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Do you know that a single viral blog post can make your website a hot property and create buzz around your personal or business brand very quickly. Let’s dissect some recent posts that captured readers’ attention and attracted loads of social media shares.
Time and again, studies and split-tests have shown that headlines containing numbered lists attract massive click-throughs. Online readers get put off by chunky paragraphs and scarce use of bold and italicized font. A well-told first personal account of an experience and lessons learnt thereof adds authenticity and makes for an interesting read.
Consider a recent LinkedIn post ‘Why I won’t take your business card’ that was shared 281 times and elicited several comments and opinions (some from the top 1% of most viewed profiles on the network). The post discusses the importance of building relationships over making an explicit sale at networking events through the lens of a marketing strategist who found herself in a similar situation. While the honest narrative is compelling enough to encourage responses, the author ends her post by asking questions and soliciting comments. Another hugely shared (4,685 times on LinkedIn) post ‘Four Business Rules I Learnt in Kindergarten’ is an example of the author’s creative and playful approach to discussing a serious business topic. Explore ways to deliver useful content without sounding like thousands of other posts doling out tips and advice on the same topic.
A great example is ‘Marriage Isn’t for You’, which not only managed 10,000+ shares on Twitter and Facebook, but also landed the writer a book deal. Instead of saying what you should do to set the cash registers ringing, you can explain what you may be doing now that’s keeping you from being the next millionaire. If your title is a click-magnet, make sure your content sustains the curiosity created by it. Readers tend to get behind blog posts surrounding buzzing news and major events they’re exposed to on news sites, in the papers and on their social media pages. Oxfam GB timed their blog post on maternal health around the birth of Prince George, a hugely popular event that took the web by storm.
Use Google Trends, BuzzFeed, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit to stay on the pulse of trending news items. Identification of forum members occurs through user names and some forums also allow guests to comment. It is an authoritative and popular Q&A social media site that can help you zero in on winning blog post ideas.
Guest Author: Jessica Davis is a Content Strategist at Godot Media – a leading content marketing firms. I spend real time thinking through my headlines because the headlines make or break the post.
If you craft an intriguing, fascinating headline so many more folks will click through to your article and read it. Of course you must follow up with a super helpful, practical article to back up the headline. I’m aiming for 2500 to 3000 words for each post these days because I know people want resource, not light filler. Every second day there’s some article covering the new downfall of Facebook – some new feature (usually related to advertising or some other money-grabbing feature) that will lead to a mass exodus of everyone’s favourite (or at least most-used) social network.
These ridiculous viral posts seem to have dwindled (at least on my newsfeed) for the time being, but what they have been replaced with is something equally as annoying. When I check my Facebook newsfeed (all 3,000 times a day) I want to stalk the shit out of my friends to see what is going on in their lives, and make sure mine is at least 492 times better. I’m all for people power and yes, it seems that this is a way we can stick it to these big brands so they can see they can’t hide anymore, but at this point it’s getting a bit over the top. I can tell you from experience when I was responding to people’s posts on the Qantas Facebook Page that normal negative posts (that no one had ‘liked’) could get you down. While some of this posts unquestionably pull at the heartstrings, I can’t help but feel as if my newsfeed is being turned into a digital A Current Affairs program. When I saw the title of this post, I thought it was a post about people trolling moderately small businesses, blogs, and writers like yourself.

A belated thanks – loved the rant, even though it seems to bother me less than you (at the time you posted). Do nick a bit more time from MS to keep this going more, I really appreciate what you write (even the pet trivia). Hi there, my name is Cara Pring, welcome to The Social Skinny, a website dedicated to social media and website optimization strategy.
A YouTube user has created a 13-minute video highlighting some of the worst of Hillary Clinton’s inconsistencies. A women picks a star wars toy and laughs out hysterically, putting up that mask over her face. The video took to the storm on the internet, going viral with 100 million views in just a day. INSOLITE - Voici la lettre de rupture qui fait le tour du Web et elle pourrait bien donner des idees a certain(e)s. Days after “carrot man” caused a social media frenzy, another farmer from the Mountain Province seems to have caught the fancy of netizens. Neil Galuten Matchok, also known as the “cabbage man,” has made the online world take notice after his sister Amy Galuten Matchok-Pandoyos decided to post photos of him on Facebook. Photos of the attractive farmer were also shared on the Facebook page of Trending News and Viral.
The post has garnered over half a million likes, over 20,000 tweets and thousands of shares on other social media. Unless it motivates readers’ enough, it won’t get clicks no matter how great your content may actually be.
A simple “do you think……” or “I would love to hear your opinion on……” at the end of your blog post can nudge readers into leaving a comment.
Attracting over 400 comments, the post struck a chord with readers for delivering simple yet valuable lessons we sometimes tend to oversee.  A black and white photograph accompanying the post gives it a warm picture book feel, and really sets it apart from other LinkedIn posts.
There’s also more to the headline than meets the eye (a clever move by the writer), which lifts the value of the post.
Also remember that it may not be possible to drum up a captivating, click-worthy title for every post.
The charity organization used Facebook to draw attention to their blog post and delivered the important message that every baby’s arrival into the world is a cause for celebration. You must keep posting new content on questions people are asking, topics they’re searching for, and discussions they’re having online. You can also test if potential blog topics may generate interest and response from readers by posting questions and seeing if they’re answered.
You will not find as high a number of intellectually curious and elite members on the site in comparison to Quora. She has years of experience helping businesses and individuals succeed through the use of great content.
It started off with some bullshit posts about saving some child in Africa or some other crap that collected tens or hundreds of thousands of likes and a few billion comments of people asking me to subscribe to their profile. It’s like a 30 second coffee catch up with dozens of people at once – minus the calories, and the really long-winded boring stories about their pets (hypocrisy intended). Unless we want to delve through 100,000 comments on the post, we can’t even see what response the Page has given.
I used to suffer from Post-Post Rant Depression when people submitted their rants on the wall. Venturing into the comments, I wonder if the accounts are real – do people actually fall for everything they read? There’s probably some way to hide this kind of stuff hidden in the depths of the options. Personally I was going for Obama and am glad he made it for another 4 years, but then again I don’t live in the USA. The video shows the Democratic presidential candidate expressing her views on various political issues over the years. On ne sait rien de son auteur si ce n'est qu'il s'agit d'une femme qui vient de decouvrir que son petit ami la trompe et qu'elle ne manque pas d'imagination.

