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However, when our farrier Dean Geesen arrived this morning to do his hooves again we found that Roll had some fairly advanced symptoms of White Line Disease in his left hind foot.
Roll’s left hind foot had a gap in it after Dean cleaned out the fungus of about 4” along the outside of the foot from back to front by ?” wide and almost 1 ? inches deep.
It was so wide and deep that my Ranch Manager Chad could get his finger into the cavernous space. We wanted to salvage the hoof wall to keep his overall balance and the balance of his feet intact as much as we could.
For the first five days, we planned to clean the “cavern” daily, rinsing it with iodine astringent, packing it with gauze dipped in the iodine and then well wrung-out to prevent too much moisture from collecting in the affected area.
We talked about whether or not to use an “easy-boot” to hold the gauze in, but decided that duct tape could do the job nicely. We also decided that it might be prudent to be proactive and put shoes on his front feet since he will no doubt be throwing his weight forward if the White Line Disease begins to cause any pain. This process will need to be repeated every day for as long as it takes for the foot to be rid of this fungus, but instead of using the astringent iodine, soon after the initial four days, we will x-ray him to get a baseline and make sure we know what we are dealing with. Basically it is a bite from a chigger which is an extremely tiny larva that is parasitic as well as red in color.
When the chiggers are done feeding, which can take from 1 to several days but most commonly 3 to 4 days, they will leave the host and then grow into nymphs. Treatments for bites of the chigger are often required in order to ease the indications that occur after a bite. This feeding tube or stylostome will continue to cause skin irritation even without the chigger. In diseases, North American chiggers normally do not pass on diseases so a typical treatment for chigger bites is all the treatment that is needed.

The very best treatment for bites from chiggers is first to eliminate the chiggers immediately.
If the chigger is a member of the arachnid family then why does it have only 6 legs like insects.?
I think I may have chiggers but my parents think its an allergic reaction to something else. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We opted to do him every five weeks instead of every 6-8 weeks because of the severe founder he had before.
I have kept all issues because here is a wealth of useful information in the Brayer Magazine  that now serves as my Longears-Equine Encyclopedia!
Keeping a shoe on the left hind foot was not going to be an option since there was nothing to nail the shoe to on one side of his hoof. We decided that it would be better if we just didn’t put any shoes on the back again rather than causing an imbalance by shoeing the right foot only. It would be easy to replace daily and would not trap moisture like the “easy-boot” could because the duct tape would erode as he walked on it. Then going forward, we will use a more diluted form of iodine like Providone-Iodine, Betadine or a product called “White Lightning” that has been developed specifically for this purpose.
We know we need to make sure the “cavern” is cleaned out thoroughly each day and the gauze and tape are kept clean upon application. We wanted to be sure to keep his feet balanced so that any hoof growth would not begin to offset that balance. We called our veterinarian Greg Farrand and he was able to come to the ranch quickly to help assess the situation.

Typically it manifests itself in more humid climates, however Colorado has recently been unusually humid as we experienced with fungus in the hayfields earlier this year.
According to our veterinarian Greg Farrand, these are all antiseptic rinses and any of them should work fine. Since Roll is a draft mule and has such large feet, we decided that keeping the “cavern” clean would not be too difficult, so we opted NOT to cut away the hoof wall right away. Since this is to be a daily process, we are grateful for Roll’s impeccable manners and cooperation!
Although White Line Disease is very similar to thrush, it is not a stable management issue like thrush.
The onset is quick and there does not appear to be a consistent explanation as to exactly where it comes from.
To be pro-active, we added a few more inches of pea gravel to his run so that when the snow melts and the mud mixes with the old pea gravel, we won’t have mud to pare out of the “cavern.” The pea gravel is less likely to mesh with the fungus and should be easier to clean.
This is just the beginning of yet another challenge in Roll’s journey and we will do follow-up posts to keep you informed on Roll’s progress as we usually do. Started doing as you have by wrapping the foot to draw out the infection, did this five days on four days off for a month.

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