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GastroenteritisWhether you call it stomach flu, stomach virus, gastroenteritis, traveler's diarrhea, or something else, one thing is for sure: stomach flu is an annoying and painful condition. Diarrhea, fever and vomiting can lead to dehydration, which may cause further complications if not properly treated. Treating the stomach flu entails a little sacrifice; it may be necessary to avoid some of your favorite foods to prevent irritating your stomach. Stomach flu is usually not serious, but there are cases when you need to visit your doctor. Keep your hands clean a€“ This simple task can make a huge difference when trying to prevent the spread of intestinal infections. Do not share personal items a€“ Sharing personal items increases the risk of acquiring virus and bacteria.
Avoid direct contact with infected persons a€“ When someone has the stomach flu, it is best to avoid direct physical contact with him or her. 8Home RemediesHome Remedies to Get Rid of a Sore Throat FastAre you suffering from a sore throat. Bacterial infection in the stomach is mostly obtained thru intake of contaminated food and water or getting close contact with bacteria-infested objects or even animals. Although most cases of stomach flu only last for 24 hours, it can be potentially deadly especially for infants and the elderly. Direct contact with other persons also spread virus and bacteria, especially when proper hand washing is neglected after passing stool or handling diapers. Even doctors do not prescribe medications for stomach flu unless the condition or certain symptoms become serious. If your stomach flu comes with high fever, blood in the vomit or stool, dizziness, or if vomiting lasts more than 2 days, it is best to seek medical care immediately. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially after moving your bowels or handling your baby's diaper. Also clean objects that the infected person may come in contact with such as the remote control, doorknobs and personal items. Due to bacteria, the infection occurs when you have drunk or eaten contaminated food or water. Treating the stomach flu isn't an easy task and it is best to avoid having it in the first place. Avoid beverages containing caffeine and alcohol, as these ingredients have a diuretic effect. You can try to speed up the healing process or ease the discomfort by treating the symptoms present. It is highly suggested to consult your doctor first before using painkillers or any medication. Proper tests and diagnosis must be done in order for the doctor to determine how to get rid of stomach flu.

Take your time and rinse thoroughly, making sure that your fingernails and the creases in your hands are also cleaned.
It will also prevent your ulcer and if your medication is perfect then you will never experience this problem again.
This typically lasts 1-2 days while gastroenteritis caused by bacteria may last for a week. The primary cause for a bacterial infection of the stomach comes from shoddy hygienic facilities on a community level, coupled with poor personal hygiene habits. Noncaffeinated sports drink such as Gatorade are also recommended to replace lost electrolytes.
Forcing yourself to accomplish your daily routines when you have stomach flu will only complicate your condition.
Also keep a sanitizer or rubbing alcohol so you can still clean your hands when water and soap are not available. Symptoms Of Bacterial Infection In The Stomach The vast majority of stomach bacterial infections are contagious.The onset and intensity of stomach bacterial infection symptoms will depend upon the size of the infectious dose of the bacteria. If you need not continue with anti-inflammatory drugs, then to avoid stomach ulcer, you must continue to take acid suppressing medication. Sometimes a hole is created at the lining of the alimentary canal of the human body and goes deeper through the muscular layer. In any infection, prevention is always better than cure and bacterial infection in the stomach can be avoided through these simple methods:Frequent washing of the hands. This process is known as an ulcer and when it occurs in the stomach or upper intestine it is known as stomach ulcer.
To avoid getting infected, wash your hands frequently and properly using antibacterial hand soap.
It is not fixed that ulcer happens always with upper intestine, but ulcer at other places is rare to see.In some case you may hear the name of peptic ulcer.
Using alcohol or hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available is also recommended especially if you are in public places.Work in a ventilated area.
It is nothing but when the ulcer occurs with that portion of alimentary tract which is soaked with pepsin enzyme.
It is a form of stomach ulcer.Causes of stomach ulcerNormally the stomach produces acid that help you with the perfect digestion of the foods as well as this acid also helps to kill bacteria.
Stomach ulcer, Cholera, dysentery, and amoebic colitis are some of the names you may encounter.
Crowded areas with poor sanitation conditions, eating meat dishes that have been cooked twice, food contaminated with human or animal fecal matter, infections that are transferred by those in charge of handling food, stews, gravy, and milk products are all possible causes for bacterial infection.Treatment Seeking medical attention immediately is very strongly advised for all bacterial infections in the stomach. A perfect balance is available between the mucus defense barrier as well as the total amount of acid.
If for any reason the acid starts to produce more and hampers the normal balance of defense barrier as well as acids, it causes stomach ulcers.

Following are some other reasons that are responsible for this problem.In human body all time a digestive mechanism named gastro-duodenal mucosal defense is running. Its been this way since the past one month, I thought it was because of the heat or the mangoes that I have been eating, I did go to my family doc and she advised me to take a stool test which i am yet to get the reports. When something goes wrong with this mechanism for which it loses its balance with damaging forces, then the ulcer happens. On the other word when the caustic effect of different acid becomes intolerable for the duodenum or stomach it causes cases a hole that is known as ulcers.There have two things that lead a man gradually to ulcer the first one is the constant gastric infection that is caused by Helicobacter pylori and another is a man made one.
But, most of case about 95% of ulcer affected patients is suffering from an ulcer for Helicobacter pylori bacteria.Tumors with excess acid secretion may also a cause of ulcer formation. If you take excessive amount of Corticosteroids it may accelerate ulcer formation in your body, but the role of coffee is not proved yet.Stomach ulcer also includes gastric ulcer. Esophageal ulcers create problems for the hollow tube and hollow tube basically carries goods from the throat to the stomach. Many people say that the spicy foods as well as the stressful job often cause stomach ulcers.
The real reason of stomach ulcer is the bacterial infection, nothing else!Symptoms of stomach ulcerIt is seen that most of the patient of stomach ulcer suffers from burning pain. Many doctors also suggest their patient not to empty their stomach as it can make the normal condition worse than before. The type of food many vary from one patient to another, however; if any patient experience pain due to eating any specific type of food, he or she should avoid that food as it can increase their pain. Some other common symptoms of stomach pain are given below:The main symptom of stomach ulcer is an acute pain in the stomach and its surrounding area. The important fact is that, the pain increases at night and intensively occurs after taking the meal and continues up to 1-3 hours.When you are affected by stomach ulcer it is not rare that you lose your appetite.
Again, the other symptoms of stomach ulcer include weight loss without any reason, vomiting, bloating etc. In case of stomach ulcer most of the people feel pain at the upper or back portion of the abdomen.In severe case bleeding and intractable pain may occur. Diagnosis of stomach ulcerIf you face any kind of abnormality, you should see your personal doctor.
If you experience the signs as well as the symptoms of stomach ulcer, you should worry about this fact as if you ignore the condition, it may become worse.
To get instant relief from stomach ulcer pain, antacids as well as acid blockers can be taken. Related Posts Causes of Nausea after Eating Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer Burning Sensation in Stomach Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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