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If you intend to try it, please post your results so we can see if it is just 'coincidence' (I think not). I was so thankful for the brave women that have contributed to this subject and shed so much light on how to self-manage this awful cyst.
Thanks Phoebe all I had in the house was tea tree oil I applied that to some cotton and left it on for about 5 hrs.
I too only had tea tree oil and I put some on a cotton pad and pressed it against the abcess and it drained within the hour. Soak a pad or cotton ball in the mixture and press it against the lump for half an hour or so. I'm also going to do liver, kidney flushes and hopefully that's the last I'll see of the damn thing!
Nobody around here seema to have heard of the bartholin gland cyst so it's kind of embarassing. Although I know this normally treat blood vessels extended from hemmorhoids -- I was at my wits end and needed to try something else. This medical article has a really interesting perspective on the lack of efficacy of marsupialization and info about alternative procedures.

It worked, decreased the size of the cyst which was now the size of a grape and helped it to burst. My first one- went to the ER after 3 days of suffering - doc injected me with some powerful stuff in my butt cheeks- woke up the next day -it popped!
I also think in my reading I saw most people saw relief or bursting of the cyst after 4-5 days, not necessarily due to the different remedies they tried.
I did all the stuff that I could find and I have no idea which part of it worked, but something did and it went away sans lancing, draining, poking, needling and cathetoring. I was going to have to miss a day of class, pay a co pay and get a needle in the you know where! I've just lived with them for about 3 or years because the doctor's office visits with the lancing and the draining and the giant circus like needles got to be a little traumatizing. The 2nd one- after 3 days of suffering, went to the walk in clinic- doc game me oral antibiotics and the next day- it popped! I've found that I can twll what makes it swell or get infected so prevention by keeping the area super clean all the time and a nurse even told me to take a hair dryer and dry up all the moisture down there qhich seems to keep it down too! After I figured out that it would eventually drain on its own, I just let them go along with Sitz baths and cleaning.

But Preparation H did it for me and gave me much relief, one side of the labia was completely swollen and hard and VERY painful to the touch. But I have been avidly looking for a more homeopathic way to rid myself of this evil and I've read on two or three other forums that garlic root and also acidophilus seems to help some. I still have some pain today, but think the worst is over, will continue with Sitz baths, pain killers (ibuprofen 600M) and anti biotics until completely resolved. Got a small magnifying mirror- I inspected the bump and I noticed a small white pimple on the inner side of the bump.
Sounds like a witch's brew, I know, but so long as you dance naked under the midnight moon and wear a pointy hat, it should work. I'm going to try everything all at once and then maybe the gland will just implode in on itself and be gone in a puff of dust and frustration.

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