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Dipping steaks in oil works better than brushing with oil, because it doesn’t rub off the seasoning. The only seasoning you need for a perfect steak is coarsely ground black pepper and kosher salt on the steak before cooking, and a light dusting of pure medium-grind sea salt just before serving.
Whether cooking your steak on a grill or flat-bottomed cast-iron pan, high heat helps develop a flavorful browned exterior without compromising a medium to rare texture on the inside of the steak. The best steaks for grilling are perfectly marbled, certified Black Angus ribeye.  Marbling enhances flavor and keeps meat juicy. After continued urging to expand, Buddy’s owner and operator Naaman Eicher one day decided to make his lifelong passion for cooking and sharing food with his family and friends a full-time pursuit. A native of South Louisiana, Eicher has worked in numerous restaurants, has extensive business experience, is an experienced pit master, blogger, editor, and is passionate about food. Eicher decided to listen to his friends and combined the naming of his business for his family and friends (Buddy’s) with his outlook and location in Crestview, FL (View) and his cooking of the best in smoked meat competition preparations (BBQ), comfort foods and his native Cajun and Creole dishes.

Buddy’s View BBQ is Eicher’s successful endeavor fulfilling his lifelong passion of Peace, Luv, BBQ. The best pan (and my all time favorite) for an omelette is the a hefty 3 ply stainless steel with nonstick coating pictured below.
Since the All Clad pan comes with a hefty price, you might want to look for an alternative. Plastic surgery has been a go-to solution for celebrities who want to avoid aging for decades. Most cookware sets include an 8-inch pan which should be a good size for making a 2 to 3 egg omelet. While you can make a thick fritatta in a well seasoned cast iron pan and finish it in the oven, a quick omelette will not do well in it. America’s Test Kitchens (popular PBS show) did some testing and they came up with an inexpensive alternative.

It was expensive to buy but taking into account the over 15 years of service relatively cheap. However when the the time comes to cooking the omelette, if you do not have the right equipment, you might end up with scrambled eggs at best. When it comes to cooking tools always buy the best you can afford-it will save you money in the long run.

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