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Security experts told The Huffington Post that pressing "delete" doesn't always erase a photo completely or immediately. With iOS 7, phone users often make the mistake of deleting a photo from one of two albums: Photo Stream or Camera Roll. Deleting a photo from your Camera Roll does not delete it from your Photo Stream, and vice versa. As in iOS 7, you can't just delete a picture from an iOS8 album and see it disappear everywhere. Your device backs up its data to the cloud when it's connected to both WiFi and a power cable.
So, to delete a backup, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage, then select your device and the backups you'd like to remove.
When activated, Apple will send a numerical code to your phone whenever you (or someone else) tries to log into your iCloud account, so anyone without your phone can't hack in.

Deleting simply tells your iPhone or Apple's cloud servers to hide that file until it eventually gets overwritten by other data.
Not knowing exactly how Apple treats its servers is part of the challenge, explained Marc Maiffret, chief technical officer for BeyondTrust, a cybersecurity firm. If you shared your dreaded photo with someone under the Shared tab, you'll need to get rid of it there, too. To turn off iCloud sync for your photos, just go to Settings, scroll down to Photos & Camera, and toggle off all cloud services. Make sure you delete whatever photo you'd like to disappear before disabling the cloud service.
He recommended security features like Apple's two-step verification to help protect yourself. Those images are stored in the cloud for easy viewing by friends and family, and they're not subject to the 1,000-image limit on your personal Photo Stream.

Read on if you've already updated.) Camera Roll houses only the pictures you've taken with your device.
In short, a photo you took a month ago and just got around to deleting may still be in the cloud if your phone backed up in between. Apple will then walk you through a series of security questions to enable the higher-level verification.
Photo Stream makes your last 1,000 photos available on all of your devices that have Photo Stream turned on. Photo Stream only is updated (read: only removes photos) when each device is connected to WiFi.

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