each equipped with an immune system that is designed to keep pathogens in check. I’m so relieved to read this because it seems like the green snot stage lasts so long!
I have thought more about the clear runny nose lately with all the bugs goings around right now and think I will be more cautious of this in the future. And most of the people I looked up to or from whose websites I read because I admired them, were AP advocates, so the little bits I knew, were from AP. So when your sinuses are clogged up during a sinus infection, it is more likely to stagnate and appear green, just as your early morning snot will be more green just from sitting in your nose all night. My son was born in a hospital, through a very traumatic birth, which caused us to have problems breastfeeding. The only kind of snot that deserves antibiotics is purulent (think pus) mucus coming from your nose or throat.
In the middle of researching and switching from commercial formulas (which were destroying his little tummy) to homemade formula (from a WAPF mom’s blog) we had been dealing with zero sleep, I was falling fast into the vortex of PPD and was missing my family and could have begged anyone for help (i had no one). Now he’s nearly a 2 year old who sleeps 12 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day.
I am with you in believing every child and mother is different and there are different strategies for parenting, nobody should be looked down for their choices as parents, we should encourage and understand the hardships innate to this journey and offer help when needed (not advice, but help). This coming from a momma who was at the end of all the brunt malice of others because of my parenting choices (scheduled naps, bottle feeding of a non-white liquid, amber necklaces, and essential oils, oh my!).

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