Although several netizens compared Neil to Jeyrick Sigmaton, the overly photogenic “carrot man” also from the Mountain Province, Amy stressed that she did not post her brother’s photos for comparison. With over 6,000 shares as of press time, cabbage man’s photos has certainly taken the social media world by storm. With two good-looking vegetable farmers currently making waves on social media, it is not far-fetched to assume that netizens will soon feast on “chopseuy” men. There are countless posts that hand out tips on leading a happier and more fulfilling life. Even one or two comments encourage more people to comment, which in large part, can be attributed to the psychological phenomenon known as ‘social proof’, where we are influenced by and conform to others’ actions. Don’t worry about the spelling, grammar and style of forum posts, they are bound to be very casual. This gives you a chance to really get into people’s minds and understand their needs, problems, interests, fears and lifestyles.
There is, however, no dearth of opinions, musings and personal experiences, which can spark off interesting blog post ideas. I tolerate Facebook’s constant changing and tweaking, the never-ending addition of advertising formats and even re-designs of my profile page with fairly limited whingeing. Somebody had a bad meal at McDonald’s, someone else is sick of banks being crap at customer service, another person is angry that they can’t sit next to a child on a Qantas flight. I can’t even begin to imagine the PR crisis that happens in these new times of thousands of people joining in so that you are not able to even get your response out there.
Outside the geeky expert stuff I'm a crazy cat lady from Sydney - and no, that is not me in the header (everyone asks). Et j’ai meme invente un jeu genial, vu que j'ai decouvert que tu aimais chercher des choses (d’autres filles par exemple)! Readers can be skeptical of positive superlatives like ‘best’ and ‘most’, perceiving them to be cliche or an attempt at endorsement, and view negative ones like ‘worst’ or ‘never’ to be authentic and impartial. Focus on what people want to know about and the kind of problems to which they’re soliciting advice from fellow forum members. You see, this was extremely annoying, but luckily for me I have a fairly limited amount of Facebook friends who were willing to be sucked in by capitalistic love-jobs hoping for a few minutes of fame. I think we all deserve to have a good whinge about crappy customer service or policies when we’ve been affected by it, and let’s be honest – it’s much easier to post to a Facebook Page than write a letter, email or make a phone call. Voici ou tu trouveras tes affaires!• Tes vetements se trouvent a l’endroit de notre premiere rencontre! In this post, use of the negative word ‘stop’ makes readers pause and wonder if there’s something they’re doing that they shouldn’t. I believe in telling a business when they’ve done the wrong thing, but I also believe in their right to a response.
Until now, when I instead am faced with these viral posts telling me that some person I don’t know is angry with some company I don’t care about for some reason that sounds pretty fucking lame to me. If you take that away from them and then expose that same complaint to hundreds of thousands of people, that’s just unfair. It’s the 65,000 people that see fit to ‘like’ these mundane, dime a dozen posts that pisses me off. I don’t care about their friend’s shit customer service experiences, because here’s a memo: I’ve got my own.
And why does Facebook then see fit to put that ‘story’ on my newsfeed, when I neither know the person who posted it nor do I ‘like’ the Page it was posted on. They bear more responsibility than Zuckers, despite the fact he and the FB team ultimately allowed my user experience to be ruined. And as for sitting next to a child on a Qantas flight – I’d PAY not to have to do that, so quite frankly you can get over yourself. It still sucks that it’s forced on me, but this time it sucks for the brands involved even more.

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