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Flirting with your crush over text doesn't have to be scary - Here's to flirt with a guy over text plus 27 examples to get you started! The infamous 60 day no contact rule - Does it work and how exactly to do it to get your ex back? Using these 3 simple steps, you can not only change a player and make him obsessed with you and only you, but virtually get any guy you want!
I’ve been really busy with finals and stuff, and it usually takes forever to write out one of these things. If you see any characters that aren’t the best, send them to me and I can use them as examples and show how they can be made better. When making a character with animal features, give them a reason to have those features that work with the already established canon.

Today’s complaint (and hopefully a good enough first-ish post) is about the locations of people, their names, and their nationalities.
Zandras in diffrent colors then normal Because this shows how she is on the inside so lets go through and explanation of the colorsFirst the yellow stiches on her cheeks to hold up the smile. Despite the name of the blog, this is meant to be a blog that offers constructive criticism.
So, this blog is meant to fix terrible characters, and to address why they're terrible directly. Ask me politely and send me a link to where you first posted your character, and I'll remove it. But I’m going to not post anything for about a week, write up a storm, and make it so I can queue my posts and make this blog post regularly.

Both of these are bad ideas to put a supa kawaii desu catgirl in, because of the ways that they work in oposition to these. While I love terrible things personally, I do think that we're beginning to live in an age where people feel that everything they do is perfect, and that they are above criticism. Keep in mind I change my URL as much as I change my underwear, which means every 2-3 weeks.
And she’ll always have blood and sin on her hands no matter how much she wants to wash it awayThe heart in the middle thats sown back together.

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