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Most women don’t know that finger and toe nails are made of tough protective protein material called keratin which makes them to look very hard and strong compared to other body parts. Always soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water mixed with lemon juice for about five 4 to 5 minutes.
Use a nail cutter to Cut off hangnails and then shape your nails into any shape that you may prefer to have.
Use  a good nail polish remover in order to remove all the leftover polish from your nails in case you want to apply new nail vanish but you can even use this remover to clean your nails. These are African Safari themed nails that Feature several animal print patterns in giraffe, tiger, leopard and Zebra prints.
Get a nail buffer and gently pass it over your nails in order to get rid of any ridges and to make your nails straight and smooth. Stick these nail decals on to your nails gently and in case they are fake acrylic nails then you must use nail glue to make them last for a week.
Complete by applying a clear top coat to seal in the design and to prevent your nails from becoming chipped. If you’re a fun of bright colors then you should try to paint your nails like the ones featured in the picture above.
These nails are painted with white and hot pink nail polish at the base with some flower designs on top which are in form of white and yellow polka dots.
These are long stiletto nails which are hand painted with matte black nail polish at the base with a shiny and glossy black nail polish at the tips.
The nails you see in the picture above are painted with hot pink glossy nail polish with crystal nail studs on top which make your nails to look really cute and amazing.
These nails are hand painted with a vibrant and glossy red nail polish with white polka dots on top which make these nails to look perfect for a night out and will even work for you during the summer season.
The nails you see above have an animal print design on top whereby the nails are painted with a white base nail polish with black designs on top which help to bring out that perfect look of an animal print.

These nails are hand painted with glitter black nail polish which looks perfect on women who always go for night parties.
If you are a nail art lover, then there are some items that you need to have in thoughts in order to save you time and patience. If you have a glitter eye shadow that you don’t use, make your personal glitter nail polish. Hearts are amongst 1 of the most proffered shapes that can be spotted on the nails, so find out how to make the perfectly. If you want to produce ideal half-moon manicure get these remarkable circle paper reinforcements and do the manicure flawlessly. You can now effortlessly get rid of the stubborn glitter nail polish by soaking a cotton pad into nail polish remover, place it on the nail and wrap it with foil paper for 10 minutes.
If you have your nail broken, then you must absolutely add a piece of tea bag and stick it with glue. This entry was posted in Style and tagged Every, Extraordinary, Girls, Hacks, Know, Nail, Should, Single on March 9, 2015 by Celebrity. Amber Rose Hooking-Up With Scott Disick: Blac Chyna And BFF Get Revenge On Kardashian-Jenner Family For Reality TV Show Bust? Until we find a cure, though, you can do your part to support research to find a cure by donating or by purchasing products with the Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon. Your nails have different functions and these include protecting the fingertips, and the surrounding soft tissues from any injuries, etc. These nails are thickly sealed in a hard wearing of salon quality top coat because it will help your safari themed nails to remain looking new and freshly done for as long as you need them.
Only use nail adhesive tape on special occasions but will allow you to re-use these nails some other time. These nails have a clear base nail polish and are polished with glossy yellow nail polish at the tips with black polka dots on top and a simple butterfly.

They also have some green leaves on top which bring out that complete natural look of flowers. These nails are so easy to paint and you can you can even paint your nails in any color vanish and then allow them to dry.
This nail design is simple but eye-catching and you be noticed easily when you wear such nail design. They are very easy to apply and you can apply at least 2 top clear tops to seal in the design.
These nails will look shiny when exposed to light a clear top coat may be required to seal in the design.
If you want to do the animal print effortlessly put the dots with a nail polish and just scribble the black information with the sharpies. Spot a dot on every single nail polish lid and you will know which nail polish is which with no obtaining to take it out from the box.
You can find celebrity news, beauty tips, celebrities hairstyles, Fashion news and celebrities styling guide. However, you can paint your nails like this with good nail polish and if you don’t have time to paint then you can use nail art stickers with this good designs and finish by sealing the design with at least 2 coats of clear top coat.
They also have a transparent glossy top coat to protect the colors and designs on your nails. A top clear top is needed to seal in the design and to protect your nails from getting chipped.
Use a premium high quality nail varnish which is bright in color to achieve best results and remember to apply a clear top coat to seal in the design and to prevent your nails from getting chipped.

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