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One morning, you might just wake up with some reddish patches in some areas around your mouth that seems like small blisters.After being upset, you made your way to search for how to get rid of cold sores.
Prevention is, of course, the best way to deal with it but in case it is already present and is recurrent then it has to be managed. Cold sores often heal by itself in about a week or so but it may come back anytime especially if your immune system is low.
But many of us fail to know what exactly we should add to our diet during the hard times when we are infected with flu and cold. This is especially true if the area touched is affected so there is a means of entry for the virus. How to get rid of cold sores is a challenge that many people affected by it are currently facing.

The first thing would be to make sure that you are in very healthy condition so that your immune system can stand it or prevent it from happening. It can also be contracted through oral sex as well but in this case it might be genital herpes already.
Once it starts healing, a scab would form which may become a bit painful when it cracks or when you move your mouth.
Just like other conditions caused by the herpes virus, it might stay hidden for some time and recur. These are not only found though near the mouth but can occur in almost any parts of the body though it is most likely to appear in proximity to the mouth and genitalia. To be able to answer the question how to get rid of cold sores is often know when to wait it out.

Since it is possible for it to be triggered by ultraviolet light, it would be good then to avoid it or you can protect yourself against it by using sun block and moisturizer. You may also use an anti-viral cream or tablet though the latter is said to be more effective. There are also those who resort to some form of home remedies such as the use of cold tea bags.

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