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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. How to get rid of acne scars - makeup and beauty, How to get rid of acne scars scars can have a deep impact on an individual, low self esteem being the most prominent among others.. What does it mean, why do I have a yellow coated tongue or what causes the yellow stuff, film or coat on my tongue? Discover more on yellow coating on tongue including causes, treatments, in baby, in toddler, HIV, cancer, Chinese medicine, yellow spots as well as treatment. It “is an early sign of a disorder known as black hairy tongue” [] and rarely a symptom for jaundice that is characterized by a yellowing of skin and eye whites due to gallbladder or liver problems.
Besides black hairy tongue, other causes we will discuss later could also be responsible for a yellow tongue surface.

Yellow coated tongue pictures This problem affects both adults and children (infants, toddlers or newborn babies) and it seems to affect a few women particularly when they are pregnant i.e. Depending on what causes yellow tongue in your case, it could be accompanied by various symptoms such as a dry mouth, bad taste in mouth, burning sensation, fever, sore throat, bumps (a tongue with little bumps), a cold, bad breath (halitosis), red dots on throat, red spots on tongue, joint stiffness, acid reflux, soreness (painful or hurts), flakey, furry yellow on tongue, among other symptoms.
Sometimes, your gums, roof of the mouth, inside cheeks, and other parts of your mouth might turn yellow (or yellow white). Black Hairy or furry tongue or yellow furry tongue The most common cause of the yellow tongue (film, coating or stuff) is dead skin and food buildup on papillae (the small projections on the tongue surface) especially if the papillae get enlarged, swollen or rough. This, coupled with colored pigments that bacteria or yeast in your mouth might produce can cause a yellowish tongue or a swollen yellow tongue i.e.
It can have white, brown, purple, tan, green or orange color shades especially at its initial stages.

When your yellow coated tongue is due to black hairy tongue, you are likely to have other symptoms such as: A furry, fuzzy or hairy tongue Metallic taste Bad breath (halitosis) Tickling or itchy sensation especially if your papillae have overgrown.
Yellow tongue Chinese medicine (TCM) Chinese medicine has a way of interpreting yellow coated tongue in relation to your general health, weather condition or cause.
Sometimes a yellow tongue differential diagnosis might help uncover what could be behind it since as we have seem, there are many possible causes. Green Tongue Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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