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After being on the birth control pill for almost 10 years, I finally made the decision to stop using them a few months ago. Your Boobs Might Get SmallerA lot of birth control pills can make your boobs swell a little bit, making them appear slightly bigger. Source: ShutterStock Your Period Will Be HeavierMost birth control pills will give you a lighter period, which is really great! Source: ShutterStock You'll Probably Break Out MoreSince birth control pills mess with your hormones, most of them help get rid of acne as well. Source: ShutterStock Some PMS Symptoms Will Get WorseThis one will be different for everyone. Source: ShutterStock Your Period May Become IrregularWhen you stop using the pill, your period will almost definitely be irregular for a little bit as your body adjusts to the change. Source: ShutterStock You May Lose Some Water WeightMost doctors will insist that the birth control pill does not make you gain weight, but I don't really believe that.
Source: ShutterStock You Might Start SpottingWhile your body adjusts to the change in hormones after going off the pill, you'll probably experience a little spotting (a little bit of blood in between periods). Source: ShutterStock Your Period Will Probably Last LongerThis is another thing that will almost definitely happen. Source: ShutterStock You Might Not Get Your Period For A WhileAlthough this didn't happen to me, I've heard that it's happened to a few people. I can totally accept all of these a few days a week versus the way hormonal birth control made me feel ALL THE TIME.
Holding Birth Control HostageDoctors still require women to submit to cancer screenings and pelvic exams to get birth control pills. Just a few weeks earlier, the US Preventative Services Task Force, an independent group of national experts that makes evidence-based health care recommendations, released new guidelines declaring definitively that women over 30 don't need a Pap smear more than once every three years unless they have a couple of risk factors, which I don't have. Indeed, there's a growing body of evidence that the entire annual ob-gyn exam, with the mandatory and miserable pelvic exam where doctors poke around one's uterus and ovaries with their fingers, is largely obsolete. Despite not being very good at detecting cancer, annual pelvic exams are great at turning up stuff that if left alone would never cause a problem—things like noncancerous fibroids and ovarian cysts the patient never noticed. Westhoff and her colleagues suggest that the mandatory annual pelvic exam is one reason American women have twice the rate of hysterectomies as their European counterparts. The FDA has been considering making the Pill available without a prescription at least since 1993.
Women don't need to have their birth control pills held hostage to get needed cancer screenings. Still, the Pill wasn't going to be available over the counter soon enough to solve my problem. Passing through the bullet-proof, bomb-proof entrance to the DC clinic was a little unnerving; while I sat in the waiting room watching The View with a bunch of young women and solo men, I got slightly paranoid about errant bullets or bombs from anti-abortion nuts. Without insurance, the visit would cost $130, which isn't cheap, but it's still likely to be much cheaper than a full-on pelvic exam and all the related lab work. It's hard to decide which is the crazier part of birth control pills' journey from experimental contraception to a federally approved drug. Development on the birth control pill began in 1950, when Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger approached a scientist named Gregory Pincus to begin work on a reliable, easy-to-use contraceptive. In the middle of the 20th century, it was still illegal to distribute contraceptives in some states. When the Food and Drug Administration approves a drug these days, it has usually been tested on thousands of patients during three specific testing phases that can take more than a decade to complete. Testing in the state hospital did not turn out to be especially helpful for reasons that, in hindsight, were completely predictable. John Rock is a pivotal character in Eig's book and in the development of the birth control pill. If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead.

