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Medically known as closed comedones, whiteheads are small white bumps that appear on your skin as a result of oil-clogged pores. C: For whiteheads on foreheads, create a potato paste by grinding a small potato until it has a pasty consistency.
Learning how to get rid of giant whiteheads can ensure your skin stays clear and blemish-free. Whiteheads are acnes resulting from skin pore clogging due to excess sebum secretion, dirt and dead skin cells. Hot compress: Soak a washcloth in warm water, wring out the excess water and press it on the whiteheads. Splashing your face with cold water:  Splashing cool water on your face helps in constricting the pores of your skin. Steaming: Exposing the whiteheads to steam will help in unclogging the pores which helps in removing the oil and dirt build-up.
Aloe vera: Using aloe vera gel on the whitehead will help in reducing the inflammation and the irritation of the skin, speeding up the healing process.
Lemon: Wash your face with warm water, apply the mixture of lemon juice and salt on the whitehead. Cucumber: Apply grated cucumber on your skin and let it sit for about 1 hour, washing it off gently with warm water. Cinnamon, Lemon, Baking soda: Mix 1 tbsp baking soda, ? tbsp cinnamon powder, 1 tbsp lemon juice and a little water. Like pimples, pricking, popping or touching the whiteheads with dirty hands might lead to infection.
Tretinoin:  Derived from Vitamin A, Tretinoin helps to expel the impurities from the pores.

Whitehead Extractor: It is a small, circular metal acne removal tool, when centered on the whitehead presses the surrounding skin, to expel the plug of dirt and oil. Consulting a doctor or a dermatologist is recommended as these medications or products might have side-effects. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as it dehydrates the skin making it difficult to remove the whiteheads. Exercising daily for 15-20 minutes will help improving blood-circulation, keeping the oil secretion under control.
An extractor is a tool having loops at both ends that helps to gently squeeze out the blackheads from your skin.
Although whiteheads and blackheads are similar, whiteheads develop due to closed pores that trap oil under the skin. If all else fails, you can go to your dermatologist so that he or she can prescribe the right treatment for you. The warm washcloth opens up the pores of the skin thus removing the sebum and bacteria accumulated in the skin pore.
This will help decreasing the chance of sebum oil or bacteria getting trapped into the skin pores.
Apply the mixture on the affected area; let it set for 15 minutes then wash off the area with cold water. Leave the mixture on for about 20 minutes before washing it off again with luke warm water.
This method helps in rejuvenating the skin and drying out the whiteheads, preventing further outbreaks. Apply a small amount of salicylic cream to the whiteheads with clean fingers and let it sit for five minutes.

It is a form of acne that clogs the pores and prevents the hair follicles to grow causing a less protection of the skin from dirt.
Make sure that you wash your face with warm water and a mild facial wash in the morning and in the evening. Make sure that you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to keep your skin hydrated at all times. For instance, using too much foundation or makeup can clog your pores and cause whiteheads, so make sure you wash your face at the end of the day.
Topical medications for whiteheads usually contain salicylic acid, resorcinol, or benzoyl peroxide. Once the toothpaste is washed off, the covering of the whitehead will disappear; the skin needs to be washed thoroughly after that to remove any residual build-up of oil and dirt.
Honey is known to be a good exfoliant and the egg white will help dry out the whiteheads.Squeezing the whiteheads will make it worst, as they say. Apply it on your face like you would a clay mask, and then let it dry before rinsing it with warm water.
If you have whiteheads on your forehead, avoid wearing hats or letting your bangs fall free, as they may further irritate your skin. Then you can keep the face moisturize by applying a good and moisturizer.Staying away from whiteheads is somewhat a relief.

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