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Hydrogen peroxide – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula h 2 o 2. Hydrogen peroxide cures and health benefits – earth clinic, Hydrogen peroxide or h202 is a wonderful natural cure that treats a number of health ailments. Canker sore remedy treatment – mouth lip throat aphthous, This is a great mouth sore treatment.

Mouth infection hydrogen peroxide – medhelp, You should never put hydrogen peroxide on s cut unless there is debris in it. Rinsing your mouth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide helps to both kill the germs and bleach your teeth, which is why many dentists recommend it as a method of safely bleaching your teeth at home.
If you use a solution that has three to five perfect hydrogen peroxide, you will find that you can get your teeth white with only a minimal amount of effort.

Among the ailments it’s said to cure are allergies, acne, high cholesterol, joint pain, weight loss, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, dandruff, chronic fatique, candida, sore throat, gum infection, sinus infection, flu, acid reflux, leg cramps and ear infections.

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