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. There are definitely some things that are annoying about going off the pill (see more info on that below), but overall, my moods have greatly improved and my terrible PMS headaches have gotten a lot better.
This was something I researched a lot before I went off mine, because I was really nervous. It's not like they're going to go up or down a cup size, but I definitely noticed a small decrease in my breast size when I went off my pill. My experience went like this: My birth control pills made my cramps almost non-existent, but they gave me terrible mood swings and bad migraines.
When I was on the pill, I felt like I gained a little weight, and my gynecologist finally admitted that the pill can sometimes cause you to gain more water weight and feel more bloated. The problem arose after I tried to get my prescription refilled before going on vacation in March, only to be told that the doctor's office wouldn't sign off on the refill because it had been a year and one month since I'd had an annual exam and a Pap smear. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has said that birth control pills can safely be prescribed without a full-on exam. After I got back from vacation, I emailed my doctor, citing the new guidelines, and asked if he could give me a new one-year prescription for birth control pills without a pelvic exam.
For instance, there's no evidence that doctors can diagnose ovarian cancer with a pelvic exam in women showing no symptoms. And the Pap smear, of course, has its own issues with false positives, which can be as high as 10 percent.
About a year and a half after the birth of my second child, I had an IUD put in for contraception, which isn't a fun procedure and is also very expensive because much of it isn't covered by insurance. But with the recent debates about health care reform and the contraceptive mandate in the new health care law, the issue has come to the forefront again with new urgency. After all, men are never required to, say, have a colonoscopy as a condition of getting blood pressure medication, Viagra, or even a vasectomy, even though men are much worse about going to the doctor and getting checkups than women are. Daniel Grossman, an ob-gyn and senior associate at Ibis Reproductive Health, coordinates a working group pushing to make the Pill available without a prescription.
Fortunately, I discovered that there is one health care provider that's a pioneer in disconnecting birth control pills from mandatory pelvic exams: Planned Parenthood.
Was it when they were tested on non-consenting, male patients at mental hospitals — or when some women were given the pill as a treatment for infertility? Pincus was working at an independent lab in Massachusetts, the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology. The pill ultimately became an integral and important resource for millions of women, allowing them to take control of their fertility, their families, and their lives.
I recently spoke with its author, Jonathan Eig, about the surprising and unsettling history behind oral contraceptives.
This presented a challenge for researchers who were developing them: it was illegal to distribute their product to the women they would need for trials. Working in Puerto Rico was easier because the territory did not bar the distribution of birth control. Eig interviewed Enoch Calloway, who worked at Massachusetts' Worcester State Hospital when Pincus tested the pill there. He was an obstetrician and gynecologist based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, who recruited the first women for Pincus' birth control trials. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook. While the symptoms can be very different for everyone, it’s good to know the basics of what happens to some people. When I went off the pill, my mood swings got a lot better, my headaches got better, but my cramps became really, really bad.
There are pills that can make your period last only four days, and some even only allow you to have a period a few times a year.

A nurse grudgingly gave me a monthlong reprieve if I promised to come in for an exam when I returned from my trip.
Doctors regularly hold women’s birth control prescriptions hostage like this, forcing them to come in for exams that research is increasingly showing are too frequent and often unnecessary and ineffective. A clinical trial found that doctors were unable to identify any cancers in test subjects by pelvic exams alone, and the National Cancer Institute no longer recommends the tests for postmenopausal women. One of the treatments often recommended after a positive result can double the risk of a premature delivery for women who go on to get pregnant.
With colleagues at the University of Texas, Grossman has studied women in Texas who are able to get the Pill from pharmacies in Mexico without a prescription. You can also follow her on Twitter.Mother Jones is a nonprofit, and stories like this are made possible by readers like you. But the path to building this-now ubiquitous drug was paved with questionable ethics and dodgy research methods that would never pass muster today. Even back then, Pincus and his team of researchers knew the FDA would find this tiny cohort suspect. They were giving me uncontrollable mood swings, and eventually started giving me migraines that made my doctor worry about the possibility of blood clots.
I’m not encouraging anyone to go off the pill if you like it – use the method of birth control that works for you!
But I've heard of some people who have experienced worse mood swings after going off the pill, so it really depends on your body. This is normal, though, especially if you experienced irregular periods before going on the pill.
I almost immediately lost four pounds, and I have definitely felt less bloated in the last few months. Even chlamydia screenings, which are recommended for women under 26 and those at higher risk for the sexually transmitted disease, can be done by simply having women pee in a cup, and don't require an invasive and expensive exam. Not surprisingly, though, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists hasn't signed on to the campaign, no doubt because of the prevailing view in the profession that if women could get their pills without a prescription, they wouldn't come in for annual checkups. And unlike my doctor, she even offered to write it so that I could get three packs at a time instead of one. The creators of birth control are responsible for developing a revolutionary contraceptive — but they misled their test subjects, many of whom were not equipped to give consent, along the way. The researchers' solution ultimately boiled down to manipulating women, recruiting college students and threatening them with bad grades if they didn't participate in trials. He saw the challenges his patients faced with unplanned pregnancies, and he was able to reconcile his faith and his personal beliefs.
I decided that the best decision, for me, would be to stop using birth control pills once and for all. I started breaking out on my back and chest the most, but I'm also dealing with a lot of pimples on my face.
The pill helps regulate your menstrual cycle, and without it, your body may be a little out of whack. So I had undergo a really painful and ultimately negative endometrial biopsy, which couldn't be done without taking out the IUD I'd just had put in. Not only was I out hundreds of dollars, I also spent a week or two stressing out that I might be headed for chemo, hair loss, and dying before my children get to high school. If women could get birth control pills from a pharmacy, like they do in other countries, and could decide for themselves whether they should have a pelvic exam every year, the country could experience serious health care savings.
Unnecessary health care treatment overall is estimated to cost at least $158 billion a year.

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