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Top Electric Razors for Black Men 2013Finding the perfect electric razor can be a difficult task, especially if you are a black man. Wahl Professional 8061 5-star Series Deluxe Rechargeable Shaver ShaperThis is one of the few electric razors that have been designed especially for men with black skin. Remington DA-307 Microscreen 100 Men's Rechargeable Foil ShaverThe Remington DA-307 is an excellent choice to get rid of two common problems black men have: razor bumps and irritation. Philips Norelco HS8420 Nivea for Men RazorThe Philips Norelco HS8420 does an excellent job keeping irritation away from your skin. Getting Rid of Ingrown Hair and Razor BumpsIngrown hair and razor bumps are two of the most common issues black men have to deal with when shaving.
Best Body Wash for Men 2012If you want to look and feel great, you need to have clean skin! Black skin is more prone to developing razor bumps, ingrown hair and razor burn, hence why it is important to find a razor that helps you tackle these issues.In this lens, we take a look at the top alternatives of 2013.
A good electric razor can help you minimize the occurrence of problems, but you can also use extra help to take care of your skin.I recommend using the Tend Skin lotion.
I was searching for anything at all regarding Electric Razors for Black Men (and not finding much) FYI. Manufacturers usually don't make electric razors for specific skin types so we have made a list of the best products based on your feedback and reviews.Alternatively you may want to see this page featuring the top electric razors for men this year.Don't forget to comment below if you have a suggestion or want us to review a razor!
It is made specifically for men with thick, coarse hair that tends to curl back to the skin when growing. I'm Jewish, But some of my facial hair is thicker than the bristles on a toothbrush, and it's curly, and ingrown hair is a problem. It burns a little when you apply it on recently shaved skin, but the feeling goes away very quickly.Your other alternative is to use tweezers or even a needle to pull hair out of the skin, but this is a risky process that can leave marks on your face.
Twice in college, I went to a barber for a razor shave, and both times I was told, "only electric for you". You feel a slight burn when you apply it on recently shaved skin, but the feeling goes away very quickly. By the way, this product is not exclusive to men, women who shave can benefit from it too.Check out or top rated men skin care products guide for more information.